Unveiled the battle!The last 1 second, Henan Rose kills!At this moment, we do our temper!

In the past 2 days, these two sentences have been lingering in my mind:

“I can’t get back to the dormitory to sleep!”

“At most least, I am standing here now!”

I believe that these days have the brothers who have paid attention to the Montenest, and they will be moved by a lot of details.

There is blood, passion, happiness, touch, challenge, breakthrough, and unity … how can these elements don’t love?

Especially I heard the “Chang’an Boy” Yang Wenson’s sentence: “At least I am still standing on the court!” After the screen, I suddenly wet my eyes, too burning …

Why is it touched?

We used to be a teenager.

In front of the screen, most people are being plagued by the pressure of life, and playing seems to be a luxury pursuit.

Everyone has a “old https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com fritters” in the workplace, which has become a “old fritters”, so that your belly has already raised, let your student’s era reserved jersey, become pajamas …

Like Yang Wensen, Cheng Bixuan and other players, the kind of power displayed in the scene seems to have been far away from us.

Perhaps, under the weight, you have already lost your basketball, the passion, blood, and battle to the end …

However, we have experienced.

Therefore, this scene brought us back to youn, as if he was also in the basketball court, he was full of youth and swayed.

This is a powerful resonance.

No matter how many years have passed, we still don’t play basketball, and the heart is deeply buried in the stadium, which is never losing, which is dry blood.

Because, that is the past youth …

It is always so blood and simple when you are young.

The winner of the competition is only one, but each person who has worked sweat for basketball and struggles, it is worthy of respect, even if they fail, it doesn’t matter, because youth has no losers, only people who don’t give up.

At least, still standing on the field!

Yang Wenssen rely on a high difficult three-point lore, he opened his hands and accepted the celebration of him.

But more impressive, in fact, after losing the game,ProcedureAllRivalThe eyes of this little brother are full of urgency, regret, not sweet, sad …

Because the duck and Zhang Zhaosheng Yang began in the game, only from them, choose one person to join the team.So, the glolia is a great illusion.

This is like unlike the student era, lose https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com our very important game?

This is given by campus basketball, the power of youth.

Master wants to go to universities that are not infected by commercial, only win this pure goal, playing pure basketball, making pure dreams.

Such a decent, no lost home.so,Cheng BixuanAlso selected.

When you do everything, the resultIt will not let you down.

So, I think that ducks are doing this.

If the micro range is because the last goal is not booming, he lost the opportunity to fight this game, I believe that he will be ignorant for a long time …

This is a passion, a story, a basketball youth, tears.

After 20 years, Yang Wenson, Cheng Bixuan, who is just the blood, and the youth will eventually die.

But when you take out this collection of a long time, they can say proudly and their children:

“Laozi is so playing basketball!”

“At most least, I am standing here now!”

This sentence of Yang Wenssen, in addition to igniting the blood of our heart, there is also:This is a response to the sound of the field.

When I open this video, there will be a lot of evaluation like this:

“XX is stronger than XX!” “XXX is too thin, the body is not …”

The people in the venue always like these things don’t put, see any game, I like to pick someone else. If the player is defective in a move, some people always like unlimited zoom.

If there is no problem, the keyboard will always come to this sentence: “His body can only play such a game, and the strength is not to eat.”

I think, many times, everyone is watching, and the players on the court have not been in a hurry, the audience is anxious …

I don’t say that there is a mistake, but I can’t blame the mistakes of others. It is really not good. Don’t forget the most important point:At the very least, people still stand on the court!

If you are on the court, what is it? What kind of attitude will you come up?

“The stars in the sky are cleared, but the coal smoke on your face is invisible.”

In our lives, there are too many people like to pick up, like people who speak for others.Many times, I am not afraid that I have not been able to resist it, I am afraid that I have to be able to resist it.

The more you don’t understand, the more you like the hand-painted feet, and you will give your professional people to make a suggestion.

Who is most easily drown? Those who have just learned to swim, thinking that they are the sea.

And, admit that others are excellent, never a difficult thing.

This is like Zhou Qi and Guo Allen apologized for the problem of the show in recent days.

There will still have a lot of fans, and then the black spots who used to take it. When I came out, I was still helping Zhou Qi to change the nationality …

As everyone knows, they are a member of the national team, they are in this team, bear a very important role.

People are always easy to see, and always remember the mistakes of others, but it is difficult to see their own mind.

The basketball we like is even pure.

If you think yourself, then don’t talk nonsense, take the ball. If you recognize the gap, you will recognize the ability of others, then struggle to catch up and work hard on the court.

We all know that the Chinese men’s basketball team and strong team have a gap. But just as the main coach Du Fringe: I hope that the young people will dare to challenge the strong team, dare to face their own shortcomings https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.comand dare to play their own technical characteristics.

On the basketball court, use basketball to solve, not a keyboard or mouth.

The charm of this campaign is not in the speech, but in the participation, it is hard to work hard.

Perhaps, the masters of the wilderness are “else” in the eyes of many children.But I am more desire to see,themAfter the gameExhibit such a posture:“What is the elite of his mother, the old man is elite!”

As Liu Shouyuan said: “We choose the elite, not soft eggs.”

Be foreverIt’s never experienced in the corner.Basketballcharm...Standing on the court, take out the attitude, it is already another victory.

This attitude towards basketball is the spiritual kernel that the wild ball has been eager to pass.

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