17 days, the three-pointer intermediate rate fell 13%, the only value of the rocket, and it also began to shrink.

Rockets, etc., no more trading, you can really do it.

The round face is one of the favorite players of the Rocket, as https://www.maillotbasket6.com Len Anderson’s “Gifts”, Houston has not given him a lot of hope, who can think of, on this strange land, Gordon not only Improve fragile glass physique, still on the mat, find the value of existing, 16-17 season, he got the highest personal honor of his career – the best sixth person.

It is worth mentioning that most of the sixth person in the league is almost all attacked, such as Louis Williams, Jamar Crawford, and their weapon library is quite rich, and the ability to continuously break down. It is even unusual to score the king in many teams, but the defensive end, they only send the part, but it is because of the excellent point is too obvious, so they can only lose heat in the second line, compared to, Gordon wants Many of the whole, especially the defense, and even the elite level can even reach the elite level.

On the ability of the attack, Gordon has always been the third score of the rocket. Whether it is a “light bulb” era, he is still a “double MVP” era, he is not only able to play a fixed pitcher, 37% of the three-point hits, can also hold the ball I created an offensive opportunity, remember to compete with Jazz? In the case of Wei Shaden and Harden, Gordon only used 22 times, and he born 50 points to help the rocket won;

On the defensive ability, Gordon has been underestimated. In fact, since the 16-year joined the Rocket, his external defense has always been online, and the 19-20 season reaches the peak, in Gordon’s defense, the opponent three-pointer intermediate rate will be from 36.4 %, Dropped to 24.8%, in the player who defens at least 100 rounds, no one is better than him, of course, Gordon does not take advantage https://www.maillotsbasketfr.comof players who have defensive speeds, but can be short of Mitchell Strong breakup, it is entirely the existence of the bug, the 19th season, Mitchell was protected by only 32% + 22% of the hit.

This season, Gordon’s performance is still very eye-catching, especially the three weeks before the start of the season, his three-pointer-hit rate is once up to 48.4%, as for the defense, he has no weakness due to the overall defensive efficiency of the team. Under the defense of Gordon, the opponent’s average hit rate will drop 9.1%, and https://www.maillotbasket6.com the three-pointer intermediate rate will fall by 5.5%, but people are strange that as the only valuable asset of the team, the rocket is too late.

Today, with the deep entry of the schedule, Jay-Green and Burtome gradually stood up and control the team, Gordon’s living space was also eaten, in the past 17 days, his three-point hit rate fell 13%, drop to Only 35.4%, recent 2 games, more accumulated 12, if you continue this performance for a long time, Gordon ‘s market value will only get more and lower, come to the end, I am afraid that the era will not change.

Taking advantage of no injury, take advantage of the hit rate of 40%, the rocket is still holding up, otherwise it is really easy to smash.