Titans [news] signed & Patriots uniform set of frequency changes in the Rams defense fear of leaving the team

March 24-25, NFL offseason, there are a lot of big news happens, look at together:

Patriots defensive coordinator Xi Yanuo resignation

US time on Thursday afternoon, the Patriots defensive coordinator Greg – Xi Yanuo issued a statement, said he would step down as coach position.

Xi Yanuo said in a statement: “I have to inform his decision, Mr. Kraft and Bailey Cech coach, I’ll quit my job Patriots defensive coordinator of this event is not any particular cause, I just realized that. We need more time to firm faith, my family. I would not consider thing of the past, be pointless hypothetical. So, I just put aside the game, to do more important things. “

Bailey Cech coach also issued a short statement.

“I respect the coach Xi Yanuo also thank him for his contribution to the Patriots. He is our friend will always support.”

Bill cut veteran running back Chris – Avery

In signing Frank – Gore, Buffalo Bills running back position suddenly become a little crowded. In this case, someone must leave the.

The unfortunate people in veteran running back Chris – Avery. Bill on Wednesday officially cut him.

Aged 31-year-old Bill Avery added last offseason. He made the season red ball 315 yards 1 touchdown, the ball 13 also completed 205 yards achieved. He can let Bill cut to save $ 2.15 million salary space.

When Avery was still in front before, Bill had the league’s three oldest running back. Gore will turn 36 years old in May of this year, while Le Xiaoen – McCoy will turn 31 years old in July. In addition, Bill running back position as well as 28-year-old Marcus – Murphy and the 25-year-old Keith – Ford.

Given the age of the running back position, Bill might still want to pick running back in the draft to make this position before the start of training camp younger but also brings more competition.

Pirates signed quarterback Brian – Garbutt

US time on Wednesday, Tampa Bay Buccaneers officially announced, with the veteran quarterback Brian – Garbutt one-year contract.

Garbutt was the first round of the 2011 Jaguar No. 10 show, but did not able to play in Jacksonville fame. He later played three seasons for the 49ers, the Cardinals also worked with the Titans. Last season, Gabbert had to replace the injured Marcus – Mali Horta play. He was involved in eight games, starting three games (2-1), advancing a total of 626 yards passing, four touchdowns, steals four times.

Gabbert will work with Ryan – Griffin fight for position off the bench. The current Pirates coach Bruce – Arians 2017 season, the Cardinals had coached Garbutt.

Former Patriots linebacker Gerald – Mayorga into the team coaching staff

Jerrod – Mayo entire career for the Patriots are in effect, which will continue until his coaching career.

On Wednesday US time, this former Patriots linebacker by Instagram announced that he will join the Patriots coaching staff. Then the team official confirmed the news.

Mayo said: “Very excited to inform you that I have accepted the invitation Bailey Cech coach, a coach will return to the New England Patriots I can not wait to start working, and I am familiar with the coach and teammates. reunion. I will try to stay in the culture will triumph the new England Patriots. “

Mayo is a first-round pick in 2008, won the Defensive Rookie honors the year, a two-time Pro Bowl. Mayo played a total of 103 career games, completed 808 tackles. 2010 season, Mayo completed a total of 175 tackles for the league, selected the best team.

Rams general manager: unlikely to return to sign defensive tackle Su

Defensive tackle En Dama hole – the Soviet Union might soon get the attention of the team, but the team may not be the Los Angeles Rams.

Rams general manager Les – Snead said on Tuesday to sign and return the Soviet Union “is quite impossible to determine things.”

“According to our budget constraints view of the fact that we may not give the contract he wanted.” Snead said. Last season the Soviet Union to 1 year $ 14 million contract to join the Rams.

Su may still want a big contract. But after experiencing a series of signings in the current operating Ram remaining $ 4.5 million in cap space. And given coach Sean – McVeigh has said it wants to ram into the contract year and cornerback Marcus – Peters renewal, this is more stretched the space.

Of course, if the Rams really still want to return to the Soviet Union, they can free up space by way of the reconstruction of some contracts. But now, worry about the Soviet Union at home in the free agent market.

32-year-old Su last season for the Rams played in all 16 games. We have selected the best team of three times he helped the Rams into the Super Bowl performance proved that he is still able to have a high level of play.