London stage staged a single bureau to reverse the good drama Yangji 12-8 and more red socks completed sweeping

On July 1st, Beijing time, the first European Overseas Competition in the history of MLB amenities in London, in the London bowl, Yangjihong stockings staged a passion collision for two consecutive days. The first game of red socks rely on three home runs to win 4 to 0 perfect opening, Yangji attacked two points in the second game, and then the two sides were in the four-way four consecutive games.

Yangji once again set off at the seventh game, and continuously attracting the series of six points to complete the anti-super superchard, and the red socks were returned to 4 points after the eighth game, and the final Yangji 12 is over 8. Learn the two games in London.

[Data Highlight]

E-Rod Rodriggs can be described as the most stable first pitcher in London

E-Rod Rodriggs can be described as the most stable first pitcher in London

Gregus’s Yangchun cannon continues the record of the Britain for 31 consecutive stations, and 12 points in the audience, there are 13 points of 6 players. Red socks first pitcher Edwards – Rodriggs 5.1 bureau only lost 2 points, cowshed pitcher group lost 9 points, and 10 times of the whole game knocked out 3.

Two parties were taken from 50 points, setting up the most record records of two consecutive battles in the history of the hose.

[Competition process]

Yangji first pitcher Tarpuri performance is not good, only one game is retired

Yangji first pitcher Tarpuri performance is not good, only one game is retired

The first bureau is the two-point guns of Bugos, let the red socks lead the lead in leading. Since then JD-Martinez’s back backed bacterns and Christian-Wawzquez’s Yangchun can make the team get 4 to 0 Perfect start.

On the second bureau, he put it on the unmanned and guaranteed base, and Yutura hit the first minute of the team. After that, Gardner’s security is reduced to 2 points.

Hicks played around

Hicks played around

The seventh game has completely burst out of the red socks, and the role line is completely burst. Le Mei Hui’s second base is playing and Jia Qibao to send an attack on 1, 2 bases. After that, Hicks, Sanchez continuously skewers together to complete the anti-superchard. Since then, in the case of the base, Yutura and Le Mei Human are stridested to join the Yangji to expand the lead, after which Hicks’s high-flying sacrifice and opponent’s mistakes allowed the Yangji single office to attack 9 points.

Wawzquiz today has 5 2 with 3 points of topography

Wawzquiz today has 5 2 with 3 points of topography

The eighth game, Di Di-Gregus, bombarded the Yangchun cannon to lock the team, and continued the record of Yangji’s continuous home base. In the case of 2, 3stro, there are two out of the game, and Wattquez’s right time to make red socks back to two points. After Since Bradley, Nounez and Travis’s sanctuary Socks will be reduced to 4 points. However, Dewes is still wasting the best equalization https://www.fanartikelsportde.comopportunity. The ninth bureau’s first batter knocked out the second base to play, but Yangji Terminator Chapman took the team’s victory with three consecutive three times.

[Two sides starting]


The first stick is a base, DJ-Le Mei

The second stick right wilder Alon – Jiaqi

Third stick Chinese and foreign wilder Alon Hicks

Fourth stick catcher Gary – Sanchez

The fifth rod designated to fight Ed Wen – Nakaisi

Sixth Bar Guard DD-Grego

The seventh sticks of the Barley Gray Berb Torres

Eighth stick three bases

Ninth rod left outer wilder Brett Canada

First pitcher: Steven Tarpley

Red stockings:

First stick right wilder Muqi-Bates

Second stick, Raphael, Dewis

Third stick guerrillas praise – Boboss

Fourth rod designated blow JD-Martinens

Fifth rod, Based on Michael Chavez

Sixth Bar Catcher Cristian – Wattquez

Seventh stick Chinese and foreign wilder master Jieky – Bradley

Eighth stick two bases Nounes

Ninth, left outer wilder Sam – Travis

First pitcher: Edward – Rodrigs

[Next prospect]

New York Yangji will launch a subway battle on July 3 and New York, Beijing time, the first Yangji sent James Parxon, 5 wins and 3 loss this season 4.34, the last side I lost 6 points for the Treasury 2.2 bureau. In the past 6, he sent himself to 6.08.

The red stockings will also go to Toronto to challenge the blue bird after rest for 2 days. The first red socks in the series will send David – Prab, this season, Prab 5 wins and 2 negotiated scores 3.36 to send 82-vibration The last time I faced the Chicago White Sox 6 bureau lost 2 points, and the career faced the Toronto Bluebird 22 wins and 3 negative scores 2.37.

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