Saints fans from angry to attack the referee group alliance emergency transfer to avoid tragedy

At the National Union Championships this season, a serious leakage of the value of the referee destroyed the efforts of the New Orleans Saints, and successfully sent the Los Angeles League to the super bowl. In the fourth quarter of the game, the Saint Player Lewis was hit by the ram guard Coleman, but the referee did not say, which made the saints lost a good chance, finally The failure of the failure.

After this game, the angry saints can’t wait to live a referee of the law enforcement referee. It is reported that the anger of the Saint fans has turned into actual actions. After a few hours of the end of the Championship Championship, all the information of the referee group was exposed on the Internet. In order to protect their personal safety, NFL and New Orleans local police are specially sent to the referee group return, but this also can’t argue the fans’ harassment, threats of these referee, one of the referees even received a few times. Ten threatening phones, which forced to raise the phone with the referee group to pick up the phone, sweeping the caller stop harassment.

In addition, the referee team of the National Union Championship is originally a hotel in the center of New Orleans, but after the game, the fans are in anger, NFL has to transfer the referee to a hotel in the suburbs of New Orleans to ensure the referee. Safety. In the end, the referee has reached a new hotel. For the misunderstanding of the National Union Championship, the referee did not repent, they even finished the next United States championship after joy in the hotel’s bar.

This is not a small news. After the protection of the referee go home, NFL officially confirmed this move in the outside world, and it also specifically indicated that these referees have not been greatly affected, and personal safety is also guaranteed.

However, at the end of the National Union Championship, NFL made the outside world knowing their motivation to protect the referee, but never did not say anything about what happened in the National Union Championship. Therefore, the majority of Saint fans have taken action and try to remedy this situation. A unknown “Tuhao” fans actually purchased the advertising position on the billboard in the 53nd Super Bowl – Atlanta, and then played the relevant statement of “Saints”, I hope to make a super bowl People who host the city understand the ugly of the NFL referee. A senior lawyer from New Orleans also filed a lawsuit to NFL and demanded a National World Championship. In addition, more than 700,000 Santa fans signed a petition, requiring NFL to re-play this game.

For these referees, the blow penalty is just their work, and the game’s loss will have no effect on them. But for the fans, if it is only a skill, it is not as good as the light, they don’t have much opinions. However, the team’s efforts were finally destroyed in the hand of the referee, which is definitely not forgiven.

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