NFL23 Summary: Patriot Help Sanliang Sheng Xiu 4th Safety Giant Reverse

September 23, Beijing time on September 23, the NFL 2019 season has been fully on the third week of regular season. Today, there are 14 games. The new England patriot will win the jets to take three consecutive wins; Mahms and Jackson Super New Star Decent purposes, emirate victims; New Orleans Saints let son, Bridgewater hit the sea eagle; the Green Bay packaging workfalls will be sent again, sitting in Zhenli to defeat the wild horse. So what is the battle of today? Let’s take a look!

Detroit Lion 27-24 Philadelphia Eagle

When the game left, Malcolm-Jenkins blocked Matt-Plate’s shoot, the eagle morale, they have the opportunity to equalize the score, but Rasol-Douglas’s foul The team returned to the midfield. The lion takes away Melwin-Jones completed 6 batches to advance the 116 yards, including the last 12 yards of the ball to reach. The eagle quadruptions Kakanson – Wenz throws two remembers all find external hands Nelson – Agonolol.

Compared to the lion team, the Eagle has achieved more propulsive numbers, especially the road attack 30 times, the ball has advanced 127 yards, one code 4.1 yard. But it is because there are too many roads to advance, and the eagle has lost the ball twice. In addition, you may not believe, or the lion is not stretched in the first week of Arizona, and now they should win 3 games.

Minnesota Viking 34-14 Auckland Assault

Viking Runs Darwin – Cook has been more than 100 yards in three consecutive games. Today, 16th positions pushed 110 yards 1 to 1 to 1 to 1 to 6.9 yards. Under the lending of Cook, Viking’s pavement offensive is also full of firepower, and a total of 211 yards have achieved three remembals. Viking has only killed the game with three games, and they did not even try to pass on the fourth quarter. The quarter-free Backer-Chesins seems to be a bit nervous, and the 174 yards in 21 passes will be 1 to get 1 to 1 to get the first time. Since the first time, the clean pocket has been felt, and there is no encounter. It is worth noting that this is the 500th victory of Viking Team.

Conversion to the raid, quad-Delic-Carl 34 passed 27, pushed 242 yards, respectively joined J. J. Nielsen and Terrell – Williams got up to the reachable, and sent a copy, the data is very good. The proximal front Darren Warler completed 13 battles to advance 134 yards, but this data is mostly brushed in garbage time. Nielsen passed a fraud to achieve a fraud, and the division was controlled within two balls. But the team is still not found after the next half is coming back.

Kansas City Chief 33-28 Baltimore

The chief is in the arrow court and the crow, they don’t have the best external connections. There is no super-strong running guards, there is no healthy left-trial, but it still rely on the landing of the ground to win the game. It turns out that there is Patrick-Mahmekus. Last year’s MVP threw 374 yards and 3 times in another recordned game, still did not be copied. The chief defensive group limits the opposite Ramar Jackson in most time, and the latter throws 7 records in the first two games.

A large amount of wasting opportunities make the crow regretted the defeat, and they selection three times three times, but they have not succeeded once, so that the team is being pursued. Run Marke – Engram is the largest highlight of the crow, and a total of 103 yards have achieved 3 times, the squash square code is also 6.4 yards. Jackson 43 passed only 22 times, pushed 267 yards, and the pavement advanced 46 yards 1 to 1 to more. The second seippio is a 23-0, so Jackson has been chasing it very much.

The crow team’s defense was ranked second after the first two weeks, but the 503 yards were released today. Ramar Jackson became the second failure of nearly 10 regular sessions in the four-point guards of the crow. Emirates Terravis – Kelps completed 7 battles to advance 89 yards, plug-in Macalman Hadman once again dedicated the 83 yards of the ball sprint. The Emirates can be more than 26 points in 24 consecutive regular sessions, and the NFL history record is set.

Indianapolis Pima 27-24 Atlantan Falcon

The quarter gagerbi-Briset demonstrated that he could become the man who led the horses to success. He took the score for 16 consecutive passes, and the first four waves took the score, and completed twice in the first half. Reach. In addition, Brisett is not only looking for an external connections you like. He promoted 310 yards in the 37-pass 28 today to find 9 different external connections. In the second half, take over T. Y. Hilton is unknown because of the injury.

The piles are currently winning, counted in the last season, staying the home seven consecutive victories, this is the first time since 2013, the first time I won the scene.

The Falcon 4-point Swan Mat-Lan has made the greatest efforts in the first half of the last half, and his comprehensive score is even higher than Brrist. The entire game, Ryan maintained a super high pass hit rate 34 pass 29, and promoted 304 yards to get 3 reached 1 time. However, the biggest problem of the team is discipline, and today has been blown up to 16 confesses to 128 yards, giving a chance again and again. In the past three games, the Falcon has already eaten 35 yellow flag, and the penalty is 264 yards.

Green Bay Packaging Worker 27-16 Denver Yam

Excellent performance of the offensive front line allows Alon Rogers standing straight, he may think that the jersey never has been so clean after the game. The two MVP players have passed 235 yards and 1 time, running to the Wei Alon Jones, two times, compassionled, the new career.

Defensive end, packaging workers in Preston-Smith and Zada, Smith, let them feel worthwhile, Smith combination today killed Joe-Vlaco 5 times, I got 13 times 9 times in the pressure, the first three games have been taken more than 7.5 times, which is more efficient than the combination of Clay-Matthew (3.5) and Nick Perry (1.5) than last year.

Anti-viewing wild horse, they don’t have a defensive strength team, Feng Miller, Bradley – check and the entire defensive group has not killed the insurance for three consecutive games. The offensive group had three mistakes, including twice, and a copy. The packaging workers still have problems in the offensive end to solve, but they have rely on the defensive group even three victories.

Dallas Cowboy 31-6 Miami Dolphin

A game without suspense, the cowboy team has achieved three-game winning opening since 2008, and Jerry Jones took over the 6th game of the cowboy. In the past five times, they had four playoffs, including 1992 and 1995 into a super bowl. Quartzke-Prescoto is not as good as before today, 32 pass 19 promotes 246 yards to harvest 2 to 1 time being copied, and there is 1 mesh ball to reach, twice They are all connected Amali-Cooper.

The Dolphus team has launched a young quarter-saving situation today, but his appearance cannot save the dolphin bad state. Today, Rosen 39 times out of 18 hits, the passing of the kicking is less than 50%, advanced 200 yards, fortunately, no copy. At present, the dolphins will be lost in total score of 16-133, with 117 points, which is the greatest difference since the superbown era.

New England Patriot 30-14 New York Jet

Since Tom Braddi’s offensive group is currently facing a large amount of injuries, an aggressive defensive group has become the backbone of winning. Today, the two external hands, Yosh-Gordon and Julian-Edelman have hurt, of which the latter leaves directly after the injury, the former is entangled and returned to the stadium. In the face of the offensive group led by Luke Folk, the patriot defensive group is very relaxed, completes 5 killing and 1 copy.

Braddy tried to pass a lot of passes, and the 306 yards in 42 passed 28 were promoted to get 2 times, and did not have been copied. However, today’s patriot’s pavement offensive is poor, and the 27-time scorpion pushes 68 yards, and it has also achieved 2 times. In fact, only 3 points in the three games of the patriots defending group. Today, the jet is reached once, and the other is a championship, and the special team has a mistake. The patriot has become the first team of defensive groups in the first three games since the Age of Super Bowl.

Buffalo 21-17 Cincinnati Tiger

Say that you may not believe that Buffalobier has achieved three consecutive victories, this is the first 3-0 start since 2011, and the third 3-0 start in the past 26 years. The rookie close-edge sharp-Knox is the key to Bill win. After the game, after the end of the game, he pushed another defensive player to kill the end area, helping Frank Gore. A key to reach.

Quartz, Allen, can keep the game vitality, but it is still unstable, lack of continuity, which is also the reason why the game is so tough. It is also because his hesitation has led to a copy, helping the Tiger team to win the first time, and there is no longer a leading advantage in the upper half of the 14-0 leader.

The tiger team encountered three losses, four points Wei Di – Dalton performance is not good, and I have sent two copy of the copy today. Among them, the ball was passed on the ball to the opponent Grid Vids – White . The new coach Zach-Taylor is the fifth opening of the 10 coaches in the history of the Tiger Team. The worst record is the five-game losing stream of Sam-Naiqi, 1984, did not know if the team did not know if the team did not know? I miss Ma Wen – Lewis.

Carolina Black Leopard 38-20 Arizona

The 23-year-old drop show four-point Wei Bay Allen’s first incense, it seems that he is more excellent in the performance than Newton, and the last day will win the victory again. In the strict defense of the rock, Allen has advanced 261 yards in 19 times, complete 4 rendered 4 years old, two of the proximal front of the leader Greg – Olsen, external handle Tis Samuel and DJ Moore have achieved an up to another. Run Krismi – McCrere today opened today, 25 sho pushes 153 yards, including a 76-yard mushroom reachable, and complete 3 games to advance 35 yards.

The sapphires, Murre, Murray lost to the quarter-saving doctrine of the same class. In 2015, Murray and Allen were the same as the Texas Farming University, and then they transferred to other universities in a few months. Allen turned to Houston University, Murray came to the University of Oklahoma. Later Murray won the highest honor of the university rugby, and became the champion of this year’s draft conference. Allen became the first of Houston University in 2017, because the small alliance is in the election meeting.

In fact, Murray’s trend is still quite highlight, such as short pass David – Johnson and Larry Fitzgerad gets up to the Detut, and advances 69 yards through 8 mushrooms. At the same time, Murray only promoted 176 yards in 43 passes in Today, and two copies of the two times were more exciting. It was more than 8 killing lost 47 yards.

San Francisco 49 people 24-20 Pittsburgh Steel Man

In the game, 1 minute and 15 seconds left, Jimmy-Gallo 5 yards connected Dante Petis completed Daguan to lock the victory. This game, 49 people overcome 5 mistakes, gain three consecutive victories, this is the first 3-0 starts since 21 years. The 277 yards were promoted in Gallopolo 32-Biography, and 2 copies of CDs and 2 times occurred while harvesting 1 time. 49 people use a lot of road attacks in the game and have achieved good results, 40 shots promoted 168 yards, running Gu Jeff – Wilson completed 2 shocks to reach.

Si Daiwei Kelve replaces the injured Ben-Rodris Boger’s first first start, 27 pass 14 promoted 174 yards to harvest 2 times and 1 copy. Two pass to the brought by the second half, the outer end of Zhu Zhu-Smith-Schuttell completed the 76-yard boller, Diuder – Johnson also obtained a 39-yard pass to Deta. When the family runs James – Connee is limited today, and 13 shots have been exchanged for 43 yards.

New Orleans Saint 33-27 Seattle Hawks

After Drew Bris injured, Teddy Bridgewater made a price as the most expensive substitute ($ 7 million) of the alliance (US $ 7 million). Bridgewater did not work in the game, and 27 passes pushed 177 yards in 19 times, got 2 times. In the second half of the first half, Bridgewater first is the connection of Alquin-Kamara completed 29 code, and then 1 yards connected the top of Michael Michaels again.

By the way, the saints of 2-1 have retraffy the National Liannan District, and they have completed three quarters of the hardships of the September. They will meet 3-0 Dallas Cowbi next week.

The Haiying team needs to be a good summary, and the protection of the Glisse-Carson said that protecting the ball is still a big problem. Quartzwute Wah Wilson performance, 50 times, 32 times, advance 402 yards to complete 2 to more At the same time, the pavement attack of the sea eagle also promoted 109 yards and won two reaches, the team’s total propulsion code is twice the saints, but they still lost the game. The Haiying team managed to pay for poor time management and poor rushing, Bridgewater did not encounter, the team’s two paused calls, and finally it is possible to score, but only one suspension I haven’t used it yet.

New York Giants 32-31 Tampawan Pirates

Daniel Jones replaced Eli Manning, the first exhibition, the exhibition, the single contribution four times to help the team completed 18 points, and got the first victory. This year’s first round show 36 passes 23 times, pushing 336 yards to get 2 bookballs, and Jones have completed 4 shocks to promote 28 yards to complete 2 shocks, such rushing The ability is that Eli Manning is not available.

At the end of the first half, the pirate team 28-10 leading giants, the division reached three ball rights. However, at the end of the game, the giant team will complete the slot into 32-31 to complete the big reversal. It is worth noting that in this process, the header star Sakuch Wan-Bakley is from injury, and it is a joint effort in Jones and the defensive group to win this exciting victory.

Pirates Quartz, Winston, pushed 380 yards, completed 3 times and 1 cases. Of course, the giant can win and thank you. In addition to 18 points of leading advantages, pirates have the opportunity to make victories into pockets again, but the rookie playing the ball HAT – Gairi finally faces the free kick of 34 yards Outside the ball door, and the Gaish has lost two additional points.

Houston Dezhou 27-20 Los Angeles Lightning

De Shaun Watson seems to be killed by Melwin – Indigram, and then he joined from Engram’s fingertips, and ran out of the pocket to find the close-up of the neighborhood in the air. Jordan – Atkins, complete the 53 yards of Deta. Taking into account Watson’s mobile capabilities, Texas may think that the offensive front line rotten into a slag is nothing to worry, even if the drum is facing the two-digit backward situation.

Watson has completed 351 yards today to achieve three times, two of which found Atkins. Defensive end, Texas people’s rushing to kill Philip-Rivers 5 times, J.J. Watt has 2 kills.

Against the flash, Rivers in the encounter of 5 times to promote the 318 yards, 2 Dali did not have been copied, the external hand Kanan-Allen completed 13 batches to promote 183 yards, set Career is new. In addition, the flashing team is really very back today, and once a copy and once have been blown off because of the foul.

Los Angeles Roof 20-13 Cleveland Brown

Cooper – Kuprum has been completely returned. In addition to him, the ram has another weapon – Chinese Safety Weiyou Jun. Today, the game, Chi Friendship, completed it 5 times, including 4 independence, the last Brown killed in the red area, is the Chi Friendship in the David, the bridge, destroyed Baker – Mei Field only relies on the ball, helping the team to stay in victory.

Jarid Gaoff is poor today, and the ram is originally built, but the mistakes of the Gaofech will leave the suspense to the end. The game Gaoff sent 2 remedies and was also copied twice, and there was still a fall in this dangerous area, causing the Brown team to get directly in the subsequent attack. Coop completed the 102 yards of the 102 yards of the highest career.

Brown Si Baikhek – Melfield was dominated by the scratch of the ram of ram. In addition to the three murders embodied by the data, Melfield has not completed the pocket due to pressure running out of the pocket. Under the pressure, Merfield 36 passes, the hit rate is only 50%, and the 195 yards have been promoted, 1 time to be copied once.