Bench hero! The Lakers replaced the second day to cut 17 points, and the audience will be killed in the three points into reversal!

On November 25th, Beijing time, the 2021-22 season NBA regular season fierce battle is orth. In today’s focus battle, the Lakers came to challenge the pedestrian team, which is the last battle of the 5th away tour of the eastern part. The two sides were divided into the overtime game, and the Lakers eventually defeated the Pacers at 124: 116!

Can win in the absence of Davis lack, this field ushered in James natural work. James is 43 minutes today, and the 29th shot of 13 is scored 39 points 5 rebounds 6 assists. In addition to James, there are two people play a key to winning, that is, Monk and Elington, which came out.

Mum Ku was played for 33 minutes, 11 shots 6, of which 3 picked 6 in 6, free throw 2 in 2, the total got 17 points 8 rebounds 1 assists;

Elington was a 30-minute walk today, and 7 shots, three of them were 4, and the total got 14 points 4 rebounds 1 assists.

More importantly, the Lakers have reached 12 points today, and
they still have a 84:93 walker team even in the first paragraph at the end of the end. In this unfavorable situation, it is Monk and Elington standing. Monk took the lead in hit 3 points, and then Elington continued to hit 3 points, and the Lakers wipe this.

This is not finished, the middle section of the last day, the Lakers will remain behind, and the Ai Lingtun is 3 points. Subsequently, Mumk is once again hits again, helping the Lakers’ leading 101: 100, and then Monk also caused two penalty. In the middle, help the Lakers stabilize the situation. The two were chopped at the end of the end of the year, of which 8 points were 8 points, and Elington 9 points. Then, the tenacious walker team dragged the game into the overtime game, James took over the game.

It is important to say that today’s game is very important for the Lakers. If they lose the ball today, the record will become 9 wins and 11 losses, and the ranking will decline again, and will end the East Beverage. In the case of Davis lack, in the case of poor state, Monk and Elington became the bench hero of the Lakers, helping the team got this precious victory!

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