Patriot old handsome with girlfriend Greek romantic vacation "seven ring" hats should be updated

If you ask a sick holiday during normal work, then run with your girlfriend to a romantic trip abroad, but also the happiness of the world; then even if the consequences are not fried with fried squid, it will be booked dog blood head. However, the new England Patriots coach Bill Bilchk didn’t have to worry about such a problem. The old handsome took a sick holiday during the team in full swing, and then … and his pretty girlfriend ran to Greece. ! Perhaps the scenery of the Mediterranean is more suitable for his father to take a break.

TMZ Sports Captures Pyrneck and his girlfriend Linda – Hollydi is enjoying the holiday, yacht, beach in the Greek coast, is naturally indispensable. I saw the old man in a casual dress, and she was so happy, her face was filled with a happy smile, which was better than him got a victory on the game. Many.

Similarly, Linda smiled in the arms of Pyrik, although it was not like the second eight-year-old girl, but the years did not leave too many traces in this beauty, but let her add a few points. Mature woman’s gracefulness. The Aiqihai and the sunshine make her more beautiful skin more blocked, and a white bikini will show her abundant exquisite curve. Although there is no model that is like high-tech devil’s body, it is just that this kind of soft temperament is more attacked. With such a petite and beautiful, accompanying the side, Billyck, with a thousand pain, and suddenly disappeared; believe that the fragrance of the Aegean Sea will make the father satisfied.

In addition to the Sunshine Beach, Pilcib also visited some famous monuments, such as Olympia Stadium. In this oldest stadium in history, the two also left a happy footprint. And Linda is even more interesting, “Someone came here, I feel like it is home.” Of course, the most familiar workplace of the old man is naturally a stadium, even if it is an old and cultural heritage court.

Some careful friends may pay attention to the Billyck’s hat, which is the word “seven rings”. This is his name in the US ship, and this naming method is to get the champion of the super bowl. decided. Obviously, the hat has been out of time, because in February this year, he just won his 8th Super Bowl Champion Trick. He should change his hat to “eight ring”, and even refurbish his ship.

Linda is not only two years by companion, and if the old blond is married to marry his champion ring, it is not to feel unexpected. Although Bilipk is a judgment of the fruit, the strict curler who is prohibited is prohibited; but in Linda’s side, this old handsome can unload all the hearts, and the woman is the most A solid arm. I don’t know if the two can eventually flow, first enjoy this pleasant holiday.

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