Wild Evening 4-2 Picking Gold Knight Starde 2 points

Beijing time on January 22, NHL regular season continued. Vegaskin Knight will take the home of the hometown to fight Mingnesota wild. In the event of the wild, the wilderness is rehabilized, and the final score is 4-2 Gold Knight.

Game point

The gold Knight has excellent state in the past, and the record of 11 games in the past is 9-1-1. Wild recent states are undulating, and the winning rate in the past six games is only 50%. The first confrontation of the two teams took place on October 7 last year, when the wildlife was defeated by 2-1 scores. The Golden Knight recently attacked the firepower. When the game was played against the Pest Penguin, they felted to seven balls, Malseso has also entered the third hat trick in the history of the team. The door will fight against the array, the wild will start Dubigna, and he appeared 39 this season, the record was 18-16-3, and the ball was 2.6, and the rescue rate was 91.2%. Golden Knights will start Flori. He appeared 43 times this season. The record was 27-12-4, and the ball was 2.49, and the rescue rate was 91.1%.

Game review

The first quarter was conducted for four minutes, and the Golden Knight broke the deadlock. Malseso took the ball and quickly gave the left-wing tether, the latter was shot, 1-0. The second game is over half, the wild hits the score. Eric Song Ek is on the floorballs, and the situation is passed to the front of the welfare, the latter shoots, 1-1. After a minute, the wild is more than superior. Greenwell tries to swim around the door, Fille fell out of the ball, Starl rejected, 2-1. But very fast, the Gold Knight squats the score. Pagioreti passed the Spicker score, 2-2. Enter the end of the end, Koir and Koiwu broke the help of wild, 4-2.

Highlight player

Tali has been pushed into the ball today, won a point, 13 points in the last 12 games. Marsheo continues the status of the previous game, today has a assists, and recently he got five points. Wild striker Star Taro has played a bright eye, gaining a ball and helping the attack, a single two points. The defender Sutter continued to be excellent in this season, assists once, reaching 31 in the individual scores, leading the team at the position of the guard. Koiwu has been put into a goal today, and the total number of personal careers has reached 200 goals. Paris said today, in the past 14 games, his average. The goalkeeper Dubinia has played a brave today, completing 30 rescue, and saving a save rate of 93.8%.

Summary after the game

The first quarter, the attacks of the two teams are slower. Although the Golden Knight entered a piece of goal through a small number of pins, it was difficult to have. The two teams enter the blue line are relatively fast, but the accuracy of the top ten shot needs to be improved. Wild Wild Need to pay attention to their own competition, the first competition they gave the gold knight two more opportunities. The second game, the Golden Knight launched a strike, the shooter is far from the lead. Pagioreti, Stastni and Miller and others can make dazzling small range in the offensive area. But their defensive is somewhat lax, and they need to be strengthened in their own half. Wild two goals are the results of using unremitting tricks to get the ball. At the end of the game, the wild anti-guest is the main, and the two groups continue to be issued. In the Golden Knights, they will continue to force, and eventually be entered into the goal.

At the end of this game, the Golden Knight will continue to take the home of Nashville. Wild wild will travel to Denver challenge Colorado avalanche.

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