NBA: The fight is wrong, but the rack is really good.

First of all, we must say that fight is wrong, this is not good, it is not worth promoting.

Ok, enter the topic.

Today, James’s conflict event, the public saying is public, and his wife is reasonable, but James is in the first, this is the main reason. The front is still stable, and Sutturt broke out.

After this season, the NBA’s court has become extremely hot after the NBA’s court, and then Turner has a conflict, and then several consecutive conflicts, the NBA game scene changes It is very popular, but it is still in the control of the alliance, although the situation broke out, but did not expand and malignant.

Nowadays, the rules of NBA are more and more improved. In addition, everyone playing is to make money, it is not necessary to fight on the court, not only do not necessarily hit the other party, but punishment by NBA is an inevitable thing.

I have to break the law, or it is also easy to be positioned by the team, and I have become troublesome. When the fight is cool, but the consequences are not small, and most of the players will not impuls.

The tube is strict, the consequences are heavy, so the NBA players are getting stronger and more steady, controlling their temper, and even everyone has become less and less, reducing the meat, avoiding physical contact, and less contradictions.

So people have a little nostalgic flesh war, people watch football basketball games, pay attention to a fierce blood, only two teams of fans will care for winning, most of the fans are neutral fans, just come to see a lively, picture a pastime. They naturally hope that the more fierce the game, especially the player’s dry holder, but also to see how it is boiling, how does the game do not matter, people have more remember how to fight.

You will not care about the results of the game, but people will
remember the picture of this game, so there are many stories, like the Auburn Mountain incidents are people.

Among the previous NBA competitions, the direct flesh game is particularly very much, and the physical contact is more likely to cause contradictions, and it is very common on the spot.

Now the NBA, one is the player, I like floating in three points, everyone doesn’t have any body contact, follow the return to run. Secondly, the alliance does not want to have any fight events, and it is better to control.

There are also less conflicts before each season, but in the foreigners, the conflict incident is small and the situation is not serious. This year’s NBA is changing one. When I returned to the previous appearance, the league didn’t start, and the conflict broke out, even Yicchi brothers and Morris brothers began to schedule, and the game was exciting. This season’s basketball court is estimated that the scene will be very hot, let the fan aroused the conflict, and he can see Jinjin.

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