Zhan Royal thumbs up! Ohio State supernova red setter said he is "the most beautiful of Aberdeen"

February 28 News (text / ESPN Jeff Legwold compile / Aibo) mentioned this the best rookie in red setter, I believe most people will not have too many objections, Ohio State University Chase – Yang (Chase Young) its amazing last season and get soft field performance awards deserved to become this year’s “rookie of the red setter.” But he seems to be this title is not satisfied, he wants to get rid of the words of the title.

Thursday, Yang said he is a rookie this year in the best players, not only with respect to the hand or punch pass defender, but all the players, including quarterback, including the most outstanding one.

Earlier in an interview, Yang said he would not participate in any on-site observation test rookie camp, but he will Occupation of Japan and Ohio State University show themselves in the end of March. And according to the schedule, the defensive front line and rookie linebacker on Saturday to start their own tests. When asked at what time will do occupational Japan, Yang said he would do exercises position.

“I hope that the first day I got on the training ground, tell everyone here has the best players. I do not want to waste time in a joint training camp,” Yang said, “I know I paid the ultimate We strive to be the best player they can do. “

Last season in the case of suspended miss two games, Yang still scored 16.5 sacks, imposing directions. In fact, he has been considered by many to be one of the best rookie this year, but will also draft expert in his rookie list at the top.

The current draft pick favorite Louisiana State University quarterback Joe – Burrow. He won the Heisman and led the team to victory over Clemson won the national championship, he is widely regarded as the best choice draft pick, but Yang believes he is worthy of the honor.

“I think I’m definitely the best player in this year’s rookie,” Yang said, “I think I’ve shown in the video analysis, too, and you go to every game, I’ve shown yourself out there. I think I was the best performance this year, as a defensive end, I think I bring a lot of things for the team. “

When asked about plans to join the NFL, Young confident. “I think I can do anything, I am willing to do whatever the team needs me to do something. Let me run my anti do, let me pass rush from the outside I can do, let me keep the area I can do, let me even after removed stare at tight end I can do. I will take this attitude began my career. “

Meanwhile, Yang also asked about last season’s final three games without a sack fetched thing, against 10 at the end of last season, when University of Wisconsin he has four sacks, however, suspended for two games after returning, his last game against the University of Michigan, University of Wisconsin and the national semi-final against the Clemson game did not sack performance. This may mean that his play is not so stable.

“I do not think so.” Yang responded that, “In fact, I did not sack the number of single-minded pursuit. Even so, I missed two games, Sacks still lead the league, which is to explain the problem. and if you know the ball will understand this, you will see each other will be for one person to change the whole plan of attack; but you know that many people do not understand video analysis, and many people do not even watch the game just look at the data, but we all know the best pass rush not look sack, it is to become the most destructive player in the field, even without sack will do. “

Yang’s outstanding performance also made a lot of the biggest names in sports became his supporters, including Ohio, a former basketball star LeBron – James. James Yang mentioned on social media for his support and praised him, “He is the world’s top players, most definitely you want to be the kind of person, under both off the court, regardless of race or life in. “Yang said,” he never had any problems off the court, he was so outstanding all-round, I never thought the world’s best basketball superstar would be my fans. “


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