At 0 o’clock in late night, Yao Ming went to the 4th year, the vice chart of the Basketball Association, Zheng Haixia also publicly opened the team.

The Chinese men’s basketball team and the Japanese team played.

China’s basketball circle has burst a shocking news.

Wang Li Bin, a vice chairman of China Basketball Association,

The spear is aligned with Yao Ming and the entire CBA league.

Publicly pointed out the problem of current CBA,

This is also quite incredible,

This is Yao Ming went for 4 years.

The first time was criticized by the colleagues.

Recently, Wang Li Bin suddenly issued a text in social media in the middle of the night.

He said to expand the market,

China’s professional alliance cannot copy the American basketball league,

Can’t be told by Chinese basketball,

There are a few capital holding the highest event platform for the league.

Don’t use this to form a monopoly for the best business resources.

At the moment, the CBA admission system,

The high quality development pursued in my country in China and the two major strategic objectives of common wealth is incomplete.

It should be amended early.

It is worth mentioning that,

The women’s basketball team, Zheng Haixia, also publicly supported Wang Li Bin’s point of view.

We must know that after Yao Ming is elected to the chairman of the China Basketball Association,

Wang Libin is also elected as the vice chairman of China Basketball Association,

It is one of the 12 members of the new China Basketball Association.

But there is also a media representation.

There are no practical powers,

Basically, it is called.

Perhaps Wang Libin also saw that China’s basketball is now developing is not so satisfying.

And you can’t give too much help,

Said the speech of such detonation.

But how much does this mean from the interior,

The development of many things cannot stand in a fully unified angle.

In fact, we see the development of CBA in these years.

In the event of Yao Ming, there is indeed the meaning of NBA,

NBA is studying NBA,

However, the problems arising from management are not uncommon.

For example, the management problem of the referee,

Player’s transfer problem,

In this summer,

Zhou Qi and Guo Allen’s big names,

They all gave the spear to a series of unreasonable systems of CBA,

Stand up.

In fact, in Yao Ming’s heartbeat iron king,

Because the peach incident leaves the CBA.

Yao Ming next for the management of the entire China Basketball Association,

It is destined to not be particularly smooth.

There will always be a variety of problems on the way of reform.

I hope that Yao Ming can still remember his own initial heart.

capital is not wrong,

But you can’t be covered by capital,

Once China’s basketball is completely capitalized, it is aware of the capital.

Then the reform is completely lost.

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