On Thursday, I played Brown Steelman running to the Wei James Connant.

November 13 (Wen / ESPN Brook Pryor Compile / Slash) After 2 weeks of shoulder injury, the Pittsburgh Steel people, James Conner, is expected to play on Thursday (Beijing time week) At 9:20 in the morning, I will challenge the dead enthalvan Brown in the same district away.

Conne presents that he has made great progress in restoration, and thinks that he will board the night game, even if it cannot be fully guaranteed. At least it is good now, and it is full of confidence in Thursday Night.

At present, the data of the steel man is from Jaylen Samuels, as well as two front training lineups, Trey Edmunds, Tony-Tony Brookly Brooks-James.

Whether it is a team or these remaining running guards in Junan’s regression. In the game against the ram, the steel man’s scorpion code is only a poor 1.6 yard, and it is better than 1.6 yards earlier last week.

Jaylen Samuels

Jaylen Samuels

Cona said: “We have been fighting with excellent defensive groups, I just want to make some contributions to our team when I return.

Our quartz rudolph is very good, helping us to win the game without running offense, but this does not mean that we don’t need it (the ball), the opposite is true Very dependent on the running ball, so I hope that I can make a grade on the routing end after I come back. “

Connance has had the best highlight performance – 145 yards of the scorpion code and 1 to 1 to the last few minutes of the last few minutes of the Mai Mi Dolphin. At that time, his shoulders were not good, but the defenders The swarming is to “stink”.

The team did not play on Monday, but Mike Tomlin said that if something is said in Conne, and Monday he appeared in the field of view, then he should participate in a complete training.

Tomlin said: “Monday, a hypothetical work day, we still have a certain anxiety. Cona is now like Ramon Foster, we feel that he feels around us in time. Happy, satisfied, but in this regard, we must first think about this week. “

The last training in Conina is November 6th, and there is no participation in the week. The striker is currently in question, but the current chance of ESPN to Connee has been adjusted to 99.5%, and it has been confirmed that he will come to the field.

Cona said: “I have not retired, this is like the training of our team, never retreat. I just hope that I can play with my teammates and run those routes, and I will take some pass.

I know my current situation, but I want to throw myself into the field, treat it as a trial. It is also a good trial (check if the injury will have an impact on his debut). “

Before Sunday, Cona also spent more than 20 minutes on the Hengshu Stadium, and the coach was trained to keep your body.

Connei said that the key to recovery from injuries is the control of physical pain. Although the team will not have too many training before Thursday, Conner said she can judge whether she is ready by achieving the standards and strengths used by their own sports.

After a week of injury, Cona’s injury made him unable to hold the arm overhead, and now the situation has gradually developed in the Minglang direction.

What is happy and worried, and there is a very two-sided effect is that Cona confirms that they will not change their high-intensity running style in the first game of injury.

“This is not what I really want, my hard work, let me go to this step today, so I want to continue to do this, I can’t change my scorpion style, I am a running guard, what is Both people can happen on me. “


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