Breddy vs Rogers Second Bureau two famous people players

Number of champions: Rogers have a super bowl of victory, Braddy has five super bowls, and this is the most NFL history in quartz.

The number of MVP Rogers was named MVP twice in his 14-season career, while Tom Braddy was granted MVP three times in his 19-season career.

Golden arm: Rogers now maintain the highest quarter of the NFL history (103.6)

Draft: Rogers In the first round of the NFL dragons in 2005, Rogers were selected by the Green Bay packaging, while Braddy was selected by the new England Patriots in the 2000 NFL draft.

Number of winners: Braddy won 200 regular seasons in the 2018 season. He is the only four-point guard in this height in NFL history.

Incredible records of Rogers and Bradi have grown from 300 regular season victories.

Occupational Bowl: Rogers and Braddy have accumulated a professional bowl of 19 times in their career.

MVP Braddy has four super bowls of MVP in history.

不 可 阻:: Rogers maintain the highest reachable in history (325-79)

Age: Brady, who was selected in early five years, was selected from the oldest active four-point guard.

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