High school era Sanyuan Jiayuan MLB unveiled the open guests is a person who lives into a realistic person

Written / Zhang Zihan

On March 20th, Beijing time, from 5:40 pm, Sasaki, Sasaki, who was wearing Seattle Sailor Team, and the first ball of the MLB201https://www.trikotskaufenn.com 9 season, and the small white balls scored an unique arc in the air to enter the catcher glove.Although the speed is too late, but from his serious expression, it can be seen in the Japanese “Great Devil” of the MLB.

The lens turned to the day of the day pitcher Chrysanthemum, he first applauded and then looked at the sky. As a late generation, Ju Chiko is 23 years old, emphasizing the inheritance of Japanese baseball, in signing the severgers of Seattle, he is used to compare with Sasaki, which is used by the similar pitching style. However, the pressure of Sasaki Shihao showed in the game is looking up.

The big devil Wang Soki Mu Mao is a person who comes from Japanese blood baseball comics, from the 子 园 叱咤 云 到 走 日 日 职 上 模 模 模 上 模 模 模 模 模 模 模 模 模 模 模 模 模 模 模 模 模 模 模 模 模 模 模 模 模 模 模 模 模 模 模 模 模 模 模 模 模 模 模 模 模 模 https://www.fanbutikk.com 模Finally, the https://www.mlbtrojerdk.com 32-year-old Sasaki Zhu Hao decided to challenge the world baseball top level MLB, from the beginning of the beginning of the final station, the finalist of the Seattle sailor, and he uses the strength to prove that he is the Japanese baseball “big demon”.

20 years old entered the Japanese Rod League 23 years old

In 1989, the Japanese Professional Baseball League Diction Festival has brought two Zassomi, which has brought into Jiazi Garden, eight strong Sasaki, is also the focus of the audience. It has 154 kilometers / hour super high ball speed Sasaki Mu, the same year or as a king, Japanese college students. Ni Mei University Baseball Championship. The Yokohama Ocean Whale of the Hand Screening is not hesitant.

Due to the long-term fidelity as the ace, the waist of Sasaki, the waist of Sasaki, exposed the https://www.mlbtrojerse.com habitual https://www.maillotsenligne.com injury. Out of protecting his career, Ren Fu Feng, the head of the Ocean Whale, Zasso Mu Shihao sent Zodo Mu, the first, and the Japanese professional baseball big devil was officially born.

In April 1990, I gave a crazy pressing force in April 1990, and in the face of the center of the Sino-Japanese Dragon, he made a wonderful three. In August of the same year, Sasaki Mu Hao reached the first achievement of “nine-ball three-in-kind”. However, the problem of poor point makes his self-sharing rate is very ugly, but the second season of the New Year, Sasaki Mu Hao has revised this problem, and 58 playing is also the first year, enough to prove the coach group. Trust this 23-year-old teenager.

Sasaki, Sasaki, the stron of Sasaki, a strong straightforward, and a strong point-of-three-vibration, and the first pitcher https://www.fanartikelsportde.com https://www.b2bshopp.com has said that in the media interview: It is very easy to send a ball in Yokohama team, do not have to worry about various After the subsequent variables, the rescue pitcher made me feel relieved.

Sewing 11 needles to break the record big magic god into Japanese popular language

In 1997, the Sasaki Lord Harbao with a family in Saipan, and a violent conflict with other guests at the bar, and the right arm of eating is also injured, but the season Sasaki is unsweight. 38 rescue successfully broke the 37 record that was maintained by Guo Yuanzhi.

The 1998 season is the peak of Saso Mu Hao’s career, 51 times board faces 46 rescue points, breaking the 44 rescue points of Guo Yuanzhi, and the shocking 0.64 self-blade rate and 45 rescue success will also be successful throughout the season More than the Seniors Jiangxia https://www.mlbtrikot4.comFengxing https://www.maillotspascherfr.com Career 192 rescue success record, officially became the strongest rescue king in the history of Japanese positions.

Because it is really too strong, Sasaki Lord Hao’s outer number Yokohama Dawn frequently boarded the layout of major Japanese media, and eventually won the Japanese Popularity Award. In the 1999 season, Saso Mu Shihao injured is slightly declining, but it is still beautiful than other terminations.

32-year-old challenge the “rookie” of the big alliance

In 2000, Zuoi Mu Shihao signed a Safei sailor team with a 32-year-old age, completed a child’s dream. Sasaki, Sasaki, Sasaki, has just finished the right elbow bone surgery, and all the strength did not show all the strength during the spring training. All US media have a unanimous look at him, and the speed of the 143 km / h / hour is also confirmed, https://www.mlbboutique2.com and he lost the ball speed in the opening season of MLB. However, as the injury gradually recovered, Sasaki Lord Hao found his own state, and the fireball of the season in the season was a fireball of the 156 km / h.

The 2000 season appeared in 37 games, Sasaki Hao captured 78 three vibrations. The arrival of the big devil solved the problem of the sailor team has always been a cow shed. The sailor team is not good. After the end of the season, Saso Mu Shihao also won the best rookie in the second age of history, and Japan’s old big brother. Yumao hero is also full of this younger brother, indicating that Sasaki has become a sailor, and the terminator is home.

Sasaki, Zigo Mu, who came to the United States, made a little change in the pointing of the four parties in the daily duty, and this scorpion is self-study https://www.fanstore2.com
in the college. When pitching, Saso Mu Mi Hao made the body more sinking while driving the left shoulders up, so that the player’s dynamic vision of the first half of the ball until the ball is talented to see the whole ball, although the drop is not big But this fingerbreading has a considerable spoof.

In MLB a few seasons, Saso Mu Shohao has passed very smooth, even if there is an occasional small injury, it can use the old experience to temporarily adjust according to the state. He also selected MLB all-star game in 2001 and 2002. In 2003, he was a turning point of Sasaki Lord’s career.

After the end of the 2003 season, Sasaku Lord Haoyi refused the contract of the salary of the salary of 8.5 million US dollars, said that due to the family’s life, he insisted back to Japan. The next day Sasaki, the Lord Hao announced https://www.mlbdrakterno.com returning to the Japanese rod, Sasaki, Sasaki, who returned to NPB, and returned to NPB, and only the second year was released by the team because the knee injury and elbow injury were released. Sasaki, who did not want other teams The Lordao immediately hanging the ball shoes announced retirement.

After 16 years, Sasaki Hao once again put on the Seattle sailor’s jersey station to Japanese tokyo’s 投 东 东 东 东 东 东 东 东, 东 东 东 东 东 东 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是It is the best praise of this legendary professional baseball.