One level! Leonard is not, forcing the strongest Paul – George?

Dioxia 112-104 fast boat! When you have a fight, you will end the three losses.

The two sides met in the past two years, it was already an old opponent. Every time the East Chuanqi took a single person’s main attack, the home defenders.

Anti-Taciqi Clippers must be struck, so the winning and negative core of the game is the singular player who can pass the three points of the East Chickens.

In the third half of the first half, the three-pointers of the three-pointers, only the East Chickens welcomed the defensive defense of Zumbatz in the second day. Not allowed, just see that Zumsz can enter.

I don’t talk about meritorious, I’ve made a good situation of the fast ship, but the end of the half is over 6 points.

This is not enough to lead, because the ship can’t expect a singleer who is not allowed. Most time, the first half is not allowed, and the hit rate in the second half will have a very powerful callback.

At the beginning of the second half, Lu Guide did not believe in evil, thinking that Dong Chic’s fouling is not difficult, so I want to use it to prevent the East Chicchi, and it will not give the Saler outside. Overseas.

After the Eastern Chicchi continued, Lu guidaire only changed back to the fans, and the half is not the same, and you can invest three points at this time.

The inner line of the Saler’s second half is the fourth quarter of Kleibo, and how did his assists come?

It is to cover the East Chicge, and the hull will definitely pinch the East Chicge, and the Eastern Chicchi will pass the ball. He uses it as a transfer station to give the ball to the returning vacancy. As long as the air is thrown, he remembers an assists.

The fourth quarter 4 minutes and 55 seconds, Clear Arrow is connected to the side of the ball hand hand to the East Chicge, George and Zu Bazi choose the package, and the East Coric Klebo is three points;

After 30 seconds, Boss and East Chuanqi launched a poor, Leiji and Zumazflaccat, East Chicchi Boyklebenne-Smith hit three points.

After this three-point play, the clover has received 8 points in the last 4 minutes left. In the case of the top 13 three-fold iron, the three sides of the 23rd, the three-pointer of the 23rd, and the hit rate is close to 50%.

So don’t look at the East Chicchi regular time 8 assists 6 mistakes, the loss is like “Glori”, but the Kleibo these assists must be recorded on him.

In the last 4 minutes, I have to see the ram and Lu Guijun, Lu Guide played, with 5 criminals in the top three, Mandash, Batts, at this time, the lineup on the fast boat becomes a thunder. Ji + Kenard + Mann + George + Little Morris.

Three guards + two forwards, absolutely five small, unsuccessful, becomes a lineup of benevolence.

In general, the one of the small lineup is to attack the offense, the defensive end can be unlimited, not letting the other party can order his own big center.

However, the shuttle is five hours, but it doesn’t make it simple and unlimited. ?

The five-small defense of the fast ship is a bit like two or three joint defense, and it is a bit like the Warriors’ two stares on Duranta.

Southern Man also knows that the East Chicchi is looking for to Kenjard, Kenjard is indeed rectified to prevent the army, but Kenjard as long as it changed, the station is on the line, whether it is Leiji or George In the joint prevention, the three of the latter lines are opened in the vicinity of the bottom line to form a line of line, ready to prepare large-scale rushes.

It’s almost the same time. The fast ship online will come to the Eastern Chicchi, or force him to go, and start rotation. At this time, the flexibility of small lineups and the fast moving advantage is reflected.

The hull is relying on this small line of fight, rushing, rotating, and the defense will take 3 points for the last four minutes.

Of course, except for the fast boat prevention, yourself is also conserved. In the last two minutes, I hold 10 points of leading advantages. Each round wants to take 24 seconds to slowly kill the bus.

But at this time, the clip is like a group of hungry lions, the rabbit is anxious to bite, not to mention the lion. As long as you smell a little bit of bloody, the lion group will rush to tear the opponent.

So the ship has continuously utilized the mentality of the speaker to launch a counterattack, and the attraction of George’s attraction creates three points of chance to Kenath and Leir, and the monk is constantly taking the iron and makes mistakes. The more it is, the greater the pressure.

In the last 1.9 seconds, the club is fouled by the Cleibbee, and Cleib will return to the sky. The first penalty will fall into the basket, and the second penalty
is directly tangled.

Kidd, sent great blogban to interfere with the serve, Lu Guidedly knows that the last fire will be given to the hand, George has a round to the bottom corner to catch Mann’s serve, the moment of catching because of Finni- Smith playing the pre-patterns to go to the ball.

But after George controls the ball, Smith pays the price for his gambling. George turns a great opportunity to create a good opportunity for yourself.

By looking back, the ball left George’s pointer, only 0.1 seconds, between the millimeters, the first trigger, the final trigger, the curve of the ball is very high, and the air will enter the net.

Paul – George, the game enters the overtime!

At this time, Paul, George, has already played 43 minutes and 25 seconds, shooting 20 times of iron 13, three points 4 in the top 4, but he is a well-deserved hero at this moment.

Not only because of this is flat, but because he is really carrying the clock. Not only at the offensive end, the team can’t don’t have him on both ends of the attack and defense.

Attacking, he had to hold enough ball pressure. He should attract defenders to create opportunities for teammates. He will break through to create killing, the critical moment and stalemate stage of the team need him to score.

The defensive end did not directly oppose the Eastern Chickens, but he is the smashing machine of the fast ship, he played Green in the warrior, the letters on the defensive role of the Bucks. He wants to observe the situation in the situation, which causes the East Chicchi and Bozin to attack a foul, he wants to help the teammates in front of the team,
and he wants to command the teammates where you are in front of the attack.

In the 12th year of George’s career, finally became the absolute core of the team’s attack and defense: In the pedestrian period, the offensive end holding ball organized Hill, the defensive end has the inside of Hebert, and the thunder is a big When home; there is Leonard to come to the bus.

Now everything rely on himself, before today, he rushed to the western part, and now it is also the fifth. He is still not bad, isn’t he?

But he is really tired, and the overtime phase only needs a round of comparison, you can see the difference between the excident and the hull.

In addition to 4 minutes, the East Chicchi Arc has been in Kenard, Xiao Morris wants to come to the pinch, and the clip will go to the moment, and the ball is three points from the East Chem. Kleibo should be a player that George’s bottom line turns into the renewal, but he is still not moved.

Going back to the attack, George attracts Smith to the leader, the rotation of the monk can be in place. However, the second Raygi launched an attack also attracted the double-clad attack to Xiao Morris, Xiao Morris hesitated, he wanted to give the left bottom of Manne, but Mann has been empty, and finally end.

Two exactly the same tactics have played a very different effect, which returned to the beginning of the name, when the core was hit, the character player could invest the ball.

If you go, you will lose, and you will lose.

From another direction, the recovery of East Chicchi and the vocabulary of Polisi, perhaps this season will tell a completely different story of the Huge’s hull.

After all, the dual-core upper limit is more than a single core.

Thank you for reading!

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