The giant is still in the past, the first four points, the 38-year-old, or will sign a new contract.

The New York Giant team seems to be destined to continue to use Eli Manning in the next season, of course, no matter what the draft of the giant team is, it is unable to affect the first status of Little Mannen. Recently, the giant team gave Xiao Mann’s close 5 million US dollars, if it is even more bold, the giant team may sign him a new contract.

According to the SNY website reporter Ralph Vawquia, the giant team “will not hesitate” to Xiao Manning a new contract, which allows him to stay in the team until 2020. The 38-year-old Xiaomaning is the leader of the locker room. It is also the core player of the giant team. The team thinks he is still competitive after seeing his short half of the season last season. “Ideally, the giant team will find successors and prepare for the next season. But if they have not found it, unless they have encountered a more disaster season, they will extend the contract of Manning. Year. “Waquia said:” If they find the successor, I hope that Xiaomanning will act as a four-point guardian. “

Perhaps this news is just a smoke bomb, so that the giant team can be unresolved in the draft conference. However, General Manager Dave-Gateman is in the past two years, and the performance is the same. If you think that Xiao Manning is finished, there is no oil in the fuel tank, and that Gatman will definitely tell you “淡”. Waquiano said that John Mara and Steve Tiji have consistently viewed, if the salary space allows, they don’t mind renewing small Manning.

At present, the giant team is also in contact with Josen, maybe Rosen will airborne giants at some time. The choice of the giant team is very interesting. They gave up Sam Doward and Rosen and the four-point guards in the draft selection of the Sakkan – Bakley, the reason why to do this is that Xiao Manning is still trustworthy. Gatman believes the data. This experienced quarter-off guard has completed 4299 yards pass, 21 times of 11 times were copied, the pass success rate was 66%, 38 years old Xiaomaning can also keep fighting.

However, the data does not explain everything. If you look at the giant team last year, it is hard to have hope for him. He panicked behind a bad offensive front line, more like an initial entry alliance, almost dare to try 20 yards or more. Especially in the first half of the 2018 season, Manning’s performance is particularly bad. Even the front teammates can’t see his quarter-saving, and the Beckham is also fined in the team.

However, the giant team has repaired the offensive front line during the offset period, even if Make Beckham arrived, Manning still has many players to choose from. If the offensive front line is strengthened in the pass protection and opening road, the giant team is likely to play a score in the new season. Considering that this magical partition in Guonong District has reached the tradition of “boss” turns “boss”, the 2019 season giant may have a chance.

Of course, ideal is often full, but the reality is that the giant has not walked down in their ideal blueprints in the past years.

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