truth? Green: James swhanters and I am playing with me in this year, and he conflict with him.

On November 27, Beijing time, the player Stewart, who is the player, talked about the conflict before the game, and he thought James’s behavior is deliberate, and this news is also a successful event. Cause everyone’s attention. I thought that James and Stewart were turned over, I didn’t expect Stewart or worry. After knowing this situation, the Warriors’ Green is then talked about the conflict between James and Stewart in his own podcast show.

Green is one of the famous NBA’s famous wicked people. He has had conflicts with many players. He and James have a lot of love and hate, but Green has always been survived in the alliance, and even those happened. The conflict players call the brothers. This is the ability of Green, he will only leave the conflict of the stadium in the stadium and will not bring it to private life. Green said that Stevart is the strongest in the NBA19 to 20-year-old players, but he and James have conflictless words.

Said that Green also mentioned the conflict that occurred between the finals and James in the finals. He said that James waved his elbow and his attack on himself and his crotch attack on James was naturally reacted, but the alliance for this The text is big. And in Green, after James hit Stewart, James also responded in the first time, he also apologized to Stewart. However, Stewart did not forgive James, but he felt that he had lost his life, and he was able to make a concession with James.

However, Green also used his personal experience to develop a saying of Stelit, he said that he did a fine of millions of players who were fined, and they failed to have conflicts with James, and this kind of thing is not big, since it has passed If you have to let things turn. Green is even thinking that the alliance should not ban James, because it is indeed a natural reaction, of course James also got a penalty, since Stewart should not go to James.

Green thinks this situation is only because of the public’s perspective to make James’s decision, because there are many people on the Internet think that James should be punished, NBA President Xiao Hua will really ban games. James, otherwise, James is expelled to play, is actually enough. Although the words of Green seem to be a bit helping James talking, but still got a lot of fans’s recognition, because this conflict is actually really not a problem.

However, some fans also believe that Green’s words are a bit away from them, because for NBA, this conflict is absolutely not allowed, which is not to say what natural response can escape. Similar to James’s swing elbows, there is also a crotch behavior in Green, which should be strictly stopped. Otherwise, it is easy to cause NBA chaos. If there is always a player who uses this interface to attack other players, then NBA will only evolve into the place of fight, and there is no game in the game.

However, the words come back, James actually apologets Stewart in the first time, but he still gets careful, this is really his right. After that, he published his dissatisfaction with James, facing such a stadium old brother, such a player with the highest historical position in the league, Stuart’s behavior is a little small. I believe that when the lake people encounter a piston, this matter will have a perfect ending.

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