MLB – Jeregi two-point gun Mush naked with a playful wineman 3-2 Luoki first

On October 5th, Beijing time, the 2018 season MLB American Professional Baseball Grand Alliance has begun to compete
for the first round of the session series of the playoffs. In the first game of the Milwaukee winemaker at the National United States, the most valuable players of the National United States, the most valuable players of this year, the two-point guns helped the winemakers.

Although the Rockey will take a score to extend the prolonged competition, Mustas’s goodbye to help the main team’s winemakers take the lead in winning the first game.

[Data Highlight]

Rocky Pitcher Senztera first fossine 2 points 2 points

Rocky Pitcher Senztera first fossine 2 points 2 points

Luoqui first pitched hands in Senztela 5.0 bureau was hit three, and the two-point gun was smashed, and the 2 points were separated. They only sent 1 three vibration. In terms of work, Luoki appeared four security, Gonzalez’s three-game playback did not cause damage, and Rocky took 2 points in half a consecutive three-in-law, and dragged into the prolonged game.

The winemaker first pitched Brandon-Woodrf mainly 3.0 bureaus did not be hit anywatthed, and sent 3 three vibrations. In terms of work, the wineman has 7 kinds of swearing, and the center stick Yelici and Brown have 2 safety, Jerich’s two-point guns have always been 2-0. The key moments of Musakas from the royal season in the season, and his goodbye to help the winemaker 3-2 battles, and pull the top.

[Competition process]

In the upper half of the 1 game, Blackmont’s foreign market was killed, and the Le Mei is guaranteed to keep it, and the rolling earth in the three base direction is blocked. In the Darm Combat Times, the pirate was hit by a base.

The second half of the 1st game, Kane and Yaleqi rolled the earth, Brown hit the left half of the hometown, and then leaned against the strain of Senzartra in Rocky. Xiao Chuan was guaranteed, and then Senztera was invested in the strain. After the BRON of the two bases ran to the third base, they were eager to force the team to build the team. The result was homoted before the home base was hit.

The second bureau is in the upper half, Dar, Stori and Gangsalese were successfully resolved.

In the second half of the 2nd game, Pi?a played a homework, but also after 2 out of the game, Aguilar, Mustica and Assia were also resolved.

The 3 games, De Shommond, Yang Ni Tower and pitcher Senztera is 3. 3 The game, Rocky only has the least 9 people.

Jeregia two-pointed cannon

Jeregia two-pointed cannon

The second half of the 3rd game, Santana gave the first Woodrf, but he only played in the wild highlights. Keyne chose to keep it, the first ball of Jeregia in the nearly 2 months, the first ball of the pitcher is actively, put the ball out of the home running wall, this 413 feet of two-point gun Let the winemaker get 2-0 leaders.

In the upper half of the 4 games, the top three sticks in Rocky were also unconscious, Blackmont, Le Mei Hugh and Arrecoto were connected to the bureau, and the next two were also revived.

The second half of the 4th Bureau, the winemaker is also 3 on 3, Aguilar, Mustas, Poni, rolls the earth with the flying ball.

After the 5 games, after 2 out of the game, Gonzalez played the far-reaching three-legged three bases, but because 2 out of the way, only relying on the place to score, and the next great Desmond failed to build, Rocky Still backward with 0-2.

5 second half, the winemaker 3 is 3. Assia, Skop with Kane

McMama flour, the second base, the winemaker is ready

McMama flour, the second base, the winemaker is ready

In the middle of the 6 games, the McMama played in the game was shipped and the second base, but the rockfi follow-up is still unable to connect, and the score is still unable to obtain the score.

6 bureaus, the state is hot, Jeregia is hit by the inner teeth, but the winemaker then chooses the two wilders to choose to have a three oscillated, and they have not been able to stand.

In the upper half of the 7 bureau, Luoqui 3, Le Mei, Arrecoto and Darfar continued to solve it, and Arecoto had an old K.

The second half of the 7th Bureau, the Musakas flying ball is out, Pienia is selected, and the Legacy of Assia lets Pi?a runs up. The wineman 2 captured the three bases before, and he saw the hope of score. However, Perez is connected by three vibrations with Kane, and the winemaker is not refundable.

The 8 games, 2 points, the rocky line behind, Stori, Gonzalese is resolved in Dresmond.

The second half of the 8 games, Jeregi did the guarantee, and the stolen two-final success. Brown played a hit, and Jerege went to the three base. The winemaker captures the three bases before 2 out of the game, and this can be better. However, the Brockston, which Xiao and Sheng, was successively subjected to Senazang, Musakas selected to ensure that Pienia’s wild rolling earth caused, and the winemaker did not add insurance.

Rocky ran back to the flat, prevent the game from ending in advance

Rocky ran back to the flat, prevent the game from ending in advance

In the upper half of the 9 bureau, Rocky launched counterattack, and the striking line https://www.mlbdrakterno.comfinally played. On the first half of Pai, Para played in the right half, and then the Loki was once again played Huoli. He also served, playing the middle line through a hitting, and then was replaced by a generation of Hanpsse. The first batter Blackmond finally played, and his far-reaching drop, the drill, the flying ball was sentenced to the rules of the venue, but after watching the video playback, it was an out of the world, but he still played one. Baseball, Pala returned to the home score, Hampton went to the second base. Lemeu is relying on the championship of the winemaker guerrilla. Rocky is unattended to capture. Subsequently, the San Zhen did not be repeated in the case of 2 good balls without a bad ball, playing high flying sacrifice, and then sent back to Hampton Sensen on the three bases. 2-2 flat. Then, Dar’ s wild rolling earth hits the best direction, and the homes of the homes, the Blekmont that is uncomfortable is in front of the homes, and the Le Mei is going to the second base. However, Stori failed to play again, this halfway is just equalizing the score.

9 bureaus, Rocky successfully cleared, successfully moved his opponent, and dragged the competition in the extension of the competition in the case of just equalizing the score.

Half of 10 games, Rocky is also 3 3, can only continue to hope that the cowshed will hold the order.

Nickname Moose's Muscas playing goodbye

Nickname Moose’s Muscas playing goodbye

In the second half of the 10 games, Rocky pitcher was put on Jeregi, and he was then relying on the trail of Otavio to the second base. After Brown was sent, Luoki chose deliberate 4 bad ball to guarantee Xiao. The winemaker occupies a two-line base. Grandess made a play, and his rolling earth caused an inner choice, Jerege to the top. Subsequently, Musakas served, his field is a goodbye to help the winemaker 3-2 get the victory of this game.

[Two sides starting]

Coloradologen: The first bar in the wilder, Charlie-Blackmont, the second stick, the second base, DJ-Le Mei, the third stick, the third base , The fifth robs Trevo Stori, the sixth stick right outside the wilder Carlos – Gonzalez, the seventh stick, Yan Desmond, the eighth stick Crist Naotong, the ninth stick, Antonio-Senztera

Milwaukee brewant: First stick Chinese and foreign wild hand Lorenzo – Kane, the second stick right outside Cristian – Yaleqi, the third stick left field hand Lai En-Brown, the fourth base two bases Travis – Xiao, the fifth stick, a base, Husus-Aguilar, the sixth stick, three bases, Mike, Musticas, Seventh, Catcher Manne Pienia, Eighth Bar Guardo Orlando – A West Asia, the ninth stick first pitcher Brandon Woodrf

[Next prospect]

On October 6th, Beijing time, the two teams will conduct the 2nd game of the National Association Partition Series. Rocky is expected to send Taylor Andon first, and he has lost him 7 wins and 9 defeated. The self-sharing rate is 4.55. The winemaker is expected to send Joose – Xie Xinde, and at present, he has lost 15 wins and 8, and the self-population is 3.50. The winemaker is home to the next city, and I hope to continue to win again. Rocky never wants to return to the home with the total score of 0-2, so tomorrow’s game must be exciting.