Bulls, hot and wolf, Wizards lost, and the eastern three strong is replaced back?

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The NBA’s regular season continues, the previously questioned Rockets, Zelas, who were questioned, was also eyebrows, and facing the bulls in the eastern rankings, the Rockets defeated https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com the opponent by 118-113, got it. The second victory in the season. Such a rocket is a long drought, because before this, the Rockets have lost 15, which is the worst of the entire league. Such a team gives people a feeling of basically no play. but? This time, they face the Bulls, actually played the fighting spirit and morale, and won the game, this is a bit incredible.

In addition, for the eastern strong team, the team of the same day, there is another 2, one is a Wizards, a Heat. For the Heat, their opponents are the forest wolves. Although the Wolves of the Forest this season, although it is OK, but in front of the stage, it is only the team outside the western part. The strength is very general. Although the three less strength can be, but the team is not a one. Strong team.

But such a game, the forest wolf https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
defeated the Heat at 113-101, got the victory of the game, after the game, the forest wolf team also entered the eighth place in the west, the winning rate also reached 50%. Such a game is also a burst of cool. Also, the Wizards team faced the countdown in the western part, and they were also lost at 102-127. In this way, the Pelican team is also the victory of the game again.

These competitions are all burst, because the strange talents, the enthusiasm and the opponents of the Bulls are not very strong. Perhaps this is the charm of NBA, and it is also the point of NBA. For many people, I know that NBA is no absolutely weak brigade. Such a competition is also proved again, that is, even if it is a team of the league, it is also a chance to defeat some of the team’s level team. In such a game, the top three in the https://www.nbatrikots4.com eastern part has encountered Waterloo.

Moreover, even if the ball is lost, the Heat, Bulls and Wizards are also second, third and fourth positions in eastern part. Such three teams, strength is indeed a bit powerful. At this point, it is also sighing for the fans, that is, the countdown team in the west, does not to be underestimated. This is also a warning for the strength of the East, that is, as long as you don’t pay attention, in the ditch, the team’s situation can be unfortunate.

Similarly, after the transfer, the second heat of the eastern part is just a winner of the Sixth Bucks of the East. Such reality has proved the strength of the Bucks. For the Buck Team, it has encountered a serious injury situation, Middleton and Holledi and other athletes have no way to fight for a long time, but now? As 2 people come https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com out, it is also an excellent thing to the team’s situation.

It seems that the world of the eastern part is still the world of the Bucks and the Bucks. It seems to have a missing stability. For the basket network, the star color is very good. For the Bucks, the season in the past, they are the championship, so the strength and the heritage are the ostrich. Such a two teams are the real strength team in the eastern part.

Bulls, hot and wolf, Wizards lost, and the eastern three strong is replaced back? From the perspective of the recent countries in the eastern team, their performance is indeed, such a team, I am afraid it is difficult to maintain a high ranking. After all, the Bucks have already rushing up. And such a three teams also give people a feeling of a pseudo-strength team.