Grab the first? Wall is required to mention the rocket, and there is no need to appear.

The Rockets of Jay-Green were lacked, and the Eastern Streamer Hau was defeated through a plus. Mainly supporting the center wood, the main point of control Xiaokai – Potter has played the most beautiful game this season. Wood hooked 33 points and 16 rebounds, and smallboot contributed 23 points and 8 rebound 12 assists. There is no Jay-Green, the “dual-core” of the Rockets can really be for what you want, you don’t have to give Jay-Green pass, Wood and Burto are very comfortable as the core.

I don’t know if this is good news or bad news. Maybe in theory, Jay Green is really not able to help too busy, although he has talent, but it is too young and defensive. To know that all NBA players in this season, Green’s positive and negative value is the lowest. There is no Green, the Rocket seems to return to the right track. And for Jay Green, there is a “bad news”, which is Wall may come back.

Before the season, the Rockets and Wall reached the appearance agreement, but now, Woller will leave without hope, this season is even the probability of the next season will continue to play in the Rockets. If he does not let him play, the Rockets 4000 Tens of millions of dollars are really spending. 31-year-old Wal didn’t want to sit on the bench, see the Rocket players to live and tiger, he also wants to play a game for the Rockets.

The current news is that Wol and Rockets communicate with the Rockets, as well as news, Wall has already requested the Request to the Rockets – no matter how long he can play, he wants to start ! In other words, Wol is a face, as a “facade player” last season Rocket, Wall if it comes, and he is just a first position. In addition, Wol is playing for a long time, this has no hard regulations. The Rocket Coach Sierras can arrange Wall’s appearance time according to the prevention situation, but the first must have.

So the problem is coming, if Wall is starting, the Rockets are now the first 5 tiger who will give the position? Wood and Burto have just played a full-class star competition. Tit is also the strongest player of the Rockets. Gordon is like a fish on the 3rd. It is half a day. Is it Jay, is not guilty? Woluo is a starting point guard, and the little baud will return to the 2nd place, this is the most familiar, there is no adaptation. In addition, if the small Porter continues to hold the ball, the Wall is playing without a ball. After all, Wal’s outside shot is not particularly poor last season, and the passenger is not a problem.

Jay-Green If you have a substitute, it may be the best choice. After all, it has proved with the bull and the wasp. There is no Green in the first lineup, and it seems that the Rockets attack will be more smooth. But the decision is still in the Rockets Coach, will they agree with Wall’s “only requirements”? Waiting for it.

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