Vampire or God of Wealth? Polas’ The Road of the World’s First Sports Broker

Today's World First Sports Broker - Scott - Polas

Today’s World First Sports Broker – Scott – Polas

In 1976, a small child is strictly practicing, and his team belongs to the 1A Level League, and he strives to work hard in order to get the court. At the Pacific University team, he took the team’s fighting king, and he will continue to read the book.

Although the body is short, the speed is slow, the reaction is slow, and the horizontal hitting level makes him reason to continue – it is not enough to ensure that he can go to the big alliance, but it is impossible to let a person easily give up. dream.

At this time, the coach who was always observed on the side was dragged him: “Go back to the book, Polas, you are not so good.” He stopped the exercise and looked back at the coach. The team’s top two bases Lu-Whitkol is a new star that is highly eye-catching in the Tiger Farm system, his competitors. “You are more than him, Polas, he is better than you.” This seems to be not in time for young people who carefully prepare for the war, but he is clear and the coach said. He had a three-vibrating game on the day, and the king did not get it. Finally, the baseball dream was broken, and the young people were determined to retire.

Whitcol depends on the big alliance in 1977, the end-lived force Detroit Tiger 19 seasons, accumulated 244 self-playing 1084, 5 times, all stars, victory contribution value 75.1. The coach called Jim Leyland, 22 seasons, a Pittsburgh Pirate, Florida Marin, Colorado, and Detroit Tiger, he led the miracle of the murderey to win the 1997 World Competition, the whole The best coach title is obtained three times in the coaching experience.

As for the young man with hanging boots, he is Scott Dean Boras, the Baseball World is the most hatred. The small team hates him because he instigsive the star of the family who got the qualifications of free players, do not sign the “friendship price” contract with the parent team, but go to the big team to make more money. The big team hates him. When his guidelines, the players are open, and the bottom line of the team is crushing, and is signed with almost unbearable high-prices. Fans hate him, in order to watch a ball, spend $ 65 ball ticket, $ 20 parking fee, 8 dollar beer – this is the fault of “$ COTT BORA $”!

Some people think he is a goddess, some people treat him for a vampire. In the eyes of Polas, he is just a baseball broker and do our best to maintain the interests of our customers.

I am not good at being able to play the book.

Polas was born on November 2, 1952, was born in Sacramento, a farmer family, and childhood grows up in the ellin city. When the Pacific University read, he entered the school team as a waiter, and did not want to play an abnormality. In 1972, he won the team in the fight with 0.312 hits. As a famous baseball broker, the school included him in 1995 to the school history sports celebration hall, and named the “Best Progress Award” in his name.

In 1974, Polas started 4 seasons in the small parliament, one greedy to fight, defend bad, no matter the three bases or the owner of the station, it is less than 0.9. In the second year, he was exchanged to the second base, a lot of defensive progress, and the fight was not bad. In 1976, it was the career of Polas. He handed a 0.295 / 0.383 / 0.387 crackdown, 22 second bases played in FSL (Florida Alliance), first, with a multi-location player qualified to select alliances star. In 1977, he hit some games, and he also got a Ph.D. in Pacific University.

It is always said that Polas’s upper skills have been consistent, but he is in the case of Whitcol, which makes him realize that he does not have the talent required for professional players. Coupled with Li Landard’s advice, and deeply plagued his knees injury, Polas decided to end his own player career, returned to the Pacific University and then retrans into the repair, and got a law degree in 1982. After graduating, he worked in Chicago’s law firm, mainly representing pharmaceutical enterprises to address collective lawsuits.

Today, Polas' customers Tim Bercher has become an Indian team pitcher coach.

Today, Polas’ customers Tim Bercher has become an Indian team pitcher coach.

It is better to understand the rules of the rules than the team.

During the practice, Polas discovered that “selling” players and selling new drugs are almost: use adequate data to make back books, he can call the price. As long as you stick to the bottom line, toughly, he will let our customers get money – he can get the money, and there is a lot of amounts. So Polas made a broker.

At first, he aimed at the top newcomers to be draft, 1984 he helped Tim Belcher got 150,000 contracts, at the time, the rookie signing is randant to six digits. In February 1985, Polas represents Bill Caudill, talked about the Toronto Bluebird, which made the latter became the second high-paying rescue pitcher at the time of the league, which is his big alliance. The player market is debut.

In the 1990s, Polas is already a hot broker in the industry, he always finds the value gap between players and teams, creates millions of dollars. Due to his strong, some teams jumped over the players even in the election, negotiating with him. In 1996, he used the rules vulnerability, and did not provide a written offer in time, and the 7th Xi Matt White and Bobby Seay became free. Players, marked an excellent contract with Tampa Bay Devil (the rays team name). Before the alliance changes the rules, he used this to make more than 25 million.

After this, Polas laid their own place life – whether it is good, or bad, anyway, he is already the most famous broker, there is a famous fans, if only one broker The name, that must be “Bora $”.

Polas's favorite thing is to go to all kinds of teenagers to excavate star players.

Polas’s favorite thing is to go to all kinds of teenagers to excavate star players.

Touch the customer to persuade the baseball gold boy with a few hours

Polas is not the agent who is not sitting in his own is a broker sitting in the team. He often explores the players, including the big alliance, small alliance and the new show. In the summer of 1992, he watched the World Youth Baseball Championship held in Mexico. He is intended to investigate a Brazil, but he will soon be attracted by a guerrilla. Polras’ first reaction is: Compared with the body, the child’s hand and feet are too big.

Polas found this teenager and told him that he was also a baseball player, but his dream was destroyed, and now he is a broker for players. He hopes to take a few minutes to explain to him, why he should plan to plan for his career this age. This boy from Miami is very interested in the opening of Polas. He throws a question: “How is Kemin Griffi? How can he become such a great bearer?”

The two met the late evening, talked for 4 hours, and finally Polas had to take the initiative to go to bed to sleep, and the teenager told Polas: “Let’s go back again.” His name is Alex – Rodriguez, 1993, a generation of golden children in baseball, Polas’s most famous customers, MLB history – no, the first 200 million contract men in the history of global sports.

Polas is not simply to strive for Rodriggs. To some extent, Polas played the role of the leader. Based on your own experience, Polas discovers that the team’s attention is far less than enough, they will not tailor training programs for the players, and they will not teach them to keep health in their young. Polas is determined to make this boring, bored and even harmful things happen to Rodrigs.

From the original cousin's

From the original cousin’s “mad dog” McCakse, the Bear King Bag Arepeta, Polas’ customers across the era of alliance

Make money, rely on true, service, horizontal, attached to micro

Polas told Rodriggs, he could maintain a 25-year-old physical condition while 32 years old, which is equal to his life life for 7 years, which gives him more opportunities to create history. Polas has a full range of facilities, as well as a perfect service team. There should be, hit the cage, private gym, this is not a health care organization, Polas’ base live is a baseball college. Regardless of the two bases or rescue pitks, the base will be a one-year course for the new quantity to help them grow into professional players.

In order to ask for experience, Polas can be used to use it. In 2000, he and the most powerful player Barry Bonz Bonz Bonz Bonz Bonz Bonz Bonz Bonz Bonz Bond Bond, and Polas promised to bring rich income as a partnership. He asked Bonz to meet him six times each year, one pair A exploring the way of blowing. Polas is eager to learn how Bonz can hit the ball to 450 feet when he keeps 0.350 hits. Bonz shared his secrets, Polas learned from him how to set up a time to grasp the ability, he also knows that Bonz will sometimes play T-seat, sometimes it will close the right eye practice, so you can put the left eye Practice is more sensitive and strive for a few seconds of reaction speed.

It is in all-round efforts and services, Polas created another baseball contract record. In 1997, Craig Maddux, 57.5 million; 1998, Kevin Brown, 7 years of 705 million; 2000, Alex Rodriguez It is 252 million in 10 years. Within three years, Polas has broken by 50 million, 100 million and 200 million.

Two billion five million US dollarship contract makes Rodriguez and Polas earned potted

Two billion five million US dollarship contract makes Rodriguez and Polas earned potted

The Rodriguez under the heart of Polas is particularly successful, counted in 2008 and the replacement of Yangji signed, and his career monoped two 200 million contracts. As of now, these two contracts are also ranked 3rd and 4th in the historical list. There are 9 MLBs and 3 NBAs of 200 million contracts behind him, and only 2014 Jenselo is more than his 2014. Stanton’s 13 years of 325 million contracts, and the 5-year 365 million contract between Carnello Alvarez and the DAZN of the DAZN last year.

Today, Polas Group has a two-story headquarters building in Newport. There are dozens of employees in the world, from small alliances to Dominica and Japan, Polas searches for future Star. His employees include old teammates, former players, former coaches, and many of them have been his customers. The first principal of his broker career Mike, Fischelin helped him to dig treasures in the small alliance, and now it is already a vice chairman of the Group’s Player Development.

Forbes magazine razed Polas as a well-deserved world first sports broker

Forbes magazine razed Polas as a well-deserved world first sports broker

In 2014, “Forbes” magazine grants the title of “The most valuable individual broker” to Pols. There are many brokerage companies to surpass Polas Group in the overall scale, but as a single broker, Polas is the industry’s goat. This is not just because he is a bigger contract size, but also because he is a deep involvement player business, there is a third party who has a rookie of the potential, simply use the title of “broker” to call him accurate summary His role in the base.

Those who criticize Polas often think that he is just a conspiracy to make a lot of money, it is indeed, in the negotiating technology and terms, Polas’s thieves are very. But he did provide a real service for the players and teams, raising the overall level of the industry, and these contributions were worthy of praise. Even if you are not very comfortable to earn a lot of money, you still have to admit that he is rich.

Polas in the Marin Fish Stadium, from Kevin-Brown, the king of Fernandes, Polas Point

Polas in the Marin Fish Stadium, from Kevin-Brown, the king of Fernandes, Polas Point

The small team counterattacks the behind-the-scenes of the championship

“You are not so good.” This is 1976 Li Lande persuaded Boras. And he he was step by step, and he served as the head of the Great Pilot Team since 1986. 90 ~ 92 is a peak period in his career. He won the Best Coach Award in the country, led the pirate to the national contest. Unfortunately, his opponent’s final winning Cincinnati red man and the Atlanta Warrior in the early days of the Dynasty.

In 1997, Li Lande turned to the main coach of Malin, the last year of the Marion fish wins less than 50%, the warrior of the same area was a step in the dynasty. However, this team is full of vitality and vitality, many Polras’s customers in this effect: Kevin – Brown, Charles – Johnson, Alex – Fernandes. The victory contribution of the Malinfish team is 37.5, Brown, Johnson and Fernandez top three in the team at 6.9, 4.4 and 4.1, total 15.4 More than 40% of the team’s victory contribution.

In that trainer who advised Polas to return to the book and the leader of the three Polas customers, Marlin fish launched a black horse trip. The regular season is 92 wins to the outer card (8 wins to the warriors, 4 wins 4 losses), and the partition round 3-0 eliminated the San Francisco giant (two of them wins 1 point). At the fourth time of coaching, Li Lande is in the national contest, and the other is 102 wins, before winning the warrior twice. In the face of this fate-like opponent, the first four battles battle into 2-2 flat, the fifth war Marin fish wins with 2-1 danger, acquisition, the sixth battle at the Warriors home ending series.

The process of the world contest is even more ups and downs, and the Malin fish is in the first battle, but the Indian people make the three battles and force the mare. The fifth battle of Marin fish with 8: 7, the sixth battle chased the big score, and finally at the host stage, the Nine-Bed Indians were leaded by 2: 1, and the rotation of the macaro, 1 When I was out, Charles Johnson’s key to help the teammates sent a teammate, and the next stick hit the outside world and sent back to the flat. The eleventh bureau, Marin fish will make persistent efforts to use the opponent’s mistake to win, the World Competition champion!

The posture of the macarries outside the sanctuary of the Yangji / Warriors Dynasty, the champion of the World Contest, is a miracle of the small team. Although Polas is the foreigner, it is also in this way. Compared to a big money, the customer who serves the victory in the court is a bigger achievement. From beginning to end, Polas did not forget their initial heart as a baseball. This “vampire” is not a natural enemy of the small market team. The god of baseball will only care for the people who are prepared. Whether you are players, coaches, general managers, or brokers.

Baseball genius teenage Harper is also from Polas customers

Baseball genius teenage Harper is also from Polas customers

Baseball market is falling into low fairy Polas to break the record record

The most popular free player of this winter-breaking period, 2015 National Federation MVP, Bryce, Harper, is also a member of Polas’ All-Star Parazza. Like Rodrigue, Polas has found him before the Harper draft. In 2010, Harper was abstracted by Washington, and the new show contract negotiated, Poras did not let the two sides can’t hold. The nationals once thought that this champion was yellow. 26 seconds before the deadline, Polas nodded and took the conditions for Harper for 5 years, 9.9 million, including 6.25 million signed a rookie.

Now Harper ushered in his first free player to sign a contract, Polas will be like a shark, picking out the most tempting “prey” from all 30 teams. However, the two-year baseball market is low, and the last season of Polas is lost. The Royal Kansas City raised Mike Muscas 174 million qualified quotes as a broker, Polas advised Mustakas to reject the royal offer, to try to look down. I don’t want to ask for the whole winter Musakas, they were forced to rush and royal a year of shorting of $ 6.5 million before the spring training, and the white losses were killed. Polas had a embarrassment.

Even if the environment is unfavorable, Polas is still not dead, the season just ended him early, say “Harper value of 400 million, put the Malay to talk”. Now that three months have passed, in addition to occasionally unreliable rumors, Harper’s goal is still unhappy. The spring training is not far away. Is the Polas will suffer from Waterloo, or break the individual record? What is he thinking again, what? All of this is unknown.

However, according to the spleen of Polas, he wants to meet the gods, and we will not be strange. As he said herself, he is just a baseball broker and do everything to maintain the interests of our customers.

This is only.

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