MLB competition was hugged by a bee raid player and escaped Malinfish priests were forced to stop

There are many factors that interrupt the competition in the Big Alliance Baseball Competition. However, most fans will not be thought of, and a MLB regular season can be forced to stop because of this reason.

In the afternoon of the local time, Miami Malinfish challenged the San Diego priest. During the second half of the competition, a group of bees suddenly appeared and attacked the replacement of the main team.

This is a scene that is very difficult to describe the text, but the current camera fully records the entire process of bee attacks.

According to the official twenty of the Marslin, this is not the first time in the San Diego priest. 10 years ago, July 7, 2009, the priest team has been forced to suspend due to bees.

In the face of the group of bees, the professional players who have fearful fear have only “fall and escape” on weekdays. The fans on the spot were also forced to evacuate. The priest team’s managers were forced to call the demonstration company, and they were looking for professionals to solve this particular problem.

In the face of a bee, the priest team catcher Austin Hedges also made additional protection. The catcher who was responsible for the ball is now put on the body mask, and holds a ball, and it is ready to drive near the bee.

After this episode, the game continued. Insect companies, please have gone these uninvited guests, but the two teams of this special program have not been affected by excessive impact. Before the competition was interrupted, the guest’s mad fish team had been 3-0. In the subsequent two games, the macaro had four points. At present, the San Diego priests of the main scene of the town have been behind, and the victory of the game has become a very impossible thing.

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