The injury returns to Jones to take out the top performance Shume praised its progress

December 23 (Wen / ESPN JORDAN RAANAN Compile / DraSkar) New York Giants’ rookie quarter satelli Danier Jones before absent 2 weeks because of the ankle injury, this week, he hurts the best performance in his career. .

In the face of the first round of the first round, the four-point guards – Haskins, he handed over a single game of more than 350 yards, 5 times of passing the ball and did not have a debuted. He is the first union’s first rookie four-defense in the first year.

In this game, Jones not only brightened, but his performance in critical moments also made people. The giant and Washington red leather war entered the overtime, and Jones came out of the game Shengda.

After this game, he was also the third place in the Dranterton, the third place in the rookie season. The whole game, Jones passed the ball for 42 times, 28 success, and the 352 yards were passed down.

After the game, Shi Shi Shi Shuzheng is full of praise.

“He is very good, like the hero of the team.” This is also the first time that Jones career has not been copied.

This game is still unique to Jones. The giant’s star runs Sac Wan – Barley has experienced the preceding two fans broke out in this game.

He has reached 189 yards in this game, created a new career, and the total proposal number has reached 279 yards, refreshed the record of the giant team.

Jones is the No. 6 show of NFL in 2019. When he was selected, the outside world was in a hurry. The current four-dimensional Swan Hassell, the current four-dimensional Swan, is considered to be the best in the quarter of this year, but the performance on the Jones is proved.

If the last game in the season, Jones face the eagle to pass 4 times, then he will pose a new show of Baker-Mayfield, and now he has 23 times. .

Jones showed a good state when they gave a good time, apparent that the injury of his ankle did not affect his performance. The first 9 passed him successfully 8 times, including twice that of the ball reached. The only unsuccessful pass is that the team takes over Golden Tatt did not relate to the ball.

“Niu people,” giant outside Sterlin – Xiepend is talking about Jones, “The guy is very special, can play a world.”

Entering the overtime game, in less than 6 minutes left, Jones accurately found near-end Padden – Smith completed 3 yards to win. However, before this, the more critical pass is in the case of the 3-file long code, Jones is accurately connected to Xie Pend, and got a new 4-speed attack.

This is the second game of Jones career to win, and he also got the second victory of career. He has experienced a wave of 8 links.

After the overtime game wins, Jones said: “This game is a good opportunity to the team, we all want to fight for victory, very happy to win the victory of this game. This is the feeling of everyone.”

Jones did not drop the chain at the critical moment after the game, and his calm and calm that made his teammates were deeply influential.

For Jones’s progress, the head coach Shu Mo looks in the eyes: “He has improved the gods, and his current performance is like a cloud. As a rookie, the mistake is always inevitable, but his performance is in a footprint. He has both talent and training. Today he took out the best performance. “