Post NBA: O’Neal behind James Dozier possible season, Kuban rumor platinum trade rumors

Like the NBA’s little friends, Hello everybody morning! Today, Alliance arranged for 13 games, the specific schedule shown below. Today’s hot streak against the Philadelphia Warriors and the Lakers two games against the Pacers this. Yesterday, the Lakers lost to the Knicks suspended James, James back today, but the probability of large eyebrows not play, the Lakers can win the Pacers do? Warriors full play here, Phillies En Bide continued absence, the recent state of good Warriors will not miss this opportunity to win. Before enjoy the wonderful game, we take a look at what hot news worthy of attention:

1, Dozier might suffer torn left anterior cruciate ligament and the season. Prior to the game against the Trail Blazers, Dozier left ankle to knee to be carried back to the locker room. After a preliminary examination results, he is likely to be reimbursed season.

2, O’Neal: James has never been a dirty player, Stewart’s response should be. O’Neal said that James and force to fight opponents, hit Stewart’s face in his additional force, he played in the league for a long time, and he is not a dirty player. But Stewart’s response should be, you are hit, you hit back either him or his performance was to fight back.

3 Cunningham: I will not let outside interference, he said I was a parallel view is very funny. Cunningham said the start I was a bit slow, I know the outside world what has been said, but I will not care, I will make adjustments myself, so I quickly improved state. A lot of people said I was a parallel, it’s funny, I remember about it.

4, thick eyebrows: Westbrook needs good the whole performance, he needs to continue to do it yourself. Thick eyebrows, said each field before the game I told him not to do to others, do you like yourself, that we introduce to you. I think sometimes he played some passive, he began to pass and began looking for his teammates, that’s fine but let him lose the rhythm, we need to go help his teammates while maintaining aggressive.

5, Caruso: Donovan offseason recruit me that my passing ability has been underestimated. Card Wong said, because there is little chance of the ball in the Lakers, so I do not have a chance to show his passing ability. When Donovan told me that my passing ability is underestimated when, I think he was right, his words touched me.

6, King hopes to existing coaches, team re-play performance, rather than make major changes. Earlier reports said that because of poor record, the king could again pursue Simmons. But now king’s management still want to Gentry and Fox and other players led the team to re-play performance, not to consider personnel changes.

7, the Nuggets Reporter: Malone emotional after the game yesterday, was not fully answer the question. After yesterday’s loss to the Blazers, he has suffered five straight, Malone was very excited after the game, was unable to answer questions from reporters.

8, steals talk Caruso: This is an instinct, then I have been trying to compete every minute. Caruso is currently ranked second in steals, he said, all the players and the league I
have played against, I know their style of play, I can understand what they are thinking, so this is a natural response , plus I are trying to compete every minute, so I was always successful steals.

9, Cole: every day to see the other team’s video, a slightly off you’ll struggle to keep pace. Cole said the other night I would study video game, if you are a little break, you have no way to keep up with the pace of the game. Nas finals in 2019 with Box-1 is a good example, you will always face some different things.

10, Clay: been trying to remind Wiseman, one day he will take over the torch. Klein said that throughout the summer and I have been together Wiseman, I recommend the book to him, hoping that he can temper the mind, I hope he can grow fast, one day he will take over the torch.

11, Cuban talk platinum trade rumors: false, super giant trading you will never have a good outcome. Kuban said that this is certainly false, such transactions will only make your team becomes weak, when you trade a colossal, you’ll never have a good outcome, why would I do that? I have always believed that platinum has not played the best performance, now you get the point?

12, BR Reporter: Rockets management is weighing the future of coach Silas. Rockets management has clear instructions for the coaching staff, it is to develop Green and Porter, including the young rookie. Management currently is weighing the future of Silas, he is likely to be dismissed.

13, Klein: After bouncing back down, but I do not rely on that dunk, I rely on technology. Klein said the teething problems I do not worry, I think it will be seamless, and together Curry, Green, a brother, Looney, feeling has returned to us to play great performance in the past. Bounce will certainly decline, an estimated two games can buckle a basket of it, but I do not rely dunk, I rely on the technology.

14, who is most likely to rip your three-point record? Curry: Harden, Clay, Lillard, Hilde. 2918 Curry has now hit three-pointers.

15, Vogel: James will play today, no eyebrows fever is unlikely to play. Vogel said after the game yesterday eyebrows sicker bedridden, is unlikely to play today, but James will play.