MLB All-Star starter shortlist announced! Mr. Harper voted three hundred million low tide trapped

Beijing on June 22, Major League announced the final list of candidates starting in 2019 All-Star Game, the list there were many unexpected names, but https://www.mlbboutique2.commost everyone is surprised, just signed a major league at the beginning Philadelphia Phillies, one of the largest contracts in the history of team-star outfielder Bryce – Harper not in the list!

Major League All-Star this year on the list of Game spared gimmick, before final publication of the list, first published the most votes in each position of the two alliances on three players, and the final starting list will be generated in these players .

As a “three hundred million sir” grand coalition today, just at the beginning of a high profile to join the Philadelphia Phillies Bryce – Harper on the National League outfielder rankings came in the Warriors veteran Nick – Marka Keith and Cubs outfield Double Star Albert – Almora and Kyle – after Shu Wabo, missed the final nine final list of candidates for the National League outfielder.

Teenager Bryce strong play - Harper has lost domineering when just joined the Phillies

Teenager Bryce strong play – Harper has lost domineering when just joined the Phillies

Also helping Harper fans unacceptable reality is that if the fans can not be voted first-choice starter, with Harper’s performance this year but even the All-Star Game bench qualifications will also be lost. In 75 games this season, hit a three-dimensional Harper only .243 / .357 / .452, hit only 12 homers Union has swallowed up 94 strikeouts, was not in favor of the fans case, with such a low ebb paying performance, want to be the National League All-star coaching staff elected to the All-star likelihood is negligible.

Harper lost relative, a lot of outstanding players this season for the first time was selected as the final candidate list, enter the player ballot list will be cleared, fans can continue to vote for them, the final starting list will be two league United States announced in June 27th.

Your meal player on this list in it? Quickly to look at it!

American League

First Baseman

Luke – Voight – New York Yankees

Carlos – Santana – Cleveland Indians

CJ- clone – Minnesota Twins

Second baseman

Tommy – Lastra – Los Angeles Angels

Jose – Aotu Wei – Houston Astros

Hugh DJ- LeMay – New York Yankees

Third baseman

Alex – Bregman – Houston Astros

Gio – Wuxie La – New York Yankees

Hunter – Dozier – Kansas City Royals


Huoer He – Polanco – Minnesota Twins

Graber – Torres – New York Yankees

Carlos – Correa – Houston Astros


– Gary Sanchez – New York Yankees

James – McCann – Chicago White Sox

Robinson – Chirinos – Houston Astros

Designated hitter

Nelson – Cruz – Minnesota Twins

JD- Martinez – Boston Red Sox

Hunter – Burns – Texas Rangers


Mucci – Bates – Boston Red Sox

George – Springer – Houston Astros

– Mike Trout – Los Angeles Angels

– Michael Brantley – Houston Astros

Aaron – Judge – New York Yankees

Osteen – Meadows – Tampa Bay Rays

Josh – Reddick – Houston Astros

Eddie – Rosario – Minnesota Twins

Joey – Gallo – Texas Rangers

National League

First Baseman

Freddie – Freeman – Atlanta Braves

Josh – Bell – Pittsburgh Pirates

Anthony – Rizzo – Chicago Cubs

Second baseman

Ozzie – Albis – Atlanta Braves

Mike – Musta Cass – Milwaukee Brewers

Kittel – Malte – Arizona Diamondbacks

Third baseman

Nolan – Arenal multi – Colorado Rockies

– Chris Bryant – Chicago Cubs

Josh – Donald Wilson – Atlanta Braves


Javier – Bai Yezi – Chicago Cubs

Dansby – Swanson – Atlanta Braves

Trevor – Si Tuorui – Colorado Rockies


Wilson – Conte Arenas – Chicago Cubs

Brian – McCann – Atlanta Braves

Elias Manila – Grand Doyle – Milwaukee Brewers


Cody – Beilin Jie – Los Angeles Dodgers

Christian – Jelic – Milwaukee Brewers

Nick – Marka Keith – Atlanta Braves

Charlie – Blackmon – Colorado Rockies

Ronald – Acuna – Atlanta Braves

Albert – Almora – Chicago Cubs

Jason – Hayward – Chicago Cubs

Kyle – Shu Wabo – Chicago Cubs

Chalk – Peterson – Los Angeles Dodgers

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