Gill loses! The red tones is a banner to be banned from the bench.

September 17 (Wen / ESPN Compilation / Love Bao) Although a larger bit of 3-18 was previously lost, the series of St. Louis Pair and Milwaukee will continue, they even face the day. The test of the double game. However, the red scitch coach Mike Hilt can only guide the first day of the two games, the reason is that in the fifth game, he directed the incidents of the two sides to clear the bench, so I encountered the official of the Great Alliance. Penalty in the displacement.

The squat squatting is a banner

The squat squatting is a banner

The Great League officially announced this decision 35 minutes before the premium of the panel and the winemaker day.

This season is considered by the epidemic prevention and control, the large-all of the three-legged five application, prohibiting all teams to empty the bench, no matter what reason, this will give a punishment. After all, the two sides clear the bench will lead to a large number of players in close contact in centralized space, once some people are infected with new crown viruses, then the consequences will be unimaginable.

The reason why this clearing bench event is a winemaker star Royne-Braun, in the case of 11-2 lead and an out of the base, the ball rod hit the red tones, the left of the red tones, the left arm. In the moment, Molina painfully grabbed his left arm, obviously a full waving blow made him very painful, but when the Value, the Cardios is from the capture of Braun to the first base, let the winemaker squeezed Back 1 point.

But at this time, the score is not the most critical. For the red tones, Morina’s star catcher’s role is crucial. The coach Hilt immediately asked Murina’s injury from the rest area, but two people rushed to the seating area of ??the winemaker to ask the other party players. In this case, the two players naturally pour, causing emptying Bench!

“I went to see Murina, make sure he didn’t work. He heard some microvisors from the winemaker’s coach.” Hillt said, “We will not make things, but we will not be bullied, I I heard some remarks I don’t like, I will always support our players. “

When the value of the CPC has done this situation, Hilt and the winemaker coach Craig – Kangsel immediately was expelled. After Corcel, there must be some misunderstandings between Hilter and his coach group, but the trend of the game did not change because of the emergence of this episode, and the winemaker won the game and raised the record to 22 wins and 25 losses.

At present, the lottery rate of the red scitch and winemaker is less than 50%, but because the overall record of the China Union is not ideal. In the case where the bear is almost locked in the partition championship, the red scitch currently in 21 wins 22 negative column partitions second, but they still have 24 wins and 26-linked red people in addition to their opponents in front of them. Who can win the second playoff game for the second partition is currently an unknown number, and the sagny and winemaker will not let the red people fishery, we will wait and see.

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