MLB5 Day Summary: Sanchez Extension Salary Since Since the Three-Schery Bear Dasheng Pirate Termination Loss

On July 5th, Beijing time, the American Professional Baseball Grand Union conducted 12 games. The results are as follows: Malinfish 2-5 National, Indians 8-4 Royal, winemaker 0-1 red, tiger 11-5 white socks, small bear 11-3 pirate, Shuangcheng 2-7 sportswater, red ramp 5 -4 Sailor, Yangji 8-4 Ray (10 bureaus), red stockings 8-7 Blue bird, Philadelphians 6-12 Warriors, Angel 3-9 Cavalry, priest 1-5 Dodge.

Miami Madolin 2-5 Washington National

In the first place, Miguel Rojas played Yangchun, and Marinfish 1-0 lead. In the second bureau, Rojas returned to one point, 2-0. The second half, the bell is open, 2-1. In the second half of the fourth place, the Yangchun cannons of Anthony Tunden will flatten the score, 2-2. In the second half of the fifth situation, Anthony – Lunden’s antestack made the national team against the field score, 3-2. In the second half of the sixth sentence, the second base of Helardo – Pala is in the two points, 5-2, and the national defeat marin fish.

Marinfish first pitcher Elsell – Ernande appearance 4.1 A bureau lost 3 points to send 6 three vibrants lost. Annebar-Sanchez appeared in 6 branches, one of them, and sent 2 three vibrations to win. Fernando – Rodney rescue success.

Cleveland Indians 8-4 Kansas City Royal

In the second bureau, He Presses – Ramirez played the Yangchun cannon, and the Indian 1-0 leads. In the third bureau, Witt Merfield and Adabo – Monts’ leadership and Haolcher-Sorell’s guarantee help the royal team get 3 points to complete the reverse, 3-1. In the fifth game, Francisco – Lin Mo’s alarm is sent back to one point, 3-2. In the seventh place, Taylor Naquin’s second base is playing the score of 3-3 flat, and Lin Du’s ankle is returned to two points, and the Indian will be 5-3 anti-ratios. Oscar – Mervacca Sacrifice Trick, Jason – Chipnis’s high-flying sacrifice and Jose-Ramirez’s single sound will further pull the score to 8-3. In the second half of the ninth, Kam-Galag, the Indian 8-4 defeated the royal.

Indian Adam – Xinbo main investment 2.1 bureau has no loss to send 3 times. The royal team first made a pitcher Huo Mo-Beiler 5 games lost 2 points to send 3 times a three-vibration.

Milwaukee Brewer 0-1 Cincinnati

The Red Squad relies on the first step in the next step in the Sai Yue Piger, will send Jessi Wenke back home score, 1-0 to overcome winemaker.

The winemaker first pitted Brandon-Woodrf 6 games lost 1 point to send 6 times a three-oscillated regret. The Red Strong Team first pitched Louis – Castida 6.1 There is no place to play, and the 7.2 game is only played 1 security, no loss, send 1 guarantee and 9 times San Zhen to win the victory. Terminator Lessier-Iglesia is a successful rescue. The winemaker is only 5 times in the audience.

Chicago Bear 11-3 Pittsburgh Pirate

In the first place, Chris Brines played Yangchun, and Bear 1-0 leaded. In the second bureau, Albert Almora also played a spring gun, 2-0. In the second half of the second place, Jiang Zhenghao’s second base is playing and Elias Diaz’s high-flying sacrifice hits the field score, 2-2. In the third bureau, Wilson Kangrtreras played two points, and the bear 4-2 re-leaders. The third bureau, Josh-Bell’s high flying sacrifice will close to 4-3. In the fifth game, Anthony-Rizo’s first base, David-Bot’s tentarele ball, Kyle Schobo’s four bad balls and Haville-Baidz’s aquare to play a total of 5 Separate, 9-3. The sixth bureau, the roll of the Earth and Robert-Garcia’s career in Kangrtreras, the first ratio of 11-3, and the bears defeated the pirate.

The Bear Team first sent a pitcher Jose – Jinshenna appeared 7 games 3 points to send 6 times. Chris Bryant single field 4 is playing. The pirates first sent a pitcher Jordan-Lears played 4 games to leave 7 points and sent 7 times.

St. Louis Pair 5-4 Seattle Sailor

In the second half of the first game, JP-Crawford played Yangchun, the sailor team 1-0 lead. The third bureau is over, Matter Vites uses a yang spring guns to mark the score, 1-1. The second half of the third bureau, JP-Crawford’s roll-up earth and Dan-Walbak’s leadership will be rewritten as 3-1, and the sailor leads again. In the fourth place, DXT-Fofler’s two-point cannon will chase the score again, 3-3. In the second half of the fourth place, Tim Beckham played Yangchun, the sailor team 4-3 got a lead. In the seventh place, Tommy-Edman’s angels sent back to two points, the red scitch 5-4 anti-ratios, but also kept this score to the end of the game, the final column was defeated.

The Red Picking team first pitched Michael Vaka 3.1 Location 3.1, Daniel Pangde Leon got the victory, Carlos Martinnes rescue success.

New York Yangji 8-4 Tampa Bay Ray (10 bureaus)

The second half of the first place, the second base of Avisa I Garcia sent back, 1-0 leading 1-0. In the third bureau, Mike Tokeman’s antestack will be packed, Alon Hicks’ second base is playing Yang Biece 2-1 anti-ratios. The seventh place is over, Edwin – Enkanasi gave out the Yangchun gun, 3-1. The second half of the ninth bureau, Joey Wen Del’s second base is ready to return to one point, 3-2, Atridis Chapman’s explosion retraction, 3-3, the game enters the prolonged match. In the first half of the 10th game, the DJ-Le Mei Hugh’s antestacle sent back two points, Gary Sanchez slammed three-year gun, Yangji 8-3 leading. In the second half of the 10th Bureau, the first base of Tel Akold is a hit, and the Yangji final 8-4 defeated the light.

Yang Biejun first firing JA-Hap appearance 5.1 Location lost 1 point to send 5 times a three oscillated unrelated match, Aroad, Chapman rescue, but got the victory, David-Heil rescue success. The rays first sent a pitcher Jonney Zilinos’s 7-game drop 3 points to send 5 times a three-vibrating.

Boston Red Socks 8-7 Toronto Bluebird

In the first half, Raphael Decs played Yangchun, and the red socks were 1-0 lead. In the second half of the first game, the one-standing place of Laudi Tricez sent back to two points, blue bird 2-1 contrast scores. The second half, Danny Jensen played the Yangchun, 3-1. In the second half of the fourth place, Jensen once again opened, 4-1, Fred Dig Garves slammed two-point gun, 6-1. The sixth game, Zhanzh Bocood, JD-Martinez and Xiaojie-Bradley each retrieved, 6-4. Michael Chavez followed the three-component gun, and the red stockings 7-6 rebarrup. In the second half of the eighth game, Eric Soagard played the second base to guard the score, 7-7. The first half of the ninth bureau, Marco Ernand, 8-7, the red socks finally rely on this home run to fight the blue bird.

The reddock team first sent a pitcher Extor-Viraskz. Brandon – Walkerman rescue failed, got the victory.

Philadelphia 6-12 Atlanta Warrior

The first half, Bryce Harper, JT-Ryormo and Cesar – Ernandez each played a hit, sent back to 4 points, Philadelphians 4-0 lead. The second half of the first bureau, Dansby Swanton’s Yangchun cannon and Nick Malcaki, the second base, 4-2. In the second half, Ronald Akunia and Swansen ‘s playback resemble 2 points, chasing the score to 4-4 flat. In the third bureau, Ozi Albes slammed the three-year gun, the Warriors 7-4 against the ratios. The second half of the fourth place, Freddy-Fremman and Josh Donallson all overrun, 9-4. In the sixth game, Shawn Rodrigue’s Yangchun cannon and Lis-Hoskins’s second base will be chased to 9-6. In the second half of the eighth bureau, Swansen played a three-component gun, and the Warrior final 12-6 overcome the folk.

Philadelphorn first pitched Zach-Efflin’s 3 games lost 7 points, 6 points for self-responsive, and sent 3 three-vital swallow. The Warrior first pitched Mike – Salaka appearance 4.2 Location lost 4 points to send 6 three vibrations, no match. AJ-Manta is getting a victory. Dansby – Swansen 3 security, 5 points.

Los Angeles Angel 3-9 Dezhou City

In the first place, Mike Turkte, the angel 1-0 leads. In the second half of the second place, the high flying sacrifice of Athre Robal-Kabrera will hit the score. In the third bureau, Andreton-Simmus’s first base is to let the angel leader, 2-1. The second half of the third bureau, the second base of NMAR-Mazara will be more than the anti-super, and the sword will be 3-2 angel. In the second half of the fourth place, Rouger Dodor played two-point gun, Danny-Santana’s alarm is sent back, 6-2. The second half of the seventh place, the Odor single field is twice, 9-2. In the first half of the ninth game, Cole Carlorn’s rolls hit a point, and the tournament final 9-3 defeated angel.

The angel team first made a pitcher Griffin-Canning 3.1 Location lost 6 points to send 6 three vibrants. The ride first sent a handlant-Lin En, 7 bureaus, 2 points, send 5 times, San Zhen got the victory, Nomar Madara Single Field 4, Ruge Dad – Odor 5 points.