The cowboy sky has made him chose to return to the legendary close to the leader to win the super bowl.

As a nephew, Jason, Witten, the voices faced by Jason Witten, maybe more questions that play together on the court 15 years ago. However, it is quite unexpectedly, and in February this year, Witten announced the end of retired life and returning to Dallas Deni. The 37-year-old star near the end said that it was a “inner flame” to return him to the desire “Xiong ignited”, so that he returned to his 16th season. However, not everyone believes this inspirational statement, including reporters.

“Worth Star” reporter Clarence – Hill published a report on last Friday, and Hill proposed a relatively practical view for the reasons for Witten returning. He believes that the neighborhood near the 11th selection of career bowls, the current CNIM players may be the biggest influencing factor. “Wrun saw that the 2019 denim is his most talented team, which may also be the best opportunity to enter the super bowl.” Hill wrote. For such a statement, Witten himself also expressed recognition. “Yes, I think it is very close,” Witten said when he said to Hill this year, “They are the most talented in China I have ever seen. a team.”

Although Witten said in the history of NFL, it is a neighborhood of an epic level, but it is better than the data of his regular game (1152 codes, pushing 12448 yards, 68 games reached) The bleak of the playoffs is his pain point for his career. In the 15 years of the battle, Witten only experienced the victory of the two playoffs, and twice as the first battle of the country in the playoffs twice; such a unwilling, Of course, Wengteng hopes to have a chance Can break such a fate, so I saw the “Gemini” quarter-point Swan – Prescott and Runwaving Izyl – Elliott and the Defensive Group Demucus-Lawrence and Line After the rapid power of new students such as Rretun Van Des, Witten saw such a hope.

Of course, Witten knew herself in the position of his own, he was not the old big brother who was able to talk in the locker room in 2017. One year of departure can change a lot of things, at least new leaders in the team locker room culture. “For me, I have to reiterate them as soon as they are their team, which is their era. This is very important.” Witten said, “and I am just a participant.” Well, Such attitudes will not be attacked by teammates after Prescott is worried.

In fact, the cowboy is indeed, like the Witten said, in a period of a talent. In addition to the young Prescott and the wind, the offensive group, there is also a big outer Amari Cooper who came from the raid team trading last year, his arrival, This is obvious to the last half of the last season. In addition, the team’s defensive group is also talented, especially the line guards, and the old star line. Shuen – Li Ruyi can only assist Jay-Smith and Van Des, enough to see their line guards. How many talents can get the defensive front line caused the loss caused by the problem of the inception, this cowboy is still a strong competitor in Guandong, and can even break the curse of “National Eastern Unfaming” in the past 20 years.

However, the trail of the team is not good for them. They have achieved 10 games in the past 7 times, but the result is that the result is either the game, or the winning rate is less than 50% in the next season. The last season they have achieved 10 wins and 6 losses … Now I have to see if Witten’s joining will make them complete this breakthrough.

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