The playoffs competed in a white hot Dodge 3-0 红 红 雀

On September 15th, Beijing time, the 2018 season MLB American Professional Baseball Union Competition continued. St. Louis Red Tit is home for the second game of the Los Angeles Dodge to launch the second game. The two teams currently ranked second with the third in the country of the country, which is a direct competitor of the playoffs. Every game is crucial. Today, Today, the first pitcher Walker-Bille is effective supplemented the sleeve string, 8 games only let the opponent play two security, the audience is only 2 times to fight the opportunity. Although Jensen sent a tentarelette, https://www.mlbboutique2.comalthough he sent a tentarelette, he successfully solved the three players who came down in Red Sch, and successfully took another rescue,
and helped the team to add a win. At the end of the Tao, he defeated the patrue with 3-0, and the opponent was also flat, all of which were 81 wins and 67 losses.

Fireball Men Walker - Bille is the fastest to 98 miles today, the main investment 8 games have no loss

Fireball Men Walker – Bille is the fastest to 98 miles today, the main investment 8 games have no loss

[Data Highlight]

Dodge first pitcher Walker-Bille main investment 8.0 bureau only was hit 2 supplies without a drop, sent 9 three vibrations, play excellent, and the self-blame is 2.88, and the seventy wins will be taken. The whole team hit the team to play 6 security, Purig’s personal contributing half of the number of people included 2 hair spring guns. The team is attacked by the Flord Catcher Molina.

The red scitch first pitcher Jack-Fyleti main investment 6.0 bureau was hit 4 help out 1 points, sent 8 three vibrations, and the self-blame points becomes 2.86, and a high quality first occurred. Helpless other first firing performance is more excellent to swallow the seventh session. In terms of work, the whole team only played 2 security, all appeared in the 5th, the remaining rods were quiet, and finally was collected by Dodge, and was also attacked on the outer card list.

[Competition process]

In the upper half of the 2 game, the hot-fired Polog made the Yangchun home base in the direction of the Chinese and foreign countries.

Puig Home Based to help the road

Puig Home Based to help the road

Dodge first made a pitcher Walker-Brace 4 bureau to show a complete match, let the saga player 12 12. However, the second half of the five games, the fifth base of the Red Tit hits the middle line through the place, Bad also hits the field through the wild, but the red rickets do not form a series of series, and the end of the 5 game is still in 0-1.

In the middle of the 7 games, Berlinjan was first touched by the pitcher, and Puign added another base. Dodge
did not take place to capture one or two bases. Old will play the Ertell, although he did not hit the play, but the left foreign country with the high-speed ball is far enough, and the two runners on the base will push a line package forward. Subsequently, Biller was killed, but the experience-rich ramps, the experienced ramp, Molina, and the Baylin Jie of the three bases ran back and scored. Take the homotropy. Dodge fills another point and 2-0 leads the red ramp.

In the 7th Bureau, Walker-Bille continued to invest in two three-three-three semi-bians, until the second half of the 8 bureaus, the number of balls that have been close to 100 balls is some fatigue, and they have been putting two guarantees. However, he still exhausted efforts to solve the strong competitors of this year, the most valuable players of the United States, the first batter of the red ramp, Matt-Carpenter, 8 bureaus only hit 2 security, I didn’t fall, and I showed a wonderful one. war.

9 bureaus, Pu Ge again. He also slammed a spring gun and added a point of insurance. His single sound also ensured that Dodge won the victory of this game.

[Two sides starting]

Los Angeles Daoqi: First Bar Left Foreign Word Qiao Pederson, Second Bar Three Radger Justin – Turner, Third Bat Guerman – Maxi, Fourth Radger Max – Mangsi, The fifth rod catcher Asmani-Granadar, the sixth stick Chinese and foreign wilder CD-Belinje, the seventh stick right outside the armor Yue El Piger, the eighth stick two bases Ernand, the ninth stick first pitcher Walker

St. Louis Sapphoid: First Bar Triassa Hands – Karpent, Second Bar Right Foreign Wild, Yaro – Monozo, Third Based House Hand Matte – Adams, Fourth Rod Left Foreign Word Massel – Austrian, the fifth stick guerracom – Delong, the sixth stick two bases Corten – Wang, the seventh stick Chinese and foreign wilder Harrison – Bad, the eighth catcher Yadil-Molina, The ninth stick first pitcher Jack – Fleti

[Next prospect]

On September 16, Beijing time, the two teams will launch the three competitions of the four series. They were swoveed by the red ramp in 3 consecutive battles. However, at the end of the season, they got 2 consecutive victories to Red Shot. If they can also win in the next two games, they will occupy them on the road to compete for the season. initiative. Dodge is expected to send the old Richm – Hill first, the current 8 wins and 5 defeat, the self-sharing rate is 3.88. The rickets are expected to send John Gantt, and the current is 5 wins and 5, and the self-sharing rate is 3.16. At present, the two teams have been 81 wins and 67, and there is a big possibility that the second outer card will produce a team from the middle of the two teams, so the two teams will definitely have a point.

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