MLB30 Day 30 Team Atlanta Warrior: Fremandrans compete again to win the championship

As the unveiled series is launched in Japan, MLB’s 2019 season regular season has begun. In order to help new and old fans familiar with the status quo of all teams as soon as possible, launch 30 days 30 team special for reference. Today is an Atlanta Warrior.

Team: Atlanta Warrior

Partition: Guonong District

World Champion: 3 times

Previous season record: 90 wins 72 negative

Team Attack Index: 0.742 (Grade 7)

Team Score Rate: 3.75 (Grand League 8)

Director: Brian Snietk


The Warriors in the quiet 4 years have played an excellent performance last season, so that the team has retrieved competitiveness. With the opponent Philadelphia Philadelphie in the same https://www.fanbutikk.comarea, the team is gradually fell in the second half of the season, and the more stable warrior is also standing out, capturing the championship, returning to the season.

The rest period is mainly:

Introduction: Catcher Brian – McAnaka (Free Player), Stampless Hand Yosh-Donald (Free Player)

Leave: Relay Pitcher Brad – Brock, Catcher Suzuki Qing, First Pitcher Brandon – McCarti, Abi Babal – Sanchez, Lucas – Duda (all free players)

Top farm player:

Three Radger Ostings – Riley, First Pixabay Ian Anderson, Mike – Sorros, Kyle, Wilson, Foundation – Tula Sang, Bryce Wilson, Wats , Christian – Patche

Star player:

The Lead Freddy-Freman is the team’s star, which was ranked fifth in China in 2013. He recovered in health last season, 191 remembering the Safety and 4th REGIE, and finally listed in the country, and finally ranked 4th in the MVP selection, and won the first gold glove of the career. Today, he will continue to play the role of the team leader.



Old will be the best performance in the 34-year-old Nik-Makith last season. The career has been selected for the first time. At the end of the season, I got the Silver Bar and Golden Hand Clause Award in the right outside. However, it may be because his performance is obviously a short half of the season, so there is no chasing in the free market, and finally renewed at low prices and warriors, continued to play this Youth Army. Waste heat.

As the first year of the year, the first place of the 100th farm players, the owner of the owner, Ciakia, can be said to be hoped when the small alliance is. Last season, he got up in the 20-year-old year, and 111 games were played. 293 / .36https://www.mlbboutique2.com6 / .552, 26 Boom 16 Pirates, Won the country’s best new show, MVP selection is also ranked 12. It can be said that the team and fans are disappointed. It is expected that in the next few years, he will be a strong competitor of the National United King MVP.

The 33-year-old New Aid Donaldon is the 2015 Messian MVP winner. The influence of the injured in the last season, and the performance is clearly declining, and the salary is cleaned up by the Old East Toronto Bluebird to deal to the Cleveland Indians. The third base position may be that the Warriors have a few weak links last season, so he went to the 23 million annual salary of the 1-year contract history record, hoping that he can fill this empty lack.



Team Outlook:

After successful last season, the Warriors can be strong, in addition to the above-mentioned stars, the first firing Mike Formetz seems to have grown for the team’s ace pitcher, just after him There is still questions about human strength. However, the team’s farm is still one of the largest alliances, just that the farm pitcher may still take time to grow.



In short, such a lineup configuration, this should have no suspense in the future to dominate the National Association for many years. However, it is very unfortunately, there are several major opponents in the same area, the Washington National, New York, the New York, the Philadelphians in Philadelphia, are actively replenished lineup, so that at least before the Warriors’ farm pitcher grows up, the strength of these four teams https://www.fanartikelsportde.comStill a relatively balanced. The MLB rule is not allowed to have four teams in the same district to enter the playoffs. Therefore, the Warriors want to repeat the success of the last season, but also need to continue their efforts to relax.

Pitcher rating: Samsung

WARS rating: four stars

Prepen first line:

1 Insenat, Sino-Due

2 Donaldson, three bases

3 Freman, the first base

4 Akunia, left field

5 Makiys, right outside

6 Taylor Flals, Catcher

7 Ozi Albes, two-bar

8 Dansby – Swansen, guerrillas

Expected list of open season

First Pointer: Falt Nevitz, Kevin – Gaussman, Sean, Newcomm, Hulio – Teraran, Illustration – Tuang

Relay Pitcher: AJ-Mingdom, Darren – Olyte, Jooney Wenters, Dan – Winkeler, Jessi-Bidel, Sam – Fremman, Sean – Cali

Terminator: Atrodis Vitz Kino

Catcher: Flals, McAn

Wilderness: Fremman, Albes, Donaldon, Swansen, John – Kamogo, Charlie – Kurber

Field: Akunia, Dueseat, Makiys, Adam Duwar