Written / Zhang ZihanEdit / Zhang LeiDesign / Yang Qian Nan Wang Wei”I lost.” 45-year-old Suzuki squeezed out these words.On March 21, 2019, there is a Suzuki, which is the world, ending his own baseball career with an innocent MLB Japan.He used to decide to describe “a baseball player.”This is his 19th https://www.fanstore2.com

large-leaf season, counted in the 9 years of NPB in the daily duty, this is a 28-season of his career. NPB played 1278 security, MLB played 3089 support, even if he he ended in the hero, the future celebrities were still impossible to go beyond the goal.

On March 21, 2019, the 45-year-old Suzuki retired

On March 21, 2019, the 45-year-old Suzuki retired

Moreover, on one, the baseball cannot disappear.

After the Japanese competition, he returned to the United States with the Seattle Sailor team to prepare a regular season. The identity has changed to the team staff, still warm up before the start of the game, still seriously stretching every part of the body, still fighting training, still getting away from the wildflying ball, killing the three bases, it seems that there is no intention Leave the battlefield.

This is the track he has already embedded from three https://www.mlbtrojerdk.com years old, and his father is laid for him.

But it is also this “road to success”, tearing the father and child relationship. They haven’t said it for a long time. [Name of the father]

Suzuki has been successful, but he and his father have not said a long time.

Suzuki has been successful, but he and his father have not said a long time.

Three years old, learn to master tools

When I was three years old, my father was gave him the first baseball glove of life, a red full and cowhide glove, this glove was Suzuki’s hometown Aichi Prefecture Yokoshiki-cho could buy the best glove.

Suzuki got the gloves is excited to start playing baseball in the backyard, and this red glove will make a focus in the neighborhood of the neighborhood.

But the mother’s mother tried to use a half-month salary to give a three-year-old child to buy a toy, but the declaration is seriously correcting her: This is https://www.mlbboutique2.com not a toy, but a tool.

When Suzuki, Suzuki participated in the school’s baseball team. In order to perform at exercises and games, Suzuki promised his father to love the baseball, even if it is still a bitter, it is necessary to persistence.

When making a commitment, Suzuki still doesn't know that the baseball will become the only one in his life.

When making a commitment, Suzuki still doesn’t know that the baseball will become the only one in his life.

Say that these determined children will not expect it, since then, baseball has become the only one in his life.

The announcement began to train the devil training.

The neighborhoods called the “three men”, because at 3:30 in the afternoon, he took a nearby and the nearby baseball field exercise.

Training begins with running and simple ball, and then will practice, practice and do inside and outside.

The natural right-handed Suzuki is more changed to the left.https://www.mlbtrojerse.com Even the footsteps and angle of running the best, and observe the temporary time of the stolen two-yard, they are in the finest discouragement.

“Three half” is not all of the devil training.

After dinner, I finished my homework, declare, I will drive him to hit the practice farm near Nagoya Airport, and practiced 300 goals.

Every time a basket of balls, the declaration will put a land to the field, let him reflect on the lack of battles. A long slowly starts to imitate the blow pose of Japanese baseball stars seen in TV broadcast.

From small, Suzuki Liro will carry out devil training

From small, Suzuki Liro will carry out devil training

Dianzhi stood in the back of the net, and he waved his stick.

On the day of the day, Suzuki father and son became the wonders of the practice farm. Other families come here for entertainment, and they are for “work”, often in https://www.trikotskaufenn.com the evening 11 o’clock to fight, dragging the tired body to leave.

Whether it is cold and hot, the practice has never been broken. Probably a father’s metamorphosis – good balls outside the ball are not allowed to play, don’t be afraid of waste money – making it, one is practicing the high-spirited flaky gold eye. Even if it is a master who has become a master watching in the fighting exercise farm, the father will still stand behind the home version of the network, and confirm that there is no cross-border to chase the ball.

After returning home, Suzuki went to bed, his father declared to a massage feet and legs, Suzuki Yeng also recalled his father at this time, the most often said to him, as long as he is healthy, people’s body will be healthy.

This is probably the number of parents and sons counts a lot of warmth, although in this moment, the air is still filled with “everything to play”.

“He warans”

After Suzuki is famous, his photo is hung in the 8th goal of the cage, which is the place where Suzukuan will cause a boy to create a “god of play”.

During the day after day, Suzuki became the leader in the game. Suzuki, Suzuki, the primary school, has been free to control the blow direction of the ball of 120 km / h, only because he exercises every day for eight hours.

Suzuki is a fan signature

Suzuki is a fan signature

The world’s home run Wang Wangzhi once said: “Baseball is a Spring Festival in the United States, he is in Japan, but he is inseparable from winter.”

Indeed, the Japanese will play baseball in winter, but sometimes it is too cold, the metal ball sticks once again hit the baseball to let Suzuki’s finger swelling and stiff, and when the buckle of the colonies, the buckle of the uniform is an impossible task.

Suzuki has described the tragic daily training in primary school. In a ball, I don’t tell the face.

During the middle school, Suzuki’s training upgrade is not only tired, but also is sad. Declaration in a place in a place in front of a place, in order not to hit the father, Suzuki must play the ball to the left and right directions. Long-term Suzuki is practicing the allergic hand-eye coordination and the ability to control the ball. .

During high school, Suzuki was trained, and there is only one silence between the father and son.

High school, Suzuki Lang fault training

High school, Suzuki Lang fault training

Two steps in spring and summer stepped into the army, and the hit rate was shocking 501. But in all parties concerned, he does not mention the topic about his father.

During https://www.mlbdrakterno.com the university, I was selected by the NPB team after entering the baseball school school. Join the Seattle Sailor team in 2000, maintaining a strong output in the MLB rookie season, 30% of the hits, 242 security, 56 pobbles, making the big fell eyegles at the beginning of his baseball experts. He led the sailor to play the best 116 wins 46 in the history of regular games. That season, I won the best new Xiu and the Metadian MVP award. 4 years later, he broke the MLB single seasonian record of the high-rise 84 years in 262.

In North America, Suzuki is handed over in a single season of 200 security for ten consecutive years, and the number of gold gloves will be taken, and his English name Ichiro has also become a sport totem of Seattle.

Suzuki is the first Japanese wilder in the big alliance.

Suzuki is the first Japanese wilder in the big alliance.

Suzuki’s career https://www.maillotsenligne.com continues to shine, and the figure of Suzuku is increasingly transparent. Numerous times have a reporter throwing questions about his father. Suzuki is a small launch and is not willing to answer.

When Suzuki Xuan was interviewed by ESPN reporter Waite Thomp, the tears were tears, while talking about their dreams of son training. In the dream, Suzuki is still a primary school student, and the father and son will eat after the training in the summer. Red bean is ice. However, in the end of the interview, the declaration of declaration, such a devil training made Suzuki, he did not regret it.

Last year, Thompson tracked for five days. That time, I finally opened, and I talked about my father.

He said that his father has always been implemented from hard work, fighting, patience, and harmony. He also asked him to have https://www.b2bshopp.com reverence to baseball. He must do a good job in gloves and bats after high-intensity training every day.

If one is sticking in the game, he will be asked immediately, and immediately write a letter to the master of making a bat. When I was interviewed in the early years, I recalled myself on one side.

American Sports reporters have filed with Land. His father talked in the book. When he did how interesting and promoted his father and son relationship, it was the only one in English to respond in English. “He said. “

It has become an impeccable god on the court. But in life, the distant little boy, the inner love is left forever.

The way out of life of the prisoners may only be surpassing yourself.

Suzuki’s father and son are broken by a storm.

After the famous name, Xuanzhi is responsible for taking care https://www.fanartikelsportde.com of his off-site business. In the outside world, the interests of the father and son have a deep tie. Therefore, when the company’s tax evasion is found, the son is involved in the media, and it is inevitable.

Finally, the son pays nearly 170,000 US dollars in the father, and things are going. It is completely broken from the wind wave, and the father’s relationship is also completely broken.

The bond between the father and the son, only the memories of each other, and the museum that will take the ball furnish when all of all children.

However, the museum’s photo wall is objectively described with a family of father and son: from the beginning of a smile, a young man, to the later expression, cold professional baseball player.

In recent years, in the session season, I only visited my mother; the topic of my father, https://www.maillotspascherfr.com I didn’t mention it.

Father's devil training will achieve him, and gradually cut their relationship.

Father’s devil training will achieve him, and gradually cut their relationship.

He seems to be deliberately erased the traces of his father.

However, it is regrettable. His body is very honest, still in accordance with the track of the father giving him a pouring track, faithful.

One of the American teammates found that he must practice a waving for 10 minutes before going to bed, sometimes even climbed up and watches.

The front Based Mike Svn has a family with a family to play in the Central Park of New York, surprised to see it, waving alone.

Like a child, no matter what the wind is raining, the lift season is still in the season, and one is uninterrupted every day. Even after he announced that the retirement became a team special assistant, one was still unable to stop, he still https://www.b2bshopp.comworked with the team.

45-year-old Suzuki stills still

45-year-old Suzuki stills still

Two years ago, a Miami’s sports reporter asked, what is going to do after retiring? He replied: “I will die.”

His life is still regular. He still wipes gloves every day, cleaning the ball every day, and always prepare for training. Just like other forced symptoms, only in your fixed-time life circle, can you find peace.

Live in 2019, still refuses to use the flowers whistle smartphone. Father’s warning on protecting vision is still valid. He uses the computer as little as possible, insists on writing a fans with a pen. The age worn over a single muscle force, but his dynamic vision still does not lose the peak, he once said that he can see the baseball rotation.

Suzuki is alive. When he is a child, he wanted to see it. At the beginning, the child wanted https://www.mlbdrakterno.com to leave the baseball in the primary school, and the thing you did every day in primary school, and still asked him to do it.

Suzuki's father is watching

Suzuki’s father is watching

He is like a lifetime who is unwilling to leave the prison.

Since it can’t stop, then keep running.

Japanese Duty Club The OU Rob Burn is an old man, and they are very eager to look forward to his return.

Only to continue to run, you can redeem the surpassment of your self, in order to find the eternal moment of inner peace.

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