Strong foul Which? The old man is still king, wide receiver is the forgotten legend crow

Three weeks ago, Colts quarterback Carson – Wentz in the victory over the 49ers game total of three touchdowns, but did not say wonderful performance. His PFF passing score of 46.3, recorded three potential mistakes outgoing pass, one of which is the pressure of bad off the ball / pass.

Nevertheless, he takes advantage of one of the most disgusting rugby rules – defensive interference foul ball foul advancing directly to the site.

At all levels of the football game, made defensive interference ball foul (hereinafter abbreviated as fouls) is one of the most effective means of attack. Yes, once the yellow flag comes into play, the offensive group moving forward more than 30 yards is normal. All of this requires wide receiver ran a deep route, beat his marker, but short of a quarter of the ball happens. When this happens, turn around and go outside to take over cornerback who manufacture physical contact, that might interfere with the ball sentenced to a defense, to take the first direct attack.

In fact, if you look at EPA pony obtained from foul, they only ranked eighth this week. In contrast, Wentz offensive EPA only ranked 19th.

Whenever the colt’s offensive seems to stand still, Wentz’s throw short of a record can be made a foul ball, continue to move first attack chain.

Wentz past two years has dropped out of the ranks of first-class league quarterback. So in fact he won by EPA foul higher than his actual passing, which is not surprising, especially in the colt’s offensive environment.

However, when the NBA’s scoring spree this season by the “version change” impact, and whether the referee whistled for a foul when caught in a tangle of tempting, NFL quarterback is still relying on some of the top of the trick to brush up and down yardage array.

Just look at the third tranche, Matt – Ryan’s foul EPA lead the league. Understandably, when you are faced with a difficult situation third gear 10+ yards, the most common solution is the quarterback threw your number one catcher, when you have men Julio – Jones, it seems easier foul up .

Given – Tom Brady rich experience in the game, he used a kind of savvy style of play is not surprising.

On the other hand, we can look at in addition to the quarterback, which hand is best at drawing fouls.

Wow! Since 2011, “The Raven legend” Torre – Smith turned out to be the most over the past decade will foul the wide receiver.

Maybe a lot of young fans have not had a taste of Torre year peak of performance, however, when the fans on Twitter to see this chart, it seems that not many people surprised, after all, when the “Emperor” Flacco and Torre together seized political power when the foul is indeed uncommon.

With these information, we can re-establishment of a new set of “Surface strongest attack”, which consists of the best at drawing fouls player components.

Ryan is a foul EPA leader in third gear, and Brady is the king of all ball fouls the EPA. It is also unfortunate for the league is that he has two levels of cheating catcher (wide receiver Mike – Evans tight end Rob – glycopyrrolate Koski), foul too easy.

With all this information, we have created an index called “defensive pass interference fouls the ball over the expected value (DPIOE)” in which the quarterback hands the ball and the true measure of the best at drawing fouls, and whether this is good quarterback mark.

We can use a simple linear model to measure, modeled after the time limit in 2011- 2020, take a look at the last decade, to see what the quarterback foul exceeded expectations.

The result is Carson – Palmer DPIOE highest in the past decade, while Drew – Brisbane minimum DPIOE. When considering the two quarterbacks, their ranking is justified.

Palmer late career to join the Blues – Arians offensive group, which is offensive way traditionally referred to as vertical bombing, requiring a long pass quarterback performed without considering the number of files and distance. Therefore, the highest DPIOE Palmer.

Brisbane is contrary, first of all, in recent years he has become a very conservative quarterback, because he actually only concerned about the number code, a short distance. Secondly, Brisbane shoot with great precision, so that his passing go wherever they want, they will not spread easily lead to foul those “short ball.” Russell – Wilson same is true, as he has since 2011 more than 30 yards passing PFF highest score.

Finally, we take a look at the hand DPIOE, before the results were similar, Torre – Smith fouls same ability to exceed expectations the most. Interestingly, it seems that there is no correlation between the height and the players DPIOE. Most DPIOE relatively high vertical arms wide receiver seems little man, such as John Brown – and DeShawn – Jackson.

Although foul is a skill in itself may, or may not, but if used properly, lethality is quite amazing. And this is risky, because in essence, is usually a partial pass pass into 50-50 ball, or defensive player is completely defeated, interferes with the catcher, thereby preventing a large number of offensive yards .

In some cases, these high-risk pass eventually steals. Other times, such as Wentz left outstanding night race, which has become the number of fouls source code quarterback.