MLB 8 Day review: Fairs is not available in the game Trina three

MLB routine game fierce battle

MLB routine game fierce battle

On May 8th, Beijing time, the American Professional Baseball Union conducted 15 games. The results are as follows: White socks 2-0 Indians, sailors 4-5 Yangji, red socks 8-5 Jinyu, swimming 4-5 pirates, double city 3-0 blue bird, angel 5-2 tiger, tail snake 3- 6 light, national 0-6 winemaker, Philadelphians 11-1: Malinfish 2-5 bear, royal 12-2 space people, giant 14-4 Rocky, red people 0-2 sportswear, Warriors 0 -9 Dodge, Metropolitan 7-6 priest.

Seattle Sailor 4-5 New York Yangji

In the upper half of the second game, Leon Peil’s Gaofei sacrificed the sailor team to get 1-0 lead. In the third bureau, Brett Gardner’s roll-up earth returned to 1 point, and the two teams were 1-1. The sixth bureau is over, Edwen-Nakaisi played Yangchun, 2-1, and the sailor team again. In the first half of the eighth game, Domango-Santana and Jay-Bruce’s two security were returned to two points, 4-1. In the second half of the eighth game, the sailor team has exploded, Brett Garda ran back the home score, 4-2. The second half of the ninth bureau, the two-point gun of Gio Eschera will pose the field, DJ-Le Mei, play goodbye, 5-4, Yang Bay team reversal to defeat the sailor.

The sailor team first pitted Malco-Gonzalez to show 1 point in the 6th game, sent 3 three vibrations. Yang Biece first pitched the field of the field 6.1 bureau to drop the 2 points for 4 three vibrations. Joe Harvey got the victory.

Boston Red Socks 8-5 Baltimo

In the first place, JD-Martinens played two points, red stockings 2-0 lead. The first half, Rio-Louis retired a two-point gun, two teams 2-2. In the fourth place, Zhanz Bocood has played Yangchun, and the red socks 3-2 leaded. In the fourth place, Hutr-Elberto also played Yangchun cannon, and the two teams returned to the same running line. In the fifth game, Mickey – Morade’s three-unit guns let the red stockings lead, 6-3. In the second half of the eighth game, Little Dewhat-Smith’s second base and Chris Davis’s first base will be indented into 6-5. In the first half of the ninth game, Muqi-Bates is selected to be guaranteed, 7-5. JD-Martinez played high flying sacrifice, 8-5, red socks were shocked and defeated.

Red Sox Marcus – Walden Pocket 3 Location Losing 1 point to send 3 times San Zhen got the victory, Matt – Barnes rescue success. Jinyang team first pitched David – Hess’s 4 game lost 3 points to send 5 three vibrations.

Los Angeles Angel 5-2 Detroit Tiger

The third bureau, David-Fletcher, Da Vallanting and Andreton – Simmons each returned, angel 3-0 lead. The sixth bureau is in the upper half, Cole Carlorn’s high flying sacrifice will expand the score to 4-0. In the second half of the sixth bureau, Nikolas – Casteanos’ s three-stand-up and Miguel-Kabrera’s anaba will let the tiger team chase two points. The first half of the Ninth Bureau, Andreton – Simmons’s first base is locked in 5-2.

The angel team made a pitcher Griffin-Canning, 5.1 bureau lost 2 points and sent 7 times. Hutsell Robrez got a successful rescue. The Tiger team first made a pitcher Daniel-Noris’s 5 games lost 3 points.

Washington National 0-6 Milwaukee

In the second half of the seventh place, Lorenzo-Kane played the classroom, the second, and the winemaker 3-0 lead. Mike Musakas’s first base is more appended, 4-0. Ben – Gamel is selective to the bootstrap, 5-0. Hu Hess – Aguilar is playing the final score in 6-0, and the winemaker relies on 6 points to take the game.

The national first pitcher Stephen-Strasberg appeared 6.2 The bureau lost 4 points to send 11 three vibrations, regret. Freddy-Perlartatou 5 games, no loss, send 5 three-vibration, help the team winning the victory while winning.

Philadelphia Philadelres 11-1 St. Louis Pull

In the second bureau, the Philadelphie first rely on two wilder to choose two points. Then in the event of the homology, Bryce Harper shines the ball, and a score will be opened to 6-0. The fifth game, the first base of JT-Ryormo, and the roll of Ouduber-Erela, each of them, 8-0. The second half of the sixth bureau, Matt Vitz played the Yangchun cannon recovery one point, 8-1. In the second half of the seventh game, Odu Belle-Erera relied on the second base formed by the fans, and the Sales Ernandez’s high-flying sacrificed game was sent back, 10-1. The top half of the ninth game, the Yangchun cannon of Lis-Hoskins locks the whole score at 11-1.

Philadelphians first made a pitcher Alon – Nora 6 bureau lost 1 point to send 7 times, Zhen Zhen got the victory. Lis – Hoskins 4 is playing 3 points. The red ramp first pitched Dakota – Henderson’s 5 games were lost, only 2 points, sent 3 three vibrations, swallow the defeat.

Miami Manalin 5-2 Chicago Bear

In the first half, Haville-Baidz played a high flying sacrifice, and the bear team is 1-0 lead. In the third bureau, Martin Prado’s second base is playing and Holhi-Alpha’s one base to make Marlin’s 2-1 anti-ratios. In the third bureau, Albert Almora played Yangchun, two teams 2-2. The second half of the ninth Bureau, Chris Bryant played a goodbye to the three-year gun, and the bear 5-2 defeated Marinfish.

Marinfish first pitcher Carreb – Smith playing 6.2 Location 2 points to send 11 three vibrations. The bear team first picked up the pitcher Qiong – Leicester 6 Location Poss for 2 points No self-resulted in 6 sputum. Steve Schiek won the victory.

Kansas City Royal 12-2 Houston Space Man

In the second half, Haolch-Sorell’s Yangchun cannon helped the royal team to take the lead, 1-0. In the third bureau, the second base of Adadoro – Monndese was once again, then Len Ohne played a full renovator, 6-0. In the fourth game, Witt-Merfield’s aquatish and Hunter Dozil’s three-pointed actions brought to the royal two points, 8-0. The second half of the sixth bureau, the Yangchun cannon of Alex Bregman makes space people to pull back a point, 8-1. In the seventh place, Witt Merfel slammed the second full of guns of the royal team, 12-1. In the second half of the seventh place, George-Springer’s angels returned to a point, 12-2, the Royal Royal Winning the Space Man.

The royal team first sent a pitcher Danny-Dafe, 6.2 bureaus lost 2 points to send 5 times, Zhen Zhen got the victory. Whit – Merfil Single Field 4, 5 points. The spaceman first sent a pitcher Collin-McCho appearance 3 bureau lost 8 points to send 3 three vibration.

Cincinnati 0-2 Auckland Sports

In the second half of the second bureau, Jerixon-Properator’s second base is home to help the sportsist lay down. In the second half of the seventh place, he played the Yangchun, 2-0. Sports team defeating red.

The Red Squad first made a pitcher Taylor-Milla’s appearance 6 game lost 1 point to send 8 times a three vital flaw. Sports home first pitcher Mike Fairs 131 balls completed an innocent game, 2 guaranteed, 6 times, got a winning investment, this is also the second no-place competition in his career.

Atlanta Warrior 0-9 Los Angeles Daoqi

The second half of the first bureau, Justine Turner played Yangchun, 1-0 ,. Makos – Mangsi’s antestacle sent back to two teammates, 3-0. In the second half of the second place, Justin-Terna’s first base will expand the score to 4-0. In the second half of the fifth, Justin Turner once again played the spring gun, 5-0. In the second half of the eighth game, the Gairi sacrifices of Enrick Ernande will expand the score to 6-0. Justine Turner played three-component gun, 9-0, Dodge to defeat the Warrior.

The Warriors first made a pitcher Max Fried out 1 game lost 4 points. The Dodge team first made a pitcher Liu Xianzhen and was completed. Justin Turner’s single field is swarcked, of which three home runs, 6 points.

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