Nfl November 1st Competition Summary: Pirates, unfolded, Saint Jet, tiger

On November 1, Beijing time, the NFL 2020 season’s regular season is fully engaged. There are 13 games today, how is the battle of the game? Let’s take a look!

New York Jet 34-31 Cincinnati Tiger

Zach Wilson was lacking in wounded. The Jet No. 2 quartz Wei Mike – Welcome to his career first, in the face of strong enemy tigers, Waite 45 pass 37 promoted 405 yards, achieved 3 times, 2 times cut. He joined the ranks of Cam-Newton, and became the only four-point guard in 400 yards since 1950. In fact, Well, White is a two-time copy, but it is getting better and better.

Tennesi Titan 34-31 Indianapolis

At the time left in the overtime, Taitan kicks the handlanti-Block 44 yards, for the game. The two teams completed two times in the last 86 seconds of regular time, which made conditions for the overtime game, but the Pony quarter-point Wei Kakanson-Wenz was copied twice in the last 7 hours. , Leading to the game. After this competition, Titan has already leads 3 winners in the partition, and it is the third time in the team’s history.

Los Angeles Roewear 38-22 Houston Texas

The competition is not like the score, in fact, the ram is cut 38 points in the top three sides, and zero seals Texas, Stafford out three reachaes. And Texas people have worked 22 points in the fourth quarter of junk time, but everything is too late. While the Ram Hao went four games, it also sent to Texas. The ram defensive group killed the rookie Davis Mills, but also completed a copy of the Cascade. This game is Kaipper-Kapu completed 7 clicks to promote 115 yards 1 to 1 to more than 165 Code and 2 reachaes.

Philadelphia Eagle 44-6 Detroit Lion

It’s really hard to believe that the eagle mad cuts 44 points, and they have completed 11 passions in four-point guard, and there is no pass to more. How did this 44 points come? Run Wendpo – Scott and Jordan – Howard each completed twice, at the same time their pavement offensive pushed 236 yards. The lion is the only team who has no winning team to enter the turn around, and there is too much to summarize them. Similar to the game of the ram above, the eagle in the first three sections with 38-0 zero lions.

Pittsburgh Steel Man 15-10 Cleveland Brown

In Cleveland, it is always possible to feel the feeling of arriving at home. Funny is that the steel man lacks the player in this game, and their player Boswell blinds when performing a fraud attack. Brown has a chance to win, but their attack is too bad, especially the big outside Jab Randri missed two balls passing to him by Mayfield in the last section.

San Francisco 49 people 33-22 Chicago bear

Gallopolo has passed 322 yards, but also rushed out of the two times, helping 49 people defeated the bear team to end four-game streak. If the team will lose, I am afraid that the four-point guard will be given to Tre-Lance. Enthusiastic Dibo-Samuel completed 6 buses to advance 171 yards, which made him pushed 819 yards in 7 games, breaking the 781-yard record of the famous Hall of House. In addition, it is also 18 bits of 137 yards and 1 to 1 to Mi. The bears are missing the leadership, especially the top-level rushing hand, Karlier, absence, plus coach Matt – Naji because there is no big shock infected with the new crown.

Buffalo 26-11 Miami Dolphin

Two teams played very conservative in the first half, and they got three points. But after entering the second half, Yash-Allen recovered the passing of the passenger, and finally got twice, helped Bill defeated the dolphins. In the second half, in the second time, Allan played a total of 22 files and advanced 151 yards. At the end of the competition, there is 2 minutes and 21 seconds, Jordan Poyer has shocked the passage of A-Tagvarola and locks the victory. At the same time, this is a record of Bill’s seven consecutive victories of dolphins and creates a series of records.

Carolina Black Leopard 19-13 Atlantan Falcon

The first time in the black panther, Huabad, the first sho of the ball, and the team will start to fill the pit. When the game is ended, the result can make the black panther feel satisfied. The black panther wedned 4 times by playing the ball, and Habbard had a battle in the fourth quarter. In fact, the black panther has advanced 203 yards through the pavement attack, helping Sam Doward greatly alleviates the pressure, and the latter is still hurt at the last time.

New Orleans Saint 36-27 Tampa Bay Pirate

When the game was 1 minute 24 seconds, Braddy was prepared to start winning the attack, but his pass is sent directly to PJ Williams, and the latter directly completed 40 yards of Cascific attack to reach, Saint Lock the victory. The second quarter of this game, the saints of the saints were injured in Winston, and the depends on the debut of Trevon, Ximei. Although Breddy has passed the 375 yards and 4 times, he has passed the hand twice and 1 time. More than 100 yards, this is a key factor in piracy.

Denver Wilda 17-10 Washington Football Team

Hayni seems to be a long-term four-guard choice as Washington. At the end of the game, he passed the Dall-to-the-counter ball directly by the wild horse defenders Justin Simmons, the game is over. In addition, the wild horses also thank the special team of the special team, Draymond Jones and Shelby Harris cover Chris Bruid’s shot, helping the team to save 6 points. In general, there are most time in the competition, the two teams are very bad, and the two sides are full of various mistakes, causing them to add a total of 27 points.

Seattle Hawks 31-7 Jacksonville America Tiger

In the face of the strength of the courage, the sea eagle substitutes the four-point gauze – Smith has a haze in front of the game, and it has completed two reachables while completing a mink. It is worth mentioning that the top 14 times of Smith is all hit, the hit rate of the whole game is also up to 83.3%. Taylor Rockte is the favorite pass target of Smith. In the former, the former is aimed at 12 times aiming to complete the 142 yards, but the two passing of Smith D. K. Metcarf.

New England Patriot 27-24 Los Angeles Lightning

Adrian – Phillips completed two copies, one of them had completed the attack on the attack, plus the four free kicks of the Kicks Form, and the patriottest won the lightning. This is the first single field 2 copy of the Phillips career. Before this year, he has been effective for lightning 6 seasons. The patriot will be 1 win and 3 to 3 this season, but now their winning rate will return 50% again. The team has advanced 141 yards in pavement attack, but the rookie four-point guardion is not good. Today, the mid-rate of the ball is barely 50%.

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