Thanksgiving Day, you will be sent! Who can take the lead out of the mud?

NFL’s annual retention show, Thanksgiving!

Another team will be on the team of Thanksgiving Wars every year, it is another team, Dallas Cowboy. In 1966, the Joky Team, joined NFL just 6 years, in order to hold a visibility, and apply for another Thanksgiving War outside the lion. Later, more than 80,000 people came to the game, which also became the first colorful game in the United States. Since then, the cowboy has also become a fixed guest of the Thanksgiving War.

This year’s Thanksgiving Wars will have three games, Beijing time 1:30 The bear is challenged the lions, 5: 30 raids to the Guest Laras challenge denim, and 9:20 Saint Saint Saints hosted to meet Bill.

Chicago Bear @ Detroit Lion

Despite the tradition of the Thanksgiving Day, this season, the lion of this season is a man who is deceived. Since this season, their recordings of 0-9-1 are ranked throughout the NFL rankings, and it is also the only team that is now in the entire league. This week, the first quartz gay Jarry Gaff returned, they will usher in the old opponent Chicago Bear in Thanksgiving World War.

The nearest day of the bear is not good, and the old opponent has also become a difficult brother. The bear team that is currently undergoing 5 losers has almost lost the possibility of impacting the playoffs. The handsome of the head coach Matt-Naji is also in jeopardy, and even a message says if he is defeated in this Thanksgiving War, he will be fried squid by the team. However, the disaster is not single, the team’s first round show four points Justin-Fürz encountered rib injury in last week, this week’s game will be determined.

Who can win this week’s first Thanksgiving? Can the Lion team win the first victory in the season? Can Naguai will be less than this? I believe that we can have an answer to the end of the game.

Las Vegas raid people @ Dallas Cowboy

The two teams in the season, the recent performance of the raid and cowboy appeared in the mud. The raiders are obviously the team with a larger problem. This season, their external problems continued, the main coach and the first round of the first round of last year were touched. I also ushered in 3 links on the court. At present, the record is only 5-5, ranked third in the Melaiese West area, and I have been passive in the playoffs. This also allowed this year to enter the year of the four-point Delik Carl’s wonderful performance.

For the other side of the cowboy, this game is also a game that must win. After experiencing 6 winches in the first half of the season, only 3 weeks were only winged in the last 3 weeks, and these two failures exposed their great short board. At present, 7-3 records still let the cowboy ran out of the country of the country, but they are row up to the fourth ranking throughout the country. This means that if they enter the playoffs with this rankings, they will be in the first round of the Los Angeles ram or Arizona, and the two teams are not controversial.

In the event of the horses of the horses, the anti-jirt of cowboy seems to have become one of the worst alliances; and their offensive lines in the game of Kansas City have not given four points to Dash Dak. . However, in the stars left, Tailong-Smith will come back at this game, he will give Dock better protection. The defensive end Edd Mucus-Lawrence and Landy-Gearl also need to take a week before you can return to the stadium, the defensive burden has once again fell on the body of Xiu Maika-Parsons.

Buffalobier @ 新 奥 良 圣

If you feel that the time before the two games is too early, it is not worth gaining to watch. The Thanksgiving night match is definitely worth you taking advantage of the time at work and the boss steals the guerrilla war. Journey to the horses of the horses that have just bursted in the horses of the horses.

These two guidelines have been a bit embarrassed last week, and they have been burst by the respective opponents. Bill’s fiasco has become the focus topic of the past few days, rushing out of 185 yards on their head to joineon Taylor also entered the MVP discussion after the game. More importantly, they have been ranked by the new England patriots behind Melan East. At present, I have even ranked 7th, and I can’t get in the playoffs.

The Bill’s opponent Saint team lost last week. This is the Saint team of the best anti-running of the League, rushing out the opponent’s entire 242 yard in the face of the eagle. In the star running guard Alvin-Kamara injury, the first quarter of Weijimis-Winston season reimcomes the stagnation. This week, Kama will continue to lack, can finally return to the homeland to find new offensive weapons to help the team win the game?

Can the lion get the first season in the season?

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