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On the morning of April 11, Beijing time, the US duty wander Union ended a leader in the town of Los Angeles angel team to meet the champion of the National Union Central District. The angels have killed 4 points and killed the game when there were no one in the third bureau, and finally defeated the winemaker at the scene of Tuuri, and the winner came to 50%.

The angel team first pitched Pena although the ball was not stable but only lost 1 point

The angel team first pitched Pena although the ball was not stable but only lost 1 point

Data highlight

The angel first pitched Pena 4 bureau pool only hit 3 safety, fell 1 point, although the angel only hit 5 security, but formed a continuous offensive, a base abortion Erchron two points.

The winemaker first sent a pitcher Woodrf 6 bureau to send a seven times, although only 4 points of saga, 4 points; Jerezy single field 4 play 2 play, returning to the team only Two points.

Game process

The third bureau of the winemaker has been leading the lead. After the two grooms, the country’s MVP Yelician was sent back to the second base – Gameell, the winemaker got 1-0 lead.

However, the good view is not long, and the third bureau will capture a full base and no one out. At this time,
Andreton – Simons and Justin – Bauer continuously sent 3 points, the angel team 3- 1 A bureau has exceeded a score, and there is still 2 people in this speed, and no one out. Although Popputs hit the double kill, but the Simmons de divided on the three games, the three games ended, the angel will be more than 4-1.

In the seventh place, it was Jeregi, after the two out of the game, the right outside the country sent the second base of Orlando – Assia, the winemaker chased the score to 2-4.

Both sides

Los Angeles Angel

First stick right wilder hand Karler-Carlorn

Second Bar Guardian Andreton – Simmons

Third rod, Bright, Justin – Bauer

Fourth rod designated to strike Albert-Pioness

Fifth stick Chinese and foreign wilder Brian – Goodwin

Sixth stick Taylor Ward

Seventh stick two bases Tommy – Lastera

Eighth Bar Catcher Base Wan – Smith

Ninth stick left outer wilder David – Fletcher

First pitcher Philox Pena


First stick Chinese and foreign wilder Lorenzo – Kane

The second stick specifies the strike Christian – Yalege

Third rod left outer wilder Len – Braun

Fourth stick Trillan

Fifth rod two base Mike – Mostaas

Sixth Catcher, Asmani-Granadar

The seventh stick, Eric-Tamas

Eighth Rod Right Wild Hand – Gamel

Ninth Bar guerrilla Orlando – Garcia

First Pointer Brandon – Woodrf

Next look

The two teams will take a break tomorrow, and the angels will go to Illinois away to Challenge the bear, they will send Taylor-Skers. Skygs raised only two points and one point in the season, and the accumulated pitching 11 bureau sent 7 three vibrations, https://www.fanartikelsportde.comand the self-sharing rate was only 2.45.

The winemaker continues to stay in Los Angeles, challenge the old opponent team of the National Union Championships last year, they will send a small leader Corbin – Barnes. Although Barnes came forward twice, although the self-blame rate was as high as 9.9, 10 bureaus cumulative can send 18 three vibrations, and the luxury line facing the Dodge is a small challenge for him.

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