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On November 18th, in 2021, Xiamen Municipal National Fitness Games “Kangle Jia Cup” three basketball game finals were held in Xiamen Sports Center, and the competition was coming.

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Cut the ball skills to enhance friendship

At the scene of the woman’s crown, “Hey, Ha!” The voice full of power is frequently transmitted from the basket. I saw the improvization team player Wu Hai, like a basketball, and then the two hands stabilize basketball, the whole body muscles tightly, stand the defense of the two players, a fake action will sway each other, The fallen defensive gap quickly shot, with a beautiful arc over, Wu Yi is a valuable point for the team.

“Everyone cherishes the opportunity of this competition, everyone is doing everything in the whole way.” Wu Yingling said that there are not many basketball games for women, there is such a chance to take the ball skills, everyone is riveting . “Some players have just come to get off work immediately, and there are two-baby two moments come to participate.”

Everyone on the court, the needle tip is full of mangomaus, orientation. With the whistle, the competition declared, and the two players put down the basketball, hugged together, excitedly resetting the game. In fact, everyone is a multi-year friend of Xiamen women’s basketball circles, and I hope that through “Kang Lejia Cup” three basketball games, take the game, improve the ball skills. Wu Yi’s introduction said that there are several ball friends in her WeChat, and their enthusiasm for basketball makes them together.

“The game is very exciting, especially the women’s group, played a style. According to the game referee Guo Weicheng, the women’s group’s championship competition is fierce competition, https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
although there is a certain strength gap between the two sides, but the backward party is always actively organized offense, strive Fighting each ball.

Guo Weicheng said that this is the point of view of the three basketball games, and only half a game is different from the five-person game. The three-person race is compact, the confrontation is fierce, and the offensive time of 12 seconds, the attack and defense conversion is only In the first moment, this is a great test for the player’s profile and teamwork. “Team works with tacit to tear off the opponent line.”

State bursting

Stick to the bottom

In the men’s finals, there is a white dress such as lightning, and the precise three-pointers, the rapid breakthrough, gorgeous technology and strength.

“Tonight is hot, the state is very good!” The white jersey https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com is the Yu Zhajie of the Chin Basketball team. At the end of the game, the team totaled 13 points, and he got 10 points. For the performance of the night, Yu Zhajie said that he is super frequently, actually as a senior fans, start touching basketball from primary school, starting from junior high school, we have always been a school team player, and we must play two times every week after work. Field.

In Yu Zhaojie, basketball is not only a relaxed sports, but also carrying a spirit of persistence. He frankly in the second half of the game, his physical strength was significantly declining, and the body confrontation with the opponent is actually a competition of both parties to see who is more bitter to the last moment.

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