The Warrior will fight the sun lineup, the absence of Igodala, Damien, and the rookie is decentralized

The opponent of the Warriors next game is still the sun. The last game of the game has gone in the competition. Of course, the Sun’s record has also become the first place. I have to say that the defenders of the sun are very good. The offensive end is also the top level of the league, and the Warriors do not mean that the next game will be lost. After all, the feeling of the game is too bad. In the whole game, if the library feels normal, the winning is not difficult, and it will return to the Warriors home, and look forward to the feel of the hand in the library.

Then the Warriors will fight the sun’s lineup, Cole coach has also accepted an interview in recent days, and it talked about the problem of the next team, in which Igodala continued to absent, Igodala’s performance in the Warriors is still very Nice, but have absent many games, I hope he can restore health as soon as possible. Damn, Drum, because the child was absent, and the next game, Damien will usher in return, he is a score point for the replacement, which is a good thing.

About Kutama and Moody, they were put on the development of the Alliance, which was said that the competition for the sun would not play. The Warriors’ purpose this season is to better achievements, so the opportunity to get the young player has a lot less, and the next Huosman may also be decentralized to the development of the league. After all, young people also need to play more games. There were some opportunities for appearance before Cutum, and sometimes it is very good.

The Warriors of this season is still the championship. This is unquestionable. At present, the status of Curry is very good, and I will get the best month, and Pohr is very big, and Vilins looks more winning this season. The desire, and Green also ushered in a good version. Inside the tension, don’t live, Little Papenton, Anderson, Porter is also very good. After Clee Thompson returned, the Warriors’ lineup will be more complete, and of course it will be better.

The Warriors are currently one of the crown team, but I want to get the championship, definitely still need Clay Thompson’s good state, after all, the NBA, many teams are multi-core, Curry and Warriors have more years, hope He is able to get the championship for the Warriors, may expect Clee Thompson’s day.

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