The pirate beard magic is not in the team to announce the first day of the sixth week.

Lanfitz Patrick is about to end in Tampawan. Pirate Team, head coach Dedk C?tely announced on Monday that Fitz Patrick will serve as a substitute in the next game, just, Jemiens Winston will return to the next game. Because of the fifth weeks, the pirate team still has a two-week break, which means Winston will wait until October 14 will open their own new season, and the pirate will make Guest Tung University challenge falcon.

Wenston was charged in 2016 to make an indea movement of the female probe, violating the alliance’s personal behavioral policy, and thus was banned three games. Since then, Lanfitz Patrick took over the initiation and made a good performance in the past three weeks before the start of the game. This round of regular season, the pirate was washed by Chicago, and the first half of the 18-pass 9 in the first half of Pi Pip Patrick has left the 126 yards 1 copy, the team is behind 38 points, so C?te d’Ivo decided to temporarily replace the four Defense. James Winston’s play did not change any situation, and the 20-pass 16 pushed 145 yards to get 1 Dali 2 copy. Whether it is C?te or FiTitrik, I can’t choose the first quarter of the team’s first match.

After one night, Cote decided to support Winston.

On Monday, C?te dwelling is that after I know the news of the suspension, I’m doing the first thing I did, what is the position of our schedule? I will find it. I found Our third game will play steel people on Monday night, and then in the fourth week away, Tatigago bears, time is very rush. Since then, my mind has already had a preliminary idea, Fitz will lead The team played in the first four games, the sixth week will give Jemishi long rest time before the fight, and complete the quarter-saving handover. “

According to C?te d’Ivo, if the Fitz is continuing to show the “Magic”, Cote is still to let him go. The pirate team has made historic data in the first three games in the season, breaking a number of team history records, and he is also the first three consecutive games in the history of more than 400 yards. Defense.

However, unfortunately, Sunday 47-10 defeated the bear team, Fitz Patrick only threw 126 yards.

“Although Fitz yesterday didn’t have before, but Fitz is absolutely not the reason why us lose the game, as yesterday’s state we are 100% is the party. Two years ago, we brought Fitz to here, let He became a tutor and friend of Jemish, if Jemis was hurt, he can also lead us to win. Last year, he got 2-1, this year, 2-2, it is very good. I think he is a Excellent quartz, any team of alliances will play like this. “

After Winston boarded the first, Fitz Patrick will be completely placed in the substitute. C?te d’Ivana has been hitting this position in this position, unless Jie Misis is hurt. “Salary three games Fitz Patrick left us a lot of good memories, for pirate fans, maybe stand on the court The quarter-saving is converted to Wenston, but the Fitz “Magic” will never forget.

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