Is the MLB Japan? 4 years to do a winning significance is not big enough, beautiful baseball, frontal strength

On November 9th, MLB Japan has started, and the star team composed of MLB and the Japanese star team. This year’s competition was conducted on November 9th to 15th, and the two sides fought six games. The game wins and powerful. Communication in Japanese Baseball culture.

The event is usually held after the MLB season. Since the first MLB Japanese star competition in 1986, this year is the 12th.

From 1986 to 2006, a total of 10 sessions were held, and every two years, but in 1994, the MLB player strikes, and suspended. Since then, I entered the 8-year interval until 2014 this event was held again. 4 years later, on May 1, 2018, MLB announced a competition plan that once again sent all the stars to Japan, which was this year’s MLB Japanese star game.

MLB Japanese star game is an excellent opportunity for MLB and Japanese baseball culture.

MLB Japanese star game is an excellent opportunity for MLB and Japanese baseball culture.

Japan dispatching national team entries

As mentioned in the beginning, the two sides of the MLB Japan All-Star Tournament were all all star players in the two countries. But since 2014, the Japanese party has been adjusted. At that time, Xiongi Shengyan, who had just taken over the prostitute, changed the Japanese baseball national team instead of the daily-duty all-star team, and the Japanese national baseball team renamed the Japanese Samxi team in the competition. Xiongaki Shengyan believes that MLB Japan All-Star is a great opportunity to prepare for the 2017 World Baseball Classic. It is not missed. So, in the competition of that year, the Japanese national team also had a real gun, and it has achieved good results.

Since MLB represents the United States and Canada, the national anthem playing before each game is the United States, Canada and Japan. In 2018, the team sent by Japan is still a Japanese national baseball team, a warrior.

Even a few times to finish all competitions

MLB Japan All-Star Tournament is a way to win more teams. At the same time, the situation is also accepted. And the number of games in each session varies: 5 games, 6 games, 8 games, and it has been adopted.

According to the team of more than the winner, only the odd number is applicable, even the number of times is unused, but the 6th and 8 games have appeared in the MLB Japan, and finally There are many teams that are more winners. Although sometimes more teams have been determined soon, the two sides will still have all the games in the standing schedule.

Considering the nature of the all-star competition of the event, the concept of winning and negative is relatively weak, and more is the interaction between players and fans and exchanges between MLB and dupid.

MLB is expected to revenge

From 1986 to 2006, the MLB star team and the goggy star team’s battle history. In 10 cases, the duty star team only won the victory of a series, that is, Japan acquired in 8 series in 8 fields in 1990 4 Sheng 3 negative 1 flat record. In addition, 9 times, MLB star teams won. In this 10 years, MLB won 48 games, losing 20 games, and seized 7 games. The most valuable players are also MLB players.

After Japan, Japan was transferred to the national team, they got 3 wins and 2 losses in the five series of days, the second wins, the most valuable players were also attributed to Japan.

This year’s MLB Japan All-Star Tournament is used in 6 series of matching systems. From November 9th to 15th for the race, the previous schedule is in the performance of the performance. MLB This day, the Japanese national team that faces the true knife, it will be more careful.