The patriot is home to defeat the enemy giant Braddy welcomed the number of milestones to the second

Beijing time October 11 8:20 morning, the New England Patriots team at home against the New York giant team. The current record of the giant team is 2 wins and 3 losses, and the first quarter of Dom Braddy who once in the Super Bowl is two-dimensional-Manning can only sit on the tension.

Giants a rookie quarter Swan Danier Jones came to Foxburg to challenge the greatest player Tom Brradi, and the final patriot team has defeated the giant team with a 35:14 soldier, ushered in 6 consecutive victories.


Before the start of the game, Tom Braddy was started to face the new show, the record of the rookie is 11 wins and 0, after the game, he came to 12 wins and 0 losses.

The giant team and the Patriot team have worked 6 times in history, and the two teams were 6 wins and 6 losses, but the giants have defeated the patriots in the super bowl in 2008 and 2012. It can be paid to patriotism. The hardship of the team.

Wonderful review

After the start of the game, the two teams have just begun. The first half of the first half of the first section did not have any points. However, subsequent giant quadrant satelli-Jones first throwing a copy, and sent the ball to the Patriots.

But the Patriot team seems to be a bit surprised by this day, and the quarter-points Tom Braddy just played a hand with a long time to send a copy and gave the giant team. However, there is such a frequent ball transformation, the two teams still cannot score. When the first quarter is about to end, the giant team’s abandonment is blocked by his teammates, and the Patriot team picks up the ball directly to the reaches of Davity, 7: 0.

The giant team of the second quarter can still find offensive status, and the rookie quartz satelli Danier-Jones is obviously panicked when the multiplayer is said. In the second quarter, I left the upcoming slap, Jones chose to throw the ball with the ball, but this ball is directly by the Patriot team.

The copy of this red area allows the Patriot team to get a very good offensive start position, running to Branden Borden with a ball running into the array in the second quarter, 14: 0.

The 14-point giant team began to catch up. First, the quartz satellite-Jones, a long-circled connected line to the outside Gord-Tter, the latter took the ball and opened the safety guard, completed 64 yards Ball Array, 14: 7. Then, the defensive group also began to force, and they killed Tom Braddy in the red area of ??the Patriot team, and made a drop.

Line Minams-Gordon slammed the ball back to the ball, the giant team flattered score 4 minutes before the end of the half, 14: 14. But the Patriot team didn’t want to end the first half, then they took 4 minutes to steadily advanced to the red area of ??the giant team.

36 seconds prior to the end of the half, the Patriot team came to the top 1 yard in the end of the giant team. The quartz Weom Braddy made his extraordinary, 1 yard arch, and won the reachable, 21: 14.

After returning, the Patriot team’s attack seems to be able to attack the line of defense, but it is clear that their defensive group can make the panic of the giant attack group. In the fourth quarter, the giant team runs to Qiong – Hamilton received the short pass of the four points to Jones, and the patriot team offline Wei Baiel-Vanoui came back to the ball back to Dagua, 28:14 .

According to the giant’s offensive level, when the division has expanded to two ball rights, it is obvious that the giant team has been unable to return. 4 minutes before the end of the competition, Tom Bradi used a yard arch again, reached the array again, 35:14, and the game was completely entered into garbage time.

Player data

The Patriot team quartz Tom-Braddi 41 passed 31, 344 yards, 1 case. Run Sony – Mitchell 22 sports balls, 86 yards. Extraction Julian – Erman 9 times, 113 yards.

The giant team quartz satellite-Jones 31 passed 15, 161 yards, 1 time to the array, 3 times were copied. Running Werow Qiong – Hamilton 11th sports ball, 38 yards. External handle Gord-Tate 6 ball, 102 yards, 1 time to reach.