Nfl veto gambling kick rules change the program last time to grab the ball and still maintain a low success rate

Although the Denver Musk and the Alliance Competition have made great efforts, the new season NFL’s gambling kick rules will not change.

The boss of alliances vetoed the proposed plan of the wild horse. In the new solution, the team in the chasing phase can maintain the ball after scoring. In detail, the team only has a chance every game, and can only start a 4-dimensional 15 yard attack from this 35 yard from this section to replace gambling kick.

This program is popular in the competition, and only 8 members of the New York Giant Board John Mara oppose. Mara believes in this program, he said, “What are we? Indoor Football League?”

In the case where the new kick is regulated, it is more secure to make the gambling kick, and the members of the competition will be a fun choice for the team for the team.

According to statistics, since 1992 to 2017, 21.2% of gambling kicks were finally taken back from the ball. However, after changing the rules last year, there were only 4 success in 52 gambling kicks.

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