The patriot’s near-end peak is missing into a sinner, his girlfriend is a touched

Among the previous NFL game days, we witnessed the incredible killing of Miami dolphins. This team ended with a kind of dangerous way to end the new England Patriots in the same district. For the dolphine team, defeated patriotism in this way. It is already possible to load the historical reusit. For the patriots, this is definitely a match that is unwilling to recall. After the game, the patriot’s dressing room only has endless silence, the players don’t stop moving, while Gronkovski At that time, he was a defensive group at that time, before the end area, he had the opportunity to use a hug to interrupt the pace of Dolphin to reach the pace of reachabitation, so that the patriot has a shocking competition. . However, Gronard did not become the hero of the patriot. On the contrary, he became a major sinner who lost the game. Glona missed the key to the critical, became the fan, the media. Looking at people’s anesthesia, the front cheerleader of the patriot, the current girlfriend of Gronard-Chester couldn’t stand, she stood out to refute these speech for Gulong.