North Youth News: Outer Line Inhibition + Inner Line raps Chinese men’s basketball team to find confidence from the Japanese team

On the evening of the 28th, the Chinese men’s basketball team welcomed the second game of the world, and they once again won the Japanese men’s basketball team at 106-13. At this point, the Chinese men’s basketball team ended the first stage of the competition with the winning achievements of the two battles, and the next window period was in February next year. Undoubtedly, the victory of these two games makes the self-confidence of the Chinese men’s basketball team and also climbed more energy from the low valley.

Chinese men’s basketball team made a very targeted choice on the team of the world preliminy. They have six defenders, including Xu Jie, Sun Ming Hui, Guo Allen, Zhao Rui, Wu Qian and Zhao Jiwei. This is almost the strongest defender lineup in China’s
basketball. The reason why there are so many defenders, the Chinese men’s basketball team is fully targeted by the characteristics of the Japanese men’s baskets. The main coach Du Feng hopes to press this combination to suppress the opponent, which has achieved significant results in the two games.

On the 27th, the first contest of the Japanese men’s basketball team, the Chinese men’s basketball team down on the three-pointer of the opponent to 20%. When they once again, although the opponent increased to 25%, this is in the Chinese men’s basketball team. Take an absolute advantage, and the big score is leading. It can be seen that the Chinese men’s basketball team is very in place in terms of restrictions on the opponent.

At the same time, Chinese men’s basketball team have largely played the absolute advantage of their internal lines, which is also an important reason for their two biggest Japanese men’s basketball team. Japanese men’s basketball team is 2 meters high in this preliminaries, and their internal strength is quite weak. In this regard, Chinese men’s basketball team have absolute advantages, they also make full use of this advantage.

In the first game, Zhou Qi, Hu Jinqiu’s internal line combination is highly efficient and absolutely dominated, and the direction of the internal attack is very clear from the opening stage and has been performed very well. In the second game, Although Zhou Qi, who had an foot injury entered a big list, but he did not debut, even so, Hu Jinqiu took more responsibility. This also shows the characteristics of abundant and strong Chinese men’s basketball team, especially when facing Japanese men’s basketball team, this is more obvious.

These two-game preliminaries, the Chinese men’s basketball team has a performance of several players. After the two years of returning to the national team, Zhao Rui has brought stronger energy. Whether it is the degree of investment in the game or the judgment of the situation on the field, Zhao Ruicheng proves its strength. In the second game, he got 27 points of the team’s highest score, of which 6 were 6 points.

At the same time, Hu Jinqiu’s performance can also be in the case. Hu Jinqiu’s role in this national team gradually reveals, although his personal data is not particularly prominent, he can match different inner lines, and can bring stable and efficient game output, which undoubtedly let the coach in the row There is a more variety of options on the soldiers.

Absolutely inner line, Zhou Qi, although only a preliminaries, but his performance is quite strong, which constitutes sufficient destructive in the Japanese team. It can be seen from the performance of the national team in recent years, Zhou Qi is gradually picking up the banner of the Chinese men’s basketball team.

(Beijing Youth Daily reporter Song Xiang)

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