Lakers suffer from 3 leaks! Lost the king too, the eyebrows are all injected, 0.7 seconds are not given

After being reversed by the king by the king, the Lakers 3 overtime, and even some people have begun to define their entire season. If such a lineup is maintained, it is basically unruly with the championship. After all, the three giants, the injury and aging problems of lineup have become a fatal injury of the team. The problem that the Lakers currently exists, returning to the lasting battle with the Kings, they actually be a bit awkward because they can see from the referee report, and the last moment will have three missions. All is a loser to suffer, even if there is a punishment, or the Lakers are not dragged into 3 overtime and vane for physical strength.

The NBA officially issued the injury report of this game after the game, from the last 2 minutes of the fourth quarter, during the overtime, a total of 3 leaks:

1, when the fourth
quarter left, the two sides made a 98-bit flat, the Lakers had a ball, and James broke through the glutinous eyebrows, but at this time, Harryburdon pulled it with hand. The arms of the eyebrows caused him to catch the ball normally and cause the ball outlet. The referee report shows that Harripton should be blown to defensive foul, but the referee does not respond. If you blow a penalty of Harripton foul, the eyebrow will be sent to the free throw!

2, the first time to increase the last 9.9 seconds, then the two sides made 110-110 flat, and then the glimpse of the ball shock the basket to the defensive throwing, the ball, the lake, the lake 112-110 lead, the referee report show Lenn is penalized for a pennant when he defensive. If the eyebrows are punished, then the Lakers will lead at 113-110. The king wants to equalize 3 points, and the difficulty will be even more, but because of the leakage, the king will then complete the throttle after breakthrough, will be packed And dragged into the time.

3, the second time, the last attack, the time left, and the ratio is 124-1 124, the king’s right, but they were finally protected to 24 seconds. At this time, this should have 0.7 seconds, The ball is returned to the Lakers, but the on-site referee directly passed the overtime, the two sides entered the third overtime. The Lakers should have a last attack in 0.7 seconds. Although the difficulty needs a miracle, no matter whether it can be Creating a miracle, this 0.7 seconds are directly ignored, obviously a huge mistake.

Although the Lakers lose this game, it should be found in itself, but in the last three key leaks to them, it is indeed unfavorable to them, and it is indeed a certain impact on the results of the game. After all, after dragging to the third overtime, the Lakers Physical problems are also exposed. For Walgel, in this competition that needs to be bought for a long time, can you increase the rotation, and finally change some physical fitballs, let the 3 giants rest open, not let them spell the last Directly tired, perhaps this is the experience and lessons they need from this game.