Written / Zhang ZihanThe MLB aesthetics have just opened the battlefield, and the major teams have launched a fierce co-community. Today, the Los Angeles Daoqi, in the main battle of San Francisco, and the National Union West District will meet, and the scene is constantly wiped out of the spark. As the tags are backed back to the back of the bacterium, the small hierarchy Hulio-Ulias is high-spirited, and he sent a 5-way three-oscillated.Unfortunately, the Panda Sandovaal has not played the victory of Ulias, but the young teenager has stabilized and stabilized when the death of the enemy.Dodge 2019 season opened season, it was a wounded soldier, the ace Zuo Dou Clayton – Khaki was constantly, the super star Walker was suffering from a small injury, and https://www.mlbboutique2.com Han Zuo Xiao Liu Xianzhen also had serious injuries. Although the 5th game of the opening season is 44 points, but only by the offense cannot bring victory, the 23-year-old Ulias’ s health is the guarantee of the victory of the Dodge. The Dodge of the Two Requisit MLB World Competitions will come back this year, and Ulias, which can be repeated, is undoubtedly an important piece of chess pieces that have been rushing again this year.As Hulio Ulias said, he gave him a bad left eye and a strong left arm. Every time I picked the glasses, I have become his iconic action. Powerful fireballs with multi-angle changes, Ulias’ s ball makes the giant player can’t touch the brain to swallow the brain. The first half of the five games ended in a perfect triple, and Ulias screamed, this emotional release, he waited for too long. Since the https://www.mlbdrakterno.com beginning, I have received much attention, to the injury and sick, Ulias has already changed from the original rookie pitcher into a king.Ulias at the age of 1610 years old followed the national team sparring the eye tumor advised the retreatHulio – Uliaz was born in the northwest of Mexico, in the northwest of Mexico. The father of Ulias has said that Hulio Ulias’s enlightenment is yourself, but with Hulio Ulias growth, he has always been a baseball alliance at Mexico. The youngest, most talented players,How much is the Talent of Ulias? At the age of 10, he was invited to participate in the journey of the Mexican national baseball team. When practicing the ball, even the professional athletes were shocked by small Ulias in front of them. Ulias is getting bigger and bigger, and his story has also passed to https://www.fanbutikk.com the ears of Taoistball to explore Mike – Brito. The Los Angeles Taoist has been paying close attention to Ulias in the Mexican Baseball League Diabos – Rohos Team Young training team, the news is not awkward, and many major alliance teams also sent the scarlets to watch Uli. Yas’s competition, assess the signing value.Unfortunately, Ulias’ s signing is a 30% off. Many balls are probing that the team feedback, the Talent of Ulias is super strong, just the left eye and normal people are slightly different. Later checking is more interested in many teams, Ulias is diagnosed out of the eye tumor, which is not far from a heavy blow, and finally the ball can be played. Mike – Bry Trust Dodge guarantees that Ulias is benign after tumor after the doctor’s examination, and it will not be too much influence in the field.On https://www.mlbtrojerse.com the day of the 16-year-old birthday, the Los Angeles Dodge team sent 450,000 US dollars to sign Ulias. Once signature, Ulias has been selected for a hundred new show, and is also brought to the sailor team “King” Philox Ernandez and Dodge King Le Zuo Kreton – Kham Comparison.Small League Daily Killed Quartet Eye Surgery Elimination TumorUlias, who just entered the small alliance in 2013, pushed the overall strength to a new step, his fast ball was maintained at 90 miles / hour. Even if the age is short, Ulias shows a strong pressure, soaring ball speed and accurate control, Ulias has always put the ball in a good ball with the edge of the big ten years old League player. Helpless is hit.Just as everyone puts his attention in the left eye of Ulias, he has used the 3 game without loss of 6 times with a three-game representative, the representative of the new generation of Zuoshi. . 18 The self-contained mobility of Ulias reached an amazing 2.48, with an average of 11.1 three oscillars per nine game but only 2.65 times, and the 16-year-old Ulias showed a rare maturity. Such small alliance results frequently mount all major media news, the most of them is Ulias and Kok, who is stronger in the small alliance, although the data is seen in Kok, but don’t forget Uri Yas is only 16 years old, and Khawch is 19 years old when he participated in the small alliance in the first year.After the 1A Level League, Ulias was upgraded by the team to the California League 1A high-level team. His continued excellent performance has won the Doddy Year Small League Pitcher Award, he was also invited to participate In 2014, the new show in the All-Star Tournament, Ulias, on behalf of the World team, made the media in the perfect one, and many reporters were pushed in the game that this 17-year-old Mexico pitcher is the future of Dodge. .The hidden dangers of the left eye tumors in the small union have gradually highlighted, and the benign tumors of the left-eye in the small alliance continue to expand, and the three operations have made Ulias to miss the season season. Dodge team invited the expert main knife of the eye surgery, after a few months of recovery, although Ulias is surrounded by a lump, but his vision is gradually recovering, and the overall state feels very good. In the 2015 season, Uilias, still played in the small alliance, once again accepted surgery to further improve and eliminate the benign lumps around all eyelids.Perhaps, I have experienced the pain of illness, so that Ulias is fearful to life, he does not shrink in the baseball court, and the player will not shrink, showing overhead maturation. After the injury is returned, Ulias will lead the audience again, and the Los Angeles Taoism immediately invited Urias to participate in the training camp during MLB spring training.Although the Oklahoma City, the Oklahoma City, which was decentralized before the season, but Ulias finally got a place in the Dodge team before the 2016 season.19-year-old stunned big union shoulder seriously injuredIn May 2016, Los Angeles Daochi called Hu Lio-Ulias called the Grand League first in the New York Most of the New York, and Ulias became the 5th in the history of Dodge. The top four is the legend left Sandy – Kakades, Tang – Dely, Die, Joe – Morler, Dick – Karrms.The first time, Ulias, was shocked by the big profit, only 2.2 bureaus, dropped 3 points. Although the US media still given the 19-year-old teenager, the American media is highly evaluated, and the curling of Ulias is rated as the best variation of the sphere, the change is large, and can also transform Angle interference bearer sight. Sometimes you can take the vertical line to make the player chasing, sometimes you can fall from the left to the right like a flying drive. There is also a good level in terms of newly added shifts, and the fast ball is induced.Ulias is very good on the situation in the situation, and it is still a wonderful problem restriction of the opponent. What is more gratifying is that the speed of Ulias can be thrown at 97 miles / hour. In the foundation of the original excellent curved ball, it adds a shift ball. In the past ten years, the Legou Left Kok will let the Alliance remember the Dodge. The strong left, Ulias is undoubtedly a sparkling new star of Dodge, 19 years old, Big Alliance, Brochi, is still young and one year old, the Dodge team is full of confidence in him. Limit the number of pins and the number of processes to protect him not yet developed. It is a pity that the good scene is not long, and Ulias has a “pitcher terminal illness” in the second year.The Ulias injured part is the left shoulder front joint capsule, and the elbow ligament of elbow is tearing and torn relative to in recent years. The shoulder injury can be described as pitcher, Ulias also expressed the translation: I feel that I can never be able to Standing back to the big union pitched. Surgery for the entire shoulder repair https://www.trikotskaufenn.com is the most prestigious baseball injury in the Californi Bay, Dr. NEAL Elattrache. The official of Dodge also said: Ulias’ s injuries are very serious, but I believe he will return to the stadium on time.The Ulias’ whole injury returns to the small alliance for a year and two months, and last year has a first performance in the big alliance. The 2019 season is again called the big alliance again. It is a 23-year-old, he learned a smart pitch, and the smooth pitch of the legs made him retrieve the speed of the baseball genius, a fireball Hard plugging into the edge of the tape.Today, Ulias has proved that he returns to MLB to honor the talents. The four eye surgery and the shoulder are seriously injured. He can’t stop his strong return. The 23-year-old Ulias will be in the future, the flag of the flag, the flag of the https://www.fanartikelsportde.com kingdom, and the light of the Los Angeles bloom.