The teacher continues to be injured, the nigner is difficult to escape, than Lubus praised meat kd: really difficult

Because of the injury of the right wrist sprained, Nikola-Yekchi will continue to be highly avoided, thus missed the Denver Nuggets to the Mota Center to challenge the Portland Blazers. The three major top-saved players in the team were absent, especially if there was no teacher’s attraction, organizing tandem, the miners were unresciling, and their own battle, after 19 minutes of pioneer, the landlood has come to five games.

Even so, it does not affect the trays of the Tradeers of the Traders, the praise of Jikchi’s praise, this player has taken the new hands of the FMVP honor of the finals, is this commentary: “He (about him Kiqi) is the most difficult player in the alliance, of course, except Kevin Durant. “

You know, this is a quite high evaluation, well known Durant is one of the greatest scores in history. Kd’s height arm exhibition, plus his unparalleled soft feel, causing the most fascinating CIC machine – whenever Durant across the sickle, the defensive player can do Either like Beverly, let him make him as uncomfortable, or more practical, pray that his feel is not good, after all, can prevent Durant’s probably only himself.

In contrast, the teacher is another painting style. Not as he is so high, so strong; in the imitation of him, there is no flexibility in him; you can match him at speed, and there is no more delicate technology and big concept. As a 2000 O’Neill’s last rank of the best players in the regular season, the regular
season of the first center position MVP, Yauchi is also unique in the history of the entire NBA. It is known as the history of history, the most comprehensive five-size, Durant this season contributes 26.4 points 13.6 rebounds and 6.4 assists, he is also the score, rebound, assists, and steal king. . In a sense, it is indeed a few biggest masses of the teacher.

Of course, than Lubops put these two styled players, it is a fun topic. Durant’s hard defense, is reflected in a single turn, especially the winner, you know that he will choose to personally felt, but if you don’t choose a pinch, or even if you choose the clip, you can’t stop him. In contrast, Yoschi’s personal single ability is not so outstanding, it is difficult to complete those “Shenxian” in targeted arrangements. His difficult to oppose it in the whole game. As a high player, the teacher always has a way to find the flexible ribs of the opponent, find those misplaced advantages, thus unlimited expansion.

Interestingly, these two alliances are the most difficult players, Durant, and “Meat Durant” face similar dilemmas. Durant originally hits “brothers basketball” in Brooklyn, and Owen because the field factors are directly indefinite DNP, the third brother Harden does not know what to do, the state is undulating. During the Du Xiaoshuai is both a mother and a mother, an attack and defense. Without him, the Nets of Haden belongs to the brushbed back of the home, and it can be seen. The Nets currently in the easternhead of the east can only make Durant feel high.

Jiki’s situation is not much more, and the two sings are not returned to the stadium after the reimbursement of the season. Nowadays, the tread that has just been treated in advance is also hurting the back, because the back Neurological problems may be reimbursed in season. The most memorable teacher is desperate, and the smallport has taken a big contract after the season, and the data is directly shrunk. In the five games he just retired, the Nuggets will win all the winners, and the venue makes the opponent score. It is giving people an intuitive feeling, there is no small Porter who does not work, and the Nuggets are better. In this way, the teacher is looking for him.

I don’t know, the same as a smart person is also a smart person, is it from this perspective, putting two people a comparison. In short, only 9 wins and 9 losses, the Nuggets can be expected to return to the teacher, and further evolution will be further evolved, and it can be further in key ball processing, maybe there is only such a season.掰掰 wrist.

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