The world contest red socks won the crown probability of 80% spent 320.7 billion US dollars to win the governor

The unknown hero is an inspirational and other team’s script, which often means the best results for the team’s least spending. But this probability is still inseparable, sometimes it is not as good as the lottery head of China 1.6 billion dollars.

Compared with the World Competition, the team may not be a big contract for top players from hundreds of millions of contracts, because it means guarantee.

As we all know, the World Competition in this season has become a monetary war, and the reddings of the union salary have been 2-0 leading the third place. The key to the second battle of the Red Sox is Pitted in Prab and develops to fight Martinens, but do you know how much the team spends how much it spent? The answer is $ 327 million.

David Ples's playoffs

David Ples’s playoffs “soft cleans” finally healed, two consecutive seasons high quality first

In December 2015, the reddock team was signed in Prab 7 years. This contract was the largest pitcher contract at the time. At that time, the annual salary of Ples was the first column. Martinene is the reddings team signed by $ 51 million in February this year.

The second game of Prab 6, was knocked 5 security, lost 2 points, 5 times, ERA3.00. The fans who are familiar with Ples know that his achievements are enough to help strong red socks win in the World Competition. The trend of Ples this season will be said to be high in the season, from very bad, to barely, and then go to excellence. Ples has
responded with his own actions to the trust of Coara coaches and the fans’ questioning.

Martinens's firepower is obvious, he also won Hank Allen award today.

Martinens’s firepower is obvious, he also won Hank Allen award today.

In contrast, Martin Nens is in the playoffs. Today, today’s competition is a long to do in the second half of the 5 games, helping two teammates to score, and help the team 4- 2 The opposite is divided, and his remember is a victory. Martinez has been played in this playoffs, 39 shots, knocking out 13 security, 2 projectors, 13 points. Although the success of the Red Socks is inseparable from the rise of Small Bradley, it is apparent that a big role is more peaceful.

However, when the reddock team signed two people, there is still a controversy, Martinale is rich in experience, but the pre-season starting in the season is still unsatisfactory, and the mobility in two games before the start of the game is 0.00. Ples is not to say, because the salary given close to the sky, the red sock fans are worried about the “routine king” in the “Regular King” in the season. How much value brought? The fear of fans has reached the peak in 2016 and 2017. In 2016, he only cast a 3.1 bureau in the playoffs in the playoffs, dropping 5 points. Subsequent 2017 he only wounded 11 games, and the fans thought they did not lose. In fact, Ples was in this season until the performance of 6 games in the 5th game of the Space People’s team was proved to match this salary.

For Red Socks, it is worth $ 327 million. They are currently 2-0 leading tags, winning the probability of winning the championship in the past two teams in the history of the World Competition, 80.8%.

Ples is also very satisfied with his performance, and it can help the team in such an important game is very good. He also thanked his teammates and coaches.

After winning the World Competition in 2013, the redded stocks won the World Competition, the next 2014 and 2015 season have two consecutive seasons, which is the first time in the team in 1994. From the end of the 2015 season, the reddock team opened a three-year buy buying model. Although there is also a failure case of “Kung Fu Panda” Sandoval, but the ace Pitcher Sel, Posaranno, Ples Join Still help the team huge. The effect is nature is also immediate, and the red sock team will hide the throne of the US East Subregion from the 2016 season, and the record of the playoffs has finally been breakthrough this year. If the red sock team can win in the World Competition, the team sprinkled with the banknote is still worth it. Is it a chance to have a small team?

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