Gordon is goodbye! Lightning 4 years 2450 million restless

March 7 (Wen / ESPN Compile / Love) Los Angeles Lightning Although did not determine the quarter of the new season, it seems that they have determined the new season of running guards. The team announced on Friday that the Austin Ekeler has reached an agreement with restricted free players, and the two sides will continue to cooperate.

Subsequent sources revealed that the well-known reporter Adam-Shev specially said that this is a contract for a 4-year worth $ 24.5 million, including $ 15 million security. According to the sources, if the 24-year-old Extler can meet the incentive clause, he can get up to $ 26 million salary, and his contractual age has also been extended to the end of the 2023 season. In Friday, Exre said: “This feels a little incredible, but this is a kind of liberation. We have already talked for more than a month, and the two sides appeal far from the beginning, but later getting closer, cooperation Becoming more and more possible. “

Although the last season and the star run Weve Melwin – Melvin Gordon shared time, Exton is still quite well in its work. He ranked 92 times ranked all the second place of running guards, 8 times the ball was also among the best in the running guard. Gordon completed 612 yards and 9 sholes in 12 games, but according to sources, it is expected that he will enter the free market.

Once Gordon leaves, it means that Extra will be a more important role in the team. This time, he may really be aunt!

“I think I will be a leader.” Ekler said, “My role will be more important than last year, there are more performance opportunities.” At first, Extra is a special group player, and later gradually growing into An excellent running all-round running guard. With the number of 993 yards, he became the number of running sides of the flash code of the flash of the flash. At the same time, his total number of spots also ranked the second place of the flash of the flash. According to ESPN data statistics, his 10.3 yard’s ball propelled the second place with the same race’s running guard, and he has advanced 2508 yards in the past two seasons in the 18th place.

At the same time, the last season of Execler has completed the 557-yard rush of the new high career, which is still completed in the case of a large number of squash positions after Gordon returns. General Manager Tom – Tresco said that Exec can become a leader of the flash, but it is best to let him and another run. Justin Jackson has had a bright performance in the past, but it has been injured in the past two years.

“He can handle anything, do you want him to touch 30 times a game 30 times? He can do this, he can match anyone.” Treisco praised Ekler “He can do a lot after touching the ball. He is more than a running guard, we can let him smash external, and even put him in the outside. He is a very dangerous player, it is also our attack. important parts of.”

In the 45-10 defeat of the United States Tiger, Extjach only took 12 touch pushers to complete the highest performance of the 101-code ball and 112 yards. After a 1985 Leonard James, the only one end of the flash sounded in the lightning team promoted more than 100 yards.

The 2017 election player also showed another power of the team’s expectations – Durabili, in his three NFL season, he only missed two games. This has made a stark contrast with Gordon, which is now announced that the four-year contract for lightning is announced that the future main running guard is this all-round teenager. Gordon’s probably went to March 18 to find your new east.